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Dec 17, 2023

Solar Panel Costs Predicted to Plummet, Revolutionizing Energy Industry

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Tony Seba just made this insane solar prediction that is blowing my mind.

Dec 17, 2023

Tesla’s Optimus: $30 Trillion Market Potential

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Tesla’s potential market size for its humanoid robot, Optimus, presents a massive opportunity worth trillions of dollars, far surpassing the impact of their electric vehicles.

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Dec 17, 2023

Tesla’s $25K Car: Release Date and Potential Impact in 2024

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Tesla is working on a $25,000 car expected to be released in 2024, which could potentially drive stock valuation and face potential demand issues.

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Dec 17, 2023

24/7 Solar Towers Could Double Energy Output

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If you want to improve the output of solar energy systems, why not also run them at night? That’s the question researchers in Qatar and Jordan addressed as they successfully devised a system that promises to more than double energy output of current solar power stations.

By combining two concepts—a solar updraft system and a cooling downdraft structure—researchers designed a model that could generate 753 MWh of energy annually. That’s enough to power roughly 753 homes for about five weeks or 1,500 60-watt light bulbs nonstop for a year.

The origins of the system, referred to as Solar Tower Power Plant, go back to 1982 when Spanish engineers constructed a chimney-like tower with a mechanical turbine at its base. Air within the tower was warmed by absorbing solar radiation, similar to a greenhouse. As the air heated, it created an updraft that rose and activated wind turbines that in turn generated electricity.

Dec 17, 2023

NASA gives Blue Origin $35 million to turn moon dust into solar cells

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NASA has awarded Blue Origin a $35 million contract to further develop a technology that creates solar cells out of lunar regolith — the dust and crushed rock blanketing the moon’s surface.

“[W]e’re inspired and humbled to receive this investment from NASA to advance our innovation,” said Pat Remias, VP of Blue Origin’s Capabilities Directorate. “First we return humans to the moon, then we start to ‘live off the land.’”

Moon or bust: NASA plans to send astronauts to the moon again as soon as 2025, with the goal of establishing a long-term presence on the lunar surface soon after. For that to work, it’s going to need a way to provide astronauts with a steady supply of everything they need to survive and thrive, from food and water to oxygen and electricity.

Dec 16, 2023

Quantum Breakthrough: Caltech Scientists Unveil New Way To Erase Quantum Computer Errors

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Future quantum computers are expected to revolutionize problem-solving in various fields, such as creating sustainable materials, developing new medications, and unraveling complex issues in fundamental physics. However, these pioneering quantum systems are currently more error-prone than the classical computers we use today. Wouldn’t it be nice if researchers could just take out a special quantum eraser and get rid of the mistakes?

Reporting in the journal Nature, a group of researchers led by Caltech is among the first to demonstrate a type of quantum eraser. The physicists show that they can pinpoint and correct for mistakes in quantum computing systems known as “erasure” errors.

“It’s normally very hard to detect errors in quantum computers, because just the act of looking for errors causes more to occur,” says Adam Shaw, co-lead author of the new study and a graduate student in the laboratory of Manuel Endres, a professor of physics at Caltech. “But we show that with some careful control, we can precisely locate and erase certain errors without consequence, which is where the name erasure comes from.”

Dec 16, 2023

GE Aerospace advances sustainable engine tech with NASA contract

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NASA has awarded GE Aerospace a contract to continue working on the HyTEC program, which aims to create more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly engines for commercial aircraft.

NASA has renewed a contract with GE Aerospace to continue the HyTEC program, which aims to create more fuel-efficient engines for commercial aircraft.

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Dec 16, 2023

China’s green energy boom faces waste crisis: 12.9 million tons by 2050?

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According to a new study in Nature, China could be facing an impending wind turbine waste problem if it cannot find ways to deal with it.

While China has forged ahead with its renewable energy infrastructure, it must find ways to deal with the waste from older installations, study finds.

Dec 16, 2023

Tesla claims solar-backed Powerwall saves more than backup generators

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Discover the financial and environmental benefits of Tesla’s Powerwall with solar, claiming to be 20% cheaper over a decade than traditional backup generators.

Unleash savings with Tesla’s Powerwall and solar combo, a green powerhouse that beats backup generators by 20% over 10 years.

Dec 16, 2023

Elon Musk’s New STEM University in Austin & Tesla FUD Addressed

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Elon Musk plans to start a new STEM-focused university in Austin, while also addressing criticisms and misinformation about Tesla and promoting a healthy lifestyle for productivity and fulfillment.

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