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Aug 26, 2016

Want to Hang Out with POTUS in VR? You Can!

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A new virtual reality experience from Felix & Paul Studios lets you visit Yosemite National Park with President Obama. Check it out here.

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Aug 24, 2016

25 Years Later After The Crash, Web and VR Are Finally Converging For Real — By Tony Parisi | UploadVR

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“Twenty five years after the first consumer VR crash, virtual reality is poised to upend human-computer interaction, the Internet has disrupted every facet of life as we knew it back then, and the two are now on a collision course.”

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Aug 19, 2016

Training with VR allows paralyzed patients to learn to walk again

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Another beautiful use for VR.

Brain-machine interfaces and exoskeletons, combined with VR technology triggers partial recovery in 8 patients.

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Aug 19, 2016

Watch the stunning first trailer for the Rick and Morty VR game

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The Job Simulator team is about to blow your plumbus clean off.

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Aug 17, 2016

Broadcasting Startup NextVR Grabs $80 Million in Funding

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NextVR Targets International Growth and Global Partnerships with $80 Million Series B Funding Round.

Proud to be a part of this amazing team!

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Aug 15, 2016

IARPA looks to reinvent the virtual desktop

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The Intelligence Community’s research agency is exploring the use of role-based virtual environments to enhance security.

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Aug 15, 2016

Facebook’s 10-Year Plan: Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, And Virtual Reality

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Earlier this year at Facebook’s F8 conference, the company revealed three innovation pillars that make up the company’s ten-year vision: connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and virtual reality (VR). Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer is responsible for leading each of them. Despite the fact that the vision is ten-years in duration, the company has made significant progress in each.

Facebook’s progress in AI can been seen in everything from the company’s news feed to the way in which people are tagged. The virtual reality innovations are best demonstrated through the Oculus Rift, which I demo’d last Thursday. More recently, the company made a great flight forward on the connectivity pillar as Acquila, a long-endurance plane that will fly above commercial aircraft and the weather, took flight in Arizona. The goal is for this v-shaped aircraft that has a wingspan longer than a Boeing 737, but weighs under 1,o00 pounds to bring basic internet access to the developing world.

I met with Schroepfer at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, and we discussed these three pillars and a variety of other topics, including the company’s recruiting methods, how the company maintains its innovative edge, and the logic behind its headquarters — one of the largest open-space offices in the world.

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Aug 11, 2016

Paralysed patients move limbs after virtual reality training

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Eight completely paralysed people have regained function in their limbs following virtual reality training, in an accidental result that has astonished even the scientists involved.

Using a brain-machine interface, scientists showed that people with long-term severe paralysis could retrain the few remaining connections in their damaged spines, letting their brains talk to their extremities once more. This enabled them to feel sensation, move their limbs and improved their bladder and bowel control.

The results came about as a wholly unexpected side effect of training to help people use robotic exoskeletons, which let them walk upright.

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Aug 11, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg says virtual reality is a stepping stone to telepathy

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals Facebook’s VR plans are just a stepping stone to TELEPATHY…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg told Bloomberg that they plan to use virtual reality to connect all the 7 billion people in the world and believes this technology will lead to a new frontier — telepathy.

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Aug 9, 2016

VR VCs examine the gap between expectations and reality — By Dean Takahashi | VentureBeat

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“Waves of virtual reality and augmented reality startups have their funding. Venture capitalists invested $1.7 billion in the AR/VR sector in the 12 months ended March 2016, and $1.2 billion of that was invested in the first quarter of this year alone, according to Digi-Capital.”

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