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Sep 20, 2023

China aims to replicate human brain in bid to dominate global AI

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Aiming to be first in the world to have the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence while also maintaining control over more than a billion people, elite Chinese scientists and their government have turned to something new, and very old, for inspiration—the human brain.

Equipped with surveillance and visual processing capabilities modelled on human vision, the new “brain” will be more effective, less energy hungry, and will “improve governance,” its developers say. “We call it bionic retina computing,” Gao Wen, a leading artificial intelligence researcher, wrote in the paper “City Brain: Challenges and Solution.”

Aug 20, 2023

NASA flew a modified U-2 spy plane into thunderstorms to study super-energetic gamma-rays

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Researchers flew NASA’s ER-2 aircraft as close to thunderclouds as safely possible and captured ‘the most detailed’ data of gamma-rays and thunderclouds ever recorded.

Aug 4, 2023

Omicron variant resembles other respiratory viruses, posing challenges for syndromic surveillance

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In a recent article published in Scientific Reports, researchers describe the symptom profiles of respiratory viral infections from the Flu Watch Community and the Virus Watch cohort studies to compare the frequency of the range of symptoms experienced during influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), rhinovirus, seasonal coronaviruses (CoVs) infections, and infections from severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) wild-type (wt) strain and variants of concerns (VOCs), including Alpha, Delta, Omicron BA1/BA2/BA5.

Study: Symptom profiles of community cases infected by influenza, RSV, rhinovirus, seasonal coronavirus, and SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern. Image Credit: KitjaKitja/

Jul 24, 2023

Two new US bills to protect workers from ‘intrusive’ AI surveillance

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The new regulation also seeks to prevent “robot bosses” that automate hiring decisions.

On Thursday, Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa. introduced two new bills to protect workers from intrusive workplace surveillance and so-called robot bosses, according to a report published by NBC News.

“I think generally everyone around here is keenly focused on providing a strategy to confront what can only be described as an awesome challenge for the country,” Casey told the news outlet about the new regulation he hopes will see the light of day soon.

Jul 24, 2023

Military-grade AI may now be used to spy on American civilians

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“It’s hard to imagine that you are the target of spycraft, but spying on employees is the next frontier of military AI. Surveillance techniques familiar to authoritarian dictatorships have now been repurposed to target American workers,” stated the article.

Jul 21, 2023

Software system can find, track moving objects as small as a pixel

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Remember what it’s like to twirl a sparkler on a summer night? Hold it still and the fire crackles and sparks but twirl it around and the light blurs into a line tracing each whirl and jag you make.

A new patented software system developed at Sandia National Laboratories can find the curves of motion in streaming video and images from satellites, drones and far-range security cameras and turn them into signals to find and track moving objects as small as one . The developers say this system can enhance the performance of any remote sensing application.

“Being able to track each pixel from a distance matters, and it is an ongoing and challenging problem,” said Tian Ma, a computer scientist and co-developer of the system. “For physical security surveillance systems, for example, the farther out you can detect a possible threat, the more time you have to prepare and respond. Often the biggest challenge is the simple fact that when objects are located far away from the sensors, their size naturally appears to be much smaller. Sensor sensitivity diminishes as the distance from the target increases.”

Jun 24, 2023

AI Isn’t Magic, It’s Being Used to Spy on You, Experts Warn

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Experts warned that AI’s autonomy is just a “veneer,” and that it’s being used as surveillance through the scraped data it needs to train on.

Jun 13, 2023

Asana CEO: ‘The way we work right now will soon look vestigial. Here’s how A.I. will make work more human’

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Finally, stories born from paranoia teach you to see A.I. as the ultimate surveillance tool, watching your every eye moment and jiggle of your mouse. But what if it’s used instead to catch you doing things well, and to foster trust between managers and employees?

With the ability to compile reports of your accomplishments—or even assess their quality—A.I. can help managers better appreciate the output of their employees, rather than relying on quantified inputs, like time spent at your desk. It can watch out for deadlines and critical paths, automatically steering you toward the work that’s most urgent. And if you do fall behind on deadlines, A.I. can let your manager know: They don’t have to poke their nose in all the time just to catch the one time you fell behind. With A.I. helping everyone focus their attention to match intentions as they do their work, managers can instead spend their time investing in ways to support their team and grow individuals.

The way we work right now will soon look vestigial, a kind of social scaffolding in our journey to build something better. We know that A.I. will transform the future of work. Will the future edifices of our labor be austere, brutalist towers that callously process resources? Or will they be beautiful, intricate monuments to growth and thriving?

May 12, 2023

Netgear Routers’ Flaws Expose Users to Malware, Remote Attacks, and Surveillance

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Attention Netgear RAX30 users! Five new flaws revealed! Hackers could hijack your devices, tamper with settings, and control your smart home.

Apr 30, 2023

Look out! New card skimmer threat reaches Texas

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Hollywood Park police also suggested consumers use pumps that are closer to the store or that have video surveillance as thieves typically target pumps that conceal them while they switch out their device.

Colby also told KENS 5 consumers should use the tap-to-pay option when possible.

“Really the best thing you can do is use tap-to-pay because you are not exposing your magnetic stripe. They’re going after the information on the mag stripe. It you don’t swipe the card it’s your safest bet,” Colby said.

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