Considering how ambitious of an undertaking we have begun, the Lifeboat Foundation welcomes all the partnerships we can get.

We would like to collaborate with a leader in the space industry on a design for our initial space station.
We would like to collaborate with a leading design firm in bringing our current design for a space station to life with at first a 3D computer rendering and later a complete virtual reality tour of the 3D computer rendering. (We would use this work to begin negotiations with a leader in the space industry.)
Although we don't plan on filling our web pages with advertising, we would consider a sponsorship from a reputable firm such as IBM.
We would like to partner with a large fundraising firm to help us raise ten million dollars so we could double the X-Prize to $20 million.
We are open to other partnership ideas as well.
If you are interested in partnering with us, contact [email protected].