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Dec 11, 2019

CRISPR Human Trial Results Look Promising for Safety

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Recently, the first attempt in the United States to use the gene editing tool CRISPR to combat cancer appears to have gone well, according to the initial results of a small human trial to determine safety for the approach.

Gene editing is a way to permanently change DNA in order to potentially cure a disease by attacking the root causes. CRISPR is a tool that can cut DNA at a specific spot, allowing genes to be removed or replaced or new genes to be inserted. CRISPR and other similar gene editing tools have long been used in the lab and are finally, after many years, starting to reach human trials for cancer and other diseases.

The approach involved doctors harvesting immune T cells from three cancer patients’ bloodstreams and modifying those cells with CRISPR to make them better able to detect and destroy cancer. Two of the patients have multiple myeloma, and the third has a sarcoma. Essentially, this therapy uses the body’s own immune cells to fight the disease rather than going with the traditional route of using drugs to disrupt the growth and spread of cancer.

Dec 11, 2019

Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai presenting at Undoing Aging 2020

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Accelerating rejuvenation therapies to repair the damage of aging. Berlin, May 21 — 23.

Dec 11, 2019

Interpreting the Squawks, Chirps, and Barks of Israel’s Rock Hyraxes

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Brevity is the soul of wit, but volume is what really gets you noticed.

Dec 11, 2019

Punching holes in solar cells turns them into transparent windows

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Opaque solar panels could be turned into window glass for tall buildings by punching hundreds of tiny holes in them so our eyes perceive them as transparent.

Dec 11, 2019

Here’s the Pentagon’s Terrifying Plan for Cyborg Supersoldiers

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The U.S. military wants soldiers that have superhuman eyesight, controllable augmented muscles that turn untrained novices into expert killers, and more.

Dec 11, 2019

First commercial electric plane takes flight in Canada

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The world’s first fully electric commercial aircraft took its inaugural test flight on Tuesday, taking off from the Canadian city of Vancouver and offering hope that airlines may one day end their polluting emissions.

“This proves that commercial aviation in all-electric form can work,” said Roei Ganzarski, chief executive of Seattle-based engineering firm magniX.

The company designed the plane’s motor and worked in partnership with Harbour Air, which ferries half a million passengers a year between Vancouver, Whistler ski resort and nearby islands and coastal communities.

Dec 11, 2019

I think this would prove that the Higgs boson could essentially warp through space-time once controlled

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Abstract: In the context of warped extra-dimensional models with all fields propagating in the bulk, we address the phenomenology of a bulk scalar Higgs boson, and calculate its production cross section at the LHC as well as its tree-level effects on mediating flavor changing neutral currents. We perform the calculations based on two different approaches. First, we compute our predictions analytically by considering all the degrees of freedom emerging from the dimensional reduction (the infinite tower of Kaluza Klein modes (KK)). In the second approach, we perform our calculations numerically by considering only the effects caused by the first few KK modes, present in the 4-dimensional effective theory. In the case of a Higgs leaking far from the brane, both approaches give the same predictions as the effects of the heavier KK modes decouple. However, as the Higgs boson is pushed towards the TeV brane, the two approaches seem to be equivalent only when one includes heavier and heavier degrees of freedom (which do not seem to decouple). To reconcile these results it is necessary to introduce a type of higher derivative operator which essentially encodes the effects of integrating out the heavy KK modes and dresses the brane Higgs so that it looks just like a bulk Higgs.

Dec 11, 2019

Two Mexican Entrepreneurs Just Created Leather Out of Cactus Leaves

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Two entrepreneurs from Mexico have created vegan leather out of cactus leaves. The cruelty-free leather is called Desserto.

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez are said to be the first to create organic leather out of only nopal (prickly-pear) cactus. They don’t use toxic chemicals, phthalates, or PVC in their design.

The vegan leather is partially biodegradable. It’s flexible, breathable, and lasts for at least 10 years. The material feels like animal-based leather. Companies can use it in furniture, cars, leather accessories, and clothing.

Dec 11, 2019

The Greys

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Acknowledges the fact that the Greys are cross-breeding with human beings in an attempt to re-vitalize the genetic structure of their species.

Dec 11, 2019

Hoag’s Object Is a Galaxy Within a Galaxy Within a Galaxy (and Nobody Knows Why)

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I believe that this an engineered galaxy by non-terrans. Much like the forerunners from halo the video non-terrans have been almost everywhere in the universe. Some have even 7th density skin and see not just in 3D but in 11dimensions. I think this is a sacred place as it may actually have a life where I think Hoag is actually an ancient alien or a civilization. Maybe perhaps a type 3 civilization alien god. We must be very careful travelling space as we need to see in the full spectrum as the engineers may have left clues but we need to know which are good and which to stay away from. As my theory is that black holes may not be black holes at all they could be universes or even computers. Much like was joked in men in black about non-terrans playing with marbles containing galaxies I think this could actually be a possibility. As most of our current technology reflects minorly what we experienced in Roswell in the 1950s but I think it has gone on for billions of years. I think some are even near gods if not gods even. There is a book called the alien singularity that talks about this advanced technology even earth has so many mysteries not just from military but from hidden things beyond our comprehension that it alludes to non-terran life. There are so many details even today that alludes to very intelligent life that goes beyond even singularity of humans but the singularity of on Terran lifeforms that I would say can be as ancient as the universe itself. That is why we should be thankful for the earth we have as there are just so many mysteries we need to be aware of before we start discovering new civilizations. As these beings can show us so much in technology that it would put today’s technology to shame by a factor of trillions.

Hoag’s object, which is a galaxy within a galaxy within a galaxy, has befuddled stargazers since astronomer Arthur Hoag discovered it in 1950.