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Jan 22, 2023

Artificial Gravity Network: HEXATRACK-Space Express Connecting Lunar & Mars Glass City and Beyond

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00:00 — Lunar Glass & Lunar Vehicle (Music: Lunar City)
05:01-HEXATRACK-Space Express Concept (Music: Constellation)
10:30 — Mars Glass, Dome City, and Martian Terra Forming (Music: Martian)
13:54 — Beyond — Proxima Centauri, Tau Cet e, TRAPPIST-I system, and beyond (Music: Neptune) HEXATRACK-Space Express Concept, designed and created by Yosuke A. Yamashiki, Kyoto University.
Lunar Glass & Mars Glass, designed and created by Takuya Ono, Kajima Co. Ltd.
Visual Effect and detailed design are generated by Juniya Okamura.
Concept Advisor Naoko Yamazaki, AstronautSIC Human Spaceology Center, GSAIS, Kyoto UniversityVR of Lunar&Mars Glass — created by Natsumi Iwato and Mamiko Hikita, Kyoto University.
VR contents of Lunar&Mars Glass by Shinji Asano, Natsumi Iwato, Mamiko Hikita and Junya Okamura.
Daidaros concept by Takuya Ono.
Terraformed Mars were designed by Fuka Takagi & Yosuke A. Yamashiki.
Exoplanet image were created by Ryusuke Kuroki, Fuka Takagi, Hiroaki Sato, Ayu Shiragashi and Y. A. Yamashiki.
All Music (” Lunar City” “Constellation”“Martian”“Neptune”) are composed and played by Yosuke Alexandre Yamashiki.

Jan 20, 2023

University Of Singapore Invent VR Glove To Let You Feel Inside the Metaverse

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The University of Singapore has invented a VR Glove that allows you to feel objects in the metaverse! The technology includes pressurized fingertips and restricted motion that mimics the real-life sensation of picking up objects. The goal is to assist medical professionals to practice in Virtual Reality (but we can see how these would make for some pretty incredible immersive gameplay). Production will begin over the next few years.

The VR glove is an important advancement in wearable tech, as it is a fully untethered haptic system. With this super fast feedback loop, the glove encounters the metaverse in what is essentially real-time. So, that means minimal to no lag for users. Additionally, the gloves are lighter and more affordable than the gloves that are currently on the market. This makes The National University of Singapore’s HaptGlove all the more impressive as a piece of wearable tech.

The glove was developed by The National University of Singapore for use with trainees at the National University Health System. Specifically, users will be able to use the technology to grasp surgical devices or check the pulse of a patient. Furthermore, the haptic system inside the glove should resemble the feeling of an object on your fingertips, providing real-time feedback. This is an important moment for the medical field that could have serious impact, as VR becomes a testing ground for future health tech. It’s interesting to note this development alongside other trends, like the push towards Web5.

Jan 14, 2023

Goodbye VR Controllers, HELLO VR GLOVES! (Best of CES 2023)

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Hello and welcome to… well… TWO-SDAY NEWSDAY! Your number one resource for the entire week’s worth of VR news! Today we haver the conclusion to my CES VR coverage… but it’s certainly not the least! Last video i did mostly VR headsets from HTC Vive’s newest XR Elite, to Shiftall and their Flp VR and MeganeX to Pimax and their newest Portal and Crystal… today I am covering a BUNCH of amazing VR gloves, from Diver X to bhaptics to AI Silk and Contact CI… In addition I try the PSVR 2 (not at CES), Lynx R1 as well as some really awesome haptic suits! Also got to see some of the most impressive AR lenses available! Awesome and exciting episode! Hope you enjoyed!


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Jan 7, 2023

TCL’s RayNeo X2 AR Glasses Live-Translate Conversations for Me

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TCL’s known for TVs. Now the company’s working on its own AR and VR hardware, too.

Jan 3, 2023

Researchers use virtual reality games to detect ADHD symptoms in children

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Minor tweaks could expand its scope of applications to other conditions, such as autism.

Researchers used virtual reality (VR) games to diagnose attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through differences in eye movements, according to a press release published by Aalto University. This method could potentially be utilized as a basis for ADHD treatment and, with minor tweaks, to assess other conditions like autism.

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Dec 31, 2022

Metaverse fails to meet expectations as VR headset sales shrink in 2022

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Zuckerberg has stated that he expects it to take up to a decade for the metaverse to go mainstream.

Virtual reality (VR) technology, once hailed as the next big thing in the tech industry, has yet to live up to its hype. According to data acquired by CNBC.


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Dec 31, 2022

Meta acquires Luxexcel, a smart eyewear company

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As Meta faces antitrust scrutiny over its acquisition of VR fitness developers Within, the tech giant is making another acquisition. Meta confirmed to TechCrunch that it is purchasing Luxexcel, a smart eyewear company headquartered in the Netherlands. The terms of the deal, which was first reported in the Belgian paper De Tijd, have not been disclosed.

Founded in 2009, Luxexcel uses 3D printing to make prescription lenses for glasses. More recently, the company has focused its efforts on smart lenses, which can be printed with integrated technology like LCD displays and holographic film.

Dec 26, 2022

ChatGPT Says: AI Will Change EVERYTHING

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99% of the following speech was written by ChatGPT. I made a few changes here and there and cut and pasted a couple of paragraphs for better flow. This is the prompt with which I started the conversation:

Write a TED Talks style speech explaining how AI will be the next cross-platform operating system, entertainment service, and search engine as well as source of news and accurate information. Elaborate further in this speech about how this future AI could produce tailored entertainment experiences for the end-user. Explain its application in creating real-time, personally-tailored and novel media including mixed reality, virtual reality, extended reality, and augmented reality media as well as in written fiction and nonfiction, music, video and spoken-word entertainment for its end users. Write a strong and compelling opening paragraph to this speech and end it memorably. Add as much detail as you can on each point. The speech should last at least 15 minutes.

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Dec 26, 2022

Company Installs VR-Enabled Masturbation Pod for Employees

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A sex startup says it’s created a VR-enabled masturbation pod for companies that want to make their employees very uncomfortable, very quickly.

Stripchat, a porn site, announced in a blog post that it’s developed something it’s dubbed a “Wank Pod” to give company employees a place to engage in a little office onanism. The company even installed one in their own workplace, and plans a commercial roll out in the future.

“Each ‘Wank Pod’ is planned to come fully equipped with masturbatory accessories, including a 4K LED screen to watch VR cams boosted by Dreamcam’s technology, an Oculus Quest VR headset, lotion, tissues, and more,” the startup wrote in the announcement.

Dec 24, 2022

Our Matrix-like Computational Universe: Programmable Realities & Cybernetic Apotheosis

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Do we live in a matrix? Is our universe a metaverse in the next universe up? What is the code of reality? Is this a simulated multiverse? Can we cheat death and live indefinitely long? These are some of the questions we discuss in this recent talk.

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