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Dec 4, 2020

Prometheism, Transhumanism & The Coming Singularity

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We take a deep and necessary dive into the topics of robotics, transhumanism, singularity, and other apocalyptic tech – all to prepare for the endgame moves of the elite and their Breakaway Civilization. To win this game of digital thrones, we must tap into the myth and Gnosis of an ancient trickster egregore named Prometheus. We must steal fire from the gods before they burn civilization down very soon.

Astral Guest – Jason Reza Jorjani, author of Prometheism.

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Nov 30, 2020

Man With Bionic Arm Shows How He Lives

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Henrik shows off his bionic arm! 😃

Henrik shows how he performs everyday tasks with a bionic arm 😮 🦾.

Nov 29, 2020

This contact lens from Black Mirror is here

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This bionic contact lens doubles as a display.

Credit: UWTV.

Nov 26, 2020

Extreme Bionics: Sculpting Human Physiology

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Ira Pastor, ideaXme life sciences ambassador interviews Dr. Hugh Herr, Associate Professor MIT Media Lab and head of the Biomechatronics group, @MIT Media Lab.

Ira Pastor comments:

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Nov 23, 2020

The human brain inspires RMIT researchers to develop a light-powered AI chip

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The chip could potentially be used to power drones, robotics, smart watches, and bionic implants.

Nov 1, 2020

Eminem — Rap God (Explicit) [Official Video]

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Transhuman related and entertaining.

Download Eminem’s ‘MMLP2’ Album on iTunes now:

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Oct 27, 2020

Nice! This pianist lost the ability to play after suffering nerve damage on his hands

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But a pair of bionic gloves now allows him to live his passion again.

Cool! 😃

After being unable to play for more than 20 years, a special pair of bionic gloves gave Brazilian pianist João Carlos Martins the chance to relive his passion once again. ❤️ (🎥 : @maestrojoaocarlosmartins)

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Oct 19, 2020

Drugs in Sport — Just Say “Yes!”

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Once again the use of performance enhancing substances have made the news, this time with the finger again pointed at the Russians, accusing them of “state sponsored cheating”.

This issue intersects with core beliefs Transhumanism:

Oct 16, 2020

Maverick Life: Who wants to live forever? (The immortal hydra already does)

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“Who are we? What are we composed of? What is matter? What does matter? Is the body just a vessel with an expiration date?” asks American rapper GZA from Wu-Tang Clan, in Liquid Science, the show about science and imagination he hosts on Red Bull TV. In this episode, GZA is on a “quest to understand the human desire to live forever”.

Trying to find answers to such questions is nothing new. In an opinion piece for the Washington Post titled ‘‘Transhumanist’ eternal life? No thanks, I’d rather learn not to fear death’, Arthur C Brooks explains that, back in the fifth century before Christ, Greek historian Herodotus wrote about “a race of people in northern Africa who, according to local lore, never seemed to age”.

Eternal youth and immortality have always fascinated humanity, but we’ve not had much success finding them. Until now.

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Oct 13, 2020

Columbia Professor: There’s a 50% Chance We’re Living in a Simulation

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Are we in a simulation?

In an influential 2003 paper, University of Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom laid out the possibility that our reality is a computer simulation dreamed up by a highly advanced civilization. In the paper, he argued that at least one of three propositions must be true:

  1. Civilizations usually go extinct before developing the capability of creating reality simulations.
  2. Advanced civilizations usually have no interest in creating reality simulations.
  3. We’re almost certainly living inside a computer simulation.

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