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Jan 5, 2022

An “Uncrashable Car”? Luminar and Volvo Say They Are Close

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Lidar safety company Luminar and carmaker Volvo announced a vehicle that uses an integrated lidar sensor to avoid crashes.

Jan 5, 2022

Super Fast Solid State Storage Has Finally Arrived

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The new SSDs have read/write speeds up to 14/12GBps.

For the first time in two years, XPG is on location in Las Vegas for the 2022 CES show, revealing ‘Dawn of a New Xtreme’. Under the new theme, the latest products from XPG and ADATA including gaming systems, peripherals, accessories, and components were unveiled. The highlight, however, is the PCIe (peripheral component interconnect express) 5.0 solid-state drives (SSD), the super-fast solid storage that is capable of read/write speeds up to 14/12GBps.

Twice as fast as the fastest PCIe 4.0 drives, Adata introduced two prototypes of its first PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs with capacities up to 8TB. The so-called Project Nighthawk SSD is designed using a Silicon Motion SM2508 controller capable of sequential read/write speeds up to 14/12GBps, while the Project Blackbird SSD features an InnoGrit IG5666 controller for 14/10GBps read/write speeds.

Jan 3, 2022

Blink introduces seven new charging products at CES including plug & charge and V2G technology

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EV charging network, Blink, kicked off this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by sharing news of seven new charging products, the largest unveiling in its thirteen year history. Blink products include multiple versions of fleet and home chargers, as well as new public chargers and software for customers.

Blink Charging Co. ($BLNK) is an international EV charging network operating over 30,000 ports across thirteen different countries. In addition to charging hardware and services, the Blink Network uses proprietary, cloud-based software that operates and tracks charging stations connected to its network and the charging data they provide.

Blink charging’s strategy promotes mass EV adoption by supporting EV drivers with charging solutions everywhere, whether its at home, work, a public station, or even a fleet depot.

Jan 2, 2022

AT&T, Verizon Reject U.S. Call for Delay in New 5G Service

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AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. rejected a U.S. request to delay this week’s launch of a new variation of 5G mobile service that airlines said might interfere with aircraft electronics, posing a safety hazard.

Jan 1, 2022

New Malware Uses SSD Over-Provisioning to Bypass Security Measures

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An almost perfect way to stealthily store malware.

Korean researchers have detected a vulnerability in SSDs that allows malware to plant itself directly in an SSD’s empty over-provisioning partition. As reported by BleepingComputer, this allows the malware to be nearly invincible to security countermeasures.

Over-provisioning is a feature included in all modern SSDs that improves the lifespan and performance of the SSD’s built-in NAND storage. Over-provisioning in essentially just empty storage space. But, it gives the SSD a chance to ensure that data is evenly distributed between all the NAND cells by shuffling data to the over-provisioning pool when needed.

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Dec 30, 2021

A Cybertruck-Inspired Remote-Controlled EV Could Help You Clear Snow

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While the CyberKAT starts at $1,299, you’ll need to fork out an additional $120 for the electronics kit to power it and another $80 for the optional radio. The first models are currently estimated to start shipping in January or February 2022, which means the CyberKAT will likely beat the Cybertruck to market.

The additional fittings would mean that you could build the beast yourself. What better than a good DIY project to begin the new year.

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Dec 24, 2021

Netlicks? ‘The TV screen you can taste’

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A Japanese professor invents a prototype TV that sprays flavours onto a lickable “hygienic film”.

Dec 23, 2021

CISA, FBI and NSA Publish Joint Advisory and Scanner for Log4j Vulnerabilities

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Cybersecurity agencies from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S., and the U.K. on Wednesday released a joint advisory in response to widespread exploitation of multiple vulnerabilities in Apache’s Log4j software library by nefarious adversaries.

“These vulnerabilities, especially Log4Shell, are severe,” the intelligence agencies said in the new guidance. “Sophisticated cyber threat actors are actively scanning networks to potentially exploit Log4Shell, CVE-2021–45046, and CVE-2021–45105 in vulnerable systems. These vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited over an extended period.”

Dec 23, 2021

CISA releases Apache Log4j scanner to find vulnerable apps

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has announced the release of a scanner for identifying web services impacted by two Apache Log4j remote code execution vulnerabilities, tracked as CVE-2021–44228 and CVE-2021–45046.

“log4j-scanner is a project derived from other members of the open-source community by CISA’s Rapid Action Force team to help organizations identify potentially vulnerable web services affected by the log4j vulnerabilities,” the cybersecurity agency explains.

This scanning solution builds upon similar tools, including an automated scanning framework for the CVE-2021–44228 bug (dubbed& Log4Shell)& developed by cybersecurity company FullHunt.

Dec 23, 2021

Insanely fast 14GB/s PCIe 5.0 NVMe 2.0 SSDs could be an industry first release

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Memory and storage maker ADATA will show off a couple of sample PCIe 5.0-based NVMe SSDs at the upcoming CES 2022 event. These drives, the company claims, could read at speeds of up to 14GB/s.

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