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Dec 18, 2019

Brent Nally interviews Bill Faloon about his longevity clinical trial

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Hayley Harrison is on a constant Roll… Here she sent me privately this video of the great Bill Faloon… I have not completed the video as yet… But the beginning is awesome I will watch late tonight during my down time… Great Respect to Life Extension and Bill Faloon and Neal Francis Vanderee two of the Longevity Movements most interesting characters and the movements many activists such as Hayley “the watchful” Harrison… AEWR.

My mission is to drastically improve your life by helping you break bad habits, build and keep new healthy habits to make you the best version of yourself.

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Dec 18, 2019

Time is NOT real: Physicists show EVERYTHING happens at the same time

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We are NOT our age we are our ENERGY

TIME is not real – it is a human construct to help us differentiate between now and our perception of the past, an equally astonishing and baffling theory states.

Dec 18, 2019

Life After Cancer: How A 25 Year Survivor Healed His Disease at CHIPSA Hospital After Being Given Months To Live!

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It’s not often that a cancer patient is able to talk about “life after cancer,” especially when their disease is stage 4. But John Hagger is different. He has been living “life after cancer” for 25 years. While others consider him one of the lucky few, John believes his “luck” came from some good research and a lot of hard work.

John chose a healing path outside of what he calls “orthodox treatment,” and he was recently united with 21 other like-minded individuals who did the same and overcame the impossible: late-stage cancer.

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Dec 18, 2019

Light Magic: A Kacey Musgraves Drone Show

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This is what 500 Intel drones look like in a tribute to women in tech at the Intersect Festival. A collaboration with Kacey Musgraves and a female-led drone team at Intel to use the power of music and tech to create this dazzling moment & donate $50k to Girls in Tech from Amazon Web Services to empower our sisters in tech.

Drone Light Show by Intel
Produced by Production Club
Directed by Eva Dubuvoy of Verluxe
Aerial Footage by LA Drones
Music “Oh, What a World” by Kacey Musgraves.

Dec 18, 2019

Scientists discover how cancer radiotherapy can damage the brain

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New research, led by scientists from the University of Rochester, has homed in on a mechanism responsible for causing the cognitive impairment seen in patients who receive cranial radiotherapy for brain cancer. This new understanding is hoped to lead to the development of novel ways to protect the brain from damage in the course of receiving life-saving cancer treatment.

Nearly 25,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with brain tumors every year, and many will undergo radiotherapy as a vital part of the treatment process. Sadly, more than 80 percent of patients administered a form of treatment known as whole-brain radiation therapy go on to develop permanent signs of cognitive impairment.

Prior research has discovered radiation delivered to the brain in the course of a cancer treatment seems to activate a brain immune cell known as microglia. Overactive microglia can damage healthy brains by destroying the synapses that connect neurons.

Dec 18, 2019

What Is The Ultimate Fate Of The Loneliest Galaxy In The Universe?

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In the middle of a great cosmic void, a single, isolated galaxy persists amidst the darkness. It’s about to get a lot lonelier.

Dec 18, 2019

File storage made easier with NetApp Cloud Volumes, now GA

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Check out enterprise-grade cloud file storage that’s highly available and high performing from Google Cloud and NetApp Cloud Volumes.

Dec 18, 2019

How does facial recognition work?

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Dec 18, 2019

NASA Just Observed a Totally New Kind of Magnetic Eruption on The Sun

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The surface of the Sun is never still. Upon this burning ball of gas, a continual flow of super-hot plasma creates ropes of magnetic fields that can twist and tangle with one another.

As the star rotates, these invisible lines snap apart and join together again, bursting into flares, storms and eruptions of plasma.

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Dec 18, 2019

Intel Acquires Artificial Intelligence Chip Maker Habana for $2 Billion

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Given that opportunity, the acquisition of Habana is only a component of a wide attack on the market and that it’s not clear how it fits with the other acquisitions and projects, the initial response to the Habana acquisition should be a shrug. Intel is like a VC firm in that it only needs one of the multiple initiatives to hit in order to end up in the black.