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Feb 12, 2022

Why portable EV charging units — that can double as grid storage — are all the Go

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ZipCharge announces trial of its portable EV charging solution that can double as energy storage for the grid.

The production issues could impact SSD pricing.

Feb 10, 2022

Printable electronics

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Circa 2016

Digital stickers are on the horizon with a new MIT stamping technique that prints tiny, intricate circuits with electronically conductive ink.

Feb 9, 2022

Scientists develop new thermofluidic process for lab-on-a-chip applications

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Researchers at Leipzig University have succeeded in moving tiny amounts of liquid at will by remotely heating water over a metal film with a laser. The currents generated in this way can be used to manipulate and even capture tiny objects. This will unlock groundbreaking new solutions for nanotechnology, the manipulation of liquids in systems in tiny spaces, or in the field of diagnostics, by making it possible to detect the smallest concentrations of substances with new types of sensor systems.

The findings are described in an article recently published in Nature Communications (“Hydrodynamic manipulation of nano-objects by optically induced thermo-osmotic flows”).

Illustration of a gold nanoparticle trapped near a locally heated gold surface by hydrodynamic and van der Waals forces. (Image: Martin Fränzl, Universität Leipzig)

Feb 7, 2022

BMW’s New 8K In-Car Screen Is So Large It Requires a Rear-Facing Camera

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Jan 25, 2022

House in The Girl Before informed by minimalist Japanese architecture

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Production designer Jon Henson drew on minimalist Japanese architecture to create a house that acts “like a fourth character” for the set of BBC television series The Girl Before.

Written by British author JP Delaney, The Girl Before is a psychological thriller novel set in a fictional one-bedroom house called One Folgate Street in Hampstead, London.

For the TV series, which was created by BBC and HBO Max, the majority of the interior scenes were filmed last spring in a purpose-built set at Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol, while the house’s exterior was specially built.

Jan 15, 2022

FIN7 Uses Flash Drives to Spread Remote Access Trojan

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The use of trojanized USB devices for keystroke injection is not a new technique, even for FIN7. Typically the attack targets specific persons with access to the computer systems of the intended victim company. As FIN7 has recently ventured into ransomware, it makes sense for them to look for alternative avenues of infecting computers that are monitored by layers of protective systems, such as firewalls, email scanners, proxy servers, and endpoint security. The tactics and techniques involved in trojanized USB attacks enable FIN7 actors to avoid many of these network-level and endpoint protections by dispensing with malware transmission over the network, minimizing the use of files on disk and employing multiple layers of encoding of the malware’s scripts and executable code.

Pertinently, FIN7 recently created “Bastion Secure”, a fake information security company, and employed system administrators to unknowingly assist in system exploitation. It is possible that trojanized USBs are being constructed and used by these administrators for penetration testing. Alternatively, they might also be providing trojanized USBs to clients or prospective clients through some form of ruse (for example, telling the client it contains documentation on the fake company’s services). In either case, the clients or prospective clients could become victims of a trojanized USB attack, resulting in FIN7 gaining unauthorized remote access to systems within victims’ networks.

Gemini Advisory Mission Statement

Jan 12, 2022

A coffee table that holds an electric fireplace is the ultimate winter essential

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A fully electric hearth puts a modern spin on an ancient household fixture.

Fire and light have always been at the center of homes, be it a TV or a fireplace. The latter has, of course, become less practical these days, and its absence from many homes has also resulted in a shift in family interaction. “Hearth and home” is a phrase that still carries some meaning today, and a designer is bringing back that long-forgotten home centerpiece by making it not only more practical but also safe as well.

Jan 8, 2022

Samsung’s entry into smart projectors is here to replace your TV, speaker, as well as your lamp!

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Yanko Design.

Say goodbye to those hulking boxes in your living room with a single projector that might actually be doing too much.

Jan 7, 2022

Novel memory technology based on compound semiconductors

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A pioneering type of patented computer memory known as ULTRARAM has been demonstrated on silicon wafers in what is a major step towards its large-scale manufacture.

ULTRARAM is a novel type of memory with extraordinary properties. It combines the non-volatility of a data storage memory, like flash, with the speed, energy-efficiency and endurance of a working memory, like DRAM. To do this it utilizes the unique properties of compound semiconductors, commonly used in such as LEDS, laser diodes and infrared detectors, but not in , which is the preserve of silicon.

Initially patented in the US, further patents on the technology are currently being progressed in key technology markets around the world.

Jan 7, 2022

The future of clothing could save your life

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That’s the future that designers of E-textiles, or smart textiles, want to build.

Fashion trial and error: Smart textiles embed flexible electronics into clothing to give them similar tracking and monitoring capabilities as smartwatches. Today’s market, however, doesn’t have the same kind of demand as it has for the devices we wear on our wrists.

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