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Sep 22, 2020

Elon Musk: Hopefully we may be living in a simulation, otherwise…(S/T en Español)

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Excerpts from two videos dealing with the topic:

Is life a video game? | Elon Musk | Code Conference 2016

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Sep 22, 2020

NASA and Blue Origin are using robot eyes to solve a major moon problem

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Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket will trial the technologies NASA wants to use for Artemis missions.

Sep 21, 2020

ROCKUBOT bacteria-killing robot

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This bacteria-killing robot can sanitize your hotel bed.

Sep 21, 2020

The Universal Mind Revealed as a Multi-Layered Quantum Neural Network

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In the sixties of the previous century, the science of Cybernetics emerged, which its founder Norbert Wiener defined as “the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.” Whereas the cyberneticists perhaps saw everything in the organic world too much as a machine type of regulatory network, the paradigm swapped to its mirror image, wherein everything in the natural world became seen as an organic neural network. Indeed, self-regulating networks appear to be ubiquitous: From the subatomic organization of atoms to the atomic organization of molecules, macromolecules, cells and organisms, everywhere the equivalent of neural networks appears to be present.

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Sep 21, 2020

Man behind wheel of self-driving Uber car charged with negligent homicide for running over woman

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The state of Arizona is pursuing negligent homicide charges against the man who was behind the wheel in a self-driving Uber car that ran over a woman.

In 2018, Elaine Herzberg was struck by a self-driving Uber in Tempe, Arizona. Rafael Vasquez, who was behind the wheel, has now been charged, KPNX-TV’s Brahm Resnik reported Tuesday.

NEW Man behind wheel of self-driving @Uber charged with negligent homicide in 2018 pedestrian death in Tempe, Arizona.

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Sep 21, 2020

The 4 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2021

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a mega-trend in 2020. The current pandemic has only accelerated the relevance and adoption of AI and machine learning. Here we look at some of the top AI trends for 2021.

Sep 21, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Has Become A Tool For Classifying And Ranking People

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Recommending content, powering chatbots, trading stocks, detecting medical conditions, and driving cars. These are only a small handful of the most well-known uses of artificial intelligence, yet there is one that, despite being on the margins for much of AI’s recent history, is now threatening to grow significantly in prominence. This is AI’s ability to classify and rank people, to separate them according to whether they’re “good” or “bad” in relation to certain purposes.

At the moment, Western civilization hasn’t reached the point where AI-based systems are used en masse to categorize us according to whether we’re likely to be “good” employees, “good” customers, “good” dates and “good” citizens. Nonetheless, all available indicators suggest that we’re moving in this direction, and that this is regardless of whether Western nations consciously decide to construct the kinds of social credit system currently being developed by China.

This risk was highlighted at the end of September, when it emerged that an AI-powered system was being used to screen job candidates in the U.K. for the first time. Developed by the U.S.-based HireVue, it harnesses machine learning to evaluate the facial expressions, language and tone of voice of job applicants, who are filmed via smartphone or laptop and quizzed with an identical set of interview questions. HireVue’s platform then filters out the “best” applicants by comparing the 25,000 pieces of data taken from each applicant’s video against those collected from the interviews of existing “model” employees.

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Sep 20, 2020

Autonomous Industrial Drones Now Fly Anywhere

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There are four ways drones typically navigate. Either they use GPS or other beacons, or they accept guidance instructions from a computer, or they navigate off a stored map, or they are flown by an expert in control.

What do you when absolutely none of the four are possible?

You put AI on the drone and it flies itself with no outside source of data, no built-in mapping, and no operator in control.

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Sep 20, 2020

Using Machine Learning to Convert Your Image to Vaporwave or Other Artistic Styles

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TL;DR: This article walks through the mechanism of a popular machine learning algorithm called neural style transfer (NST), which is able…

Sep 20, 2020

Seven-foot robots are stacking shelves in Tokyo convenience stores

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This robot on wheels is seven feet tall, is kitted out with cameras, microphones and sensors, and uses the three “fingers” on its hands to stock supermarket shelves with products such as bottled drinks, cans and rice bowls.

Japan’s convenience stores are turning to robots to solve their labor shortage.

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