Executive Team

Eric Klien, President and Founder
Chris Haley, Vice President and System Administrator
Carl Martinez, Treasurer
Sabine Balve, Chair of the Futurists Board
Michael Dickey, Deputy Networking Director
James Dunn, Director of Development Assistance
Genevieve O’Hagan, Social Media Expert
Sergio M.L. Tarrero, International Director of Audiovisual Communications
Brian Wang, Director of Research
Frank D. Smith, InfoPreserver Project Coordinator
Philippe Van Nedervelde, International Spokesperson



Aaron Balogun, LinkedIn Manager
William Cosgrove, LinkedIn Manager
Dylan Evans, LinkedIn Manager
Julian Franco, LinkedIn Manager
George Perry, LinkedIn Manager
David Reisner, LinkedIn Manager
Adam Ford, Facebook Administrator
Angèle Lubin, Facebook Administrator
Charles Peralo, Facebook Administrator
George Perry, Facebook Administrator
Stephen Russell, Facebook Administrator
Susan Singer, Facebook Administrator
Sylvia Engdahl, MySpace Webmaster
Peer Infinity, Blog Webmaster
Tom Kerwick, Blog Webmaster
Tom McCabe, Advisory Board Forum/Mailing List Moderator
Matthew L. McGuirl, Advisory Board Forum/Mailing List Moderator
David Orban, Tweetmaster


Division Leaders

Robert A. Freitas Jr, Head of our Nanomedicine Division
Wrye Sententia, Head of our Neuroethics Division
Philippe Van Nedervelde, Director, Informational Transparency Division
Philippe Van Nedervelde, Head of our LifeShield Bunkers Division
Michael Vassar, Head of our Long-Term Strategy Division


Important Donors

Sabiha Rumani Malik, Associate Founder

Scenarios and Solutions for a Nano-World

Summer Johnson, Column Editor
Bob Krone, Columnist


Technology Research Department Staff & Board

Brian Wang. Director of Research. LF Technology Research News Website editor and writer
Phil Wolff. Communications and social technologist. LF Technology Research News Website editor and writer
Alvin Wang. Computer, technology, social networking, and social media expert. LF Research News Website editor and writer


About Our Technology Research Department

Technology will be critical for solutions to enabing solutions or mitigations to existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards the Singularity.
Technology is also critical for potentially creating new existential risks.
The Lifeboat Foundation Technology Research Department and its website track the technology news that can have a big positive or negative impact on the future. Awareness of what technology is available and becoming available and its potential impact is critical for Lifeboat Foundation planning.