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Oct 23, 2023

Samsung SDI to supply EV batteries to Hyundai Motor starting 2026

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SEOUL, Oct 23 (Reuters) — South Korea’s Samsung SDI (006400.KS) said on Monday it will supply Hyundai Motor (005380.KS) with electric vehicle (EV) batteries for seven years starting 2026, marking the first battery supply deal between the two companies.

“The latest supply deal marks the first ever partnership between Samsung and Hyundai Motor Group in the field of electric vehicle batteries,” Samsung SDI said in a statement.

The battery maker, which supplies to General Motors Co (GM.N), Stellantis (STLAM.MI), and BMW (BMWG.DE) among others, added that it will supply prismatic batteries manufactured at its factory in Hungary for Hyundai Motor’s EVs targeting the European market from 2026 through 2032.

Oct 22, 2023

Scientists Just Came Up With a Wild Idea For Making Oxygen on Mars

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Desert-dwelling bacteria that feed on sunlight, slurp up carbon dioxide, and emit oxygen could be incorporated into paint that supplements the air in a habitat on Mars.

It’s called Chroococcidiopsis cubana, and scientists have developed a biocoating that emits measurable amounts of oxygen on a daily basis while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air around it. This has implications, not just for space travel but here at home on Earth, too, according to a team led by microbiologist Simone Krings of the University of Surrey in the UK.

“With the increase in greenhouse gasses, particularly CO2, in the atmosphere and concerns about water shortages due to rising global temperatures, we need innovative, environmentally friendly, and sustainable materials,” says bacteriologist Suzie Hingley-Wilson of the University of Surrey.

Oct 22, 2023

Amazon Field-Testing Awe-Inspiring Digit Bipedal Robot

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Amazon is always on the frontier of technological advancements, and in a recent move, the e-commerce giant announced its plans to deepen its collaboration with Agility Robotics. As part of their ongoing partnership, Amazon will commence tests using the bipedal robot, Digit, in its operations. This exciting development comes after Amazon’s strategic investment in Agility Robotics through the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund.

For those unfamiliar with Digit, it’s a marvel of modern robotic engineering. Developed by Agility Robotics, Digit stands out with its unique bipedal design. It isn’t just any robot; it’s designed with two legs, allowing it to move and operate in human-like ways, making it exceptionally fit for environments crafted for humans. Equipped with advanced sensors like LIDAR, it perceives its surroundings and avoids obstacles with ease. Its arms are adept at maintaining balance, carrying objects, and interacting with various elements of its environment.

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Oct 21, 2023

NVIDIA and Foxconn partner up to build ‘AI factories’ for future EVs

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This also means faster robotics and self-driving cars.

Foxconn, the largest producer of iPhones, is joining hands with the biggest chipmaker in the world, NVIDIA, to develop artificial intelligence factories that will power a range of applications like self-driving cars, more generative AI tools, and robotic systems, said a press release.

Dubbed AI factories, they are data centers that will power a wide range of applications, including the digitalization of manufacturing and inspection workflows, the development of AI-powered electric vehicle and robotics platforms, and language-based generative AI services.

Oct 20, 2023

Microsoft’s futuristic ‘Project Silica’ stores data on glass plates for 10,000 years

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Microsoft Research, the R&D arm of the Redmond software giant, is testing the storage of huge amounts of data on glass plates in a futuristic initiative dubbed “Project Silica.” If successful, it could be used to store information for thousands of years without degradation.

The Microsoft researchers store the data in the glass using three-dimensional pixels called voxels. In contrast to classical storage methods such as magnetic spinning disks, the “saucer-sized glass plates of Project Silica will store data for thousands of years and create sustainable storage for the world,” as Microsoft describes it.

Magnetic storage, while widely used, is problematic, according to Microsoft. Because of their limited lifespan, they need to be recopied frequently, which increases energy consumption and operating costs over time: “A hard disk drive might last five years. A tape, well, if you’re brave, it might last ten years”, explains Ant Rowstron, Distinguished Engineer, Project Silica.

Oct 19, 2023

Microsoft Repositions 7TB ‘Project Silica’ Glass Media as a Cloud Storage Solution

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Microsoft has decided its Project Silica storage would be an efficient and sustainable choice for its cloud data centers, with the 7 TB glass media touted to last 10,000 years.

Oct 19, 2023

Tesla Megapack installed at California water treatment plant

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A new Tesla Megapack has been installed at a water treatment plant in San Luis Obispo, California, according to a new report.

The City of San Luis Obispo installed a Tesla Megapack energy storage unit at its water treatment facility, as reported by Paso Robles Daily on Monday. The battery is part of the city’s commitment to “leading by example in climate action work” and its initiative to reach carbon neutrality on city operations by 2030.

“The installation of the Tesla battery system at our water treatment plant is a testament to our city’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and resilience. I’m proud of the work our team has done to make this vision a reality,” said City Utilities Director Aaron Floyd.

Oct 17, 2023

Solar-powered off-road car finishes 620-mile test drive across north Africa

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A solar-powered car said to be the first in the world capable of driving off-road over long distances without recharging has completed a 620-mile (1,000km) test drive across Morocco and the Sahara.

The two-seat Stella Terra, designed by students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, completed the journey across a variety of challenging landscapes as part of a final test of its lightweight frame and aerodynamic profile.

Oct 17, 2023

Fire & Disaster Resistant, This Sustainable Home in Kerala Can be Packed & Relocated!

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Imagine a home that is eco-friendly, resilient to disasters, and can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a traditional home.

That’s what’s possible with LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Frame) technology.

In Kozhikode, architect Majid TK has designed a unique LGSF home for Dr Jayakumar and his family. This weekend getaway home that can be disassembled, packed, and reassembled wherever you want.

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Oct 16, 2023

What Is a Solid State Battery?

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Many think this lithium ion alternative will nearly double vehicle range and reduce charging time, dramatically changing the perception and performance of electric vehicles.

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