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Feb 10, 2024

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Is Revving Up: BMW and Toyota Lead The Way to Zero-Emission Vehicles

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Discover how BMW and Toyota are accelerating the shift to hydrogen-powered vehicles, revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Feb 10, 2024

ISEE debuts world’s 1st autonomous truck yard for safety, efficiency

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Witness the future of transportation with the world’s first fully autonomous truck yard, revolutionizing logistics in Texas and beyond.

Feb 9, 2024

China’s Hyperloop Breaks Own Speed Record, Hitting Over 623 Kilometers-Per-Hour

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While Elon Musk was talking about hyperloop, China was busy building it.

Feb 9, 2024

BYD Intelligent driving NOA system set for a pivotal upgrade in March

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BYD’s announcement of a substantial upgrade to its intelligent driving system signals a notable advancement in its efforts to improve this technology. Scheduled for March 30th, this update signifies a significant step forward for BYD in the realm of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The upgrade will further enhance its Navigation On Autopilot (NOA) or its internally known Urban Navigation Assistance (UNA) system in cities across China.

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The upgrade was alluded to in 2023 with the BYD Denza N7 with its advanced lidar system and came on the heels of recent improvements to Xpeng’s XNGP intelligent driving system. Telsa has also been a strong competitor in the intelligent driving race, with announcements last year aiming to improve its FSD system. According to sources, the initial rollout of BYD’s Urban Navigation Assistance (UNA) system is slated for March 30th, starting with the N7 model among its existing lineup of over 20 vehicles.

Feb 9, 2024

This Chinese electric truck will be as quick as Tesla’s Cybertruck with heavy loads

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Chinese EV maker Geely is launching a 4WD version of its Radar RD6 electric truck that will rival the Cybertruck. According to the brand’s CEO, it will have similar acceleration to Tesla’s Cybertruck while carrying heavy loads.

Geely, the parent company behind Volvo, Polestar, ZEEKR, and others, launched its Radar brand in 2022.

The brand is touted as “China’s first pure electric outdoors lifestyle vehicle brand.” Its first electric adventure vehicle, the RD6, began rolling out in China in September, starting at RMB 178,800 ($25,000).

Feb 9, 2024

EV sales would benefit from more auto show exposure

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Electric vehicles sales could account for 10 percent of the market in 2024, but getting there will take additional effort from dealers and manufacturers, including participation in auto shows.

Feb 9, 2024

The rise and rise of AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at break-neck speed and was one of the key themes at one of the world’s biggest tech events this year, CES.

From flying cars to brain implants that enable tetraplegics to walk, the show revealed some of the most recent AI-powered inventions destined to revolutionize our lives. It also featured discussions and presentations around how AI can help address many of the world’s challenges, as well as concerns around ethics, privacy, trust and risk.

Given how widespread AI is and the rate at which it is evolving, global harmonization of terminologies, best practice and understanding is important to enable the technology to be deployed safely and responsibly. IEC and ISO International Standards fulfil that role and are thus important tools to enable AI technologies to truly benefit society. They can not only provide a common language for the industry, they also enable interoperability and provide international best practice, while addressing any risks and societal issues.

Feb 8, 2024

‘Walking car’ in photos: Hyundai’s Elevate, an electric car with robotic legs

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Hyundai’s CRADLE and Sundberg-Ferar join forces to create Elevate—an electric car with robotic legs, the ‘walking car,’ designed to tackle challenging terrains.

Feb 8, 2024

‘Physics of AI’: German scientists train AI to think like Albert Einstein

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Famous physicists have brought to us novel theories that explain the world around us. AI can also do the same if we guide it to do so.

Researchers at the German institute trained an AI model to look into simpler interactions in larger complex systems, much like how physicists do.

Feb 8, 2024

EVs that go 1,000 km on a single charge: Gel makes it possible

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Futuristic advancements in AI and healthcare stole the limelight at the tech extravaganza Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. However, battery technology is the game-changer at the heart of these innovations, enabling greater power efficiency. Importantly, electric vehicles are where this technology is being applied most intensely. Today’s EVs can travel around 700km on a single charge, while researchers are aiming for a 1,000km battery range.

Researchers are fervently exploring the use of silicon, known for its high storage capacity, as the anode material in lithium-ion batteries for EVs. However, despite its potential, bringing silicon into practical use remains a puzzle that researchers are still working hard to piece together.

Enter Professor Soojin Park, PhD candidate Minjun Je, and Dr. Hye Bin Son from the Department of Chemistry at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). They have cracked the code, developing a pocket-friendly and rock-solid next-generation high-energy-density Li-ion battery system using micro silicon particles and gel polymer electrolytes.

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