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Mar 3, 2023

SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule docks at space station, delivering three-country, four-man crew for six-month stay

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The Crew Dragon delivered a three-country, four-man crew for a six-month stay. They’ll replace four other station crew members who plan to return to Earth around March 9.

Mar 3, 2023

Everyday Life in a Type II Civilization | Unveiled

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What if YOU were a type II person? Join us, and find out!

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Mar 3, 2023

SpaceX capsule delivers latest four-member crew to International Space Station

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Once aboard, the four-member team faces a busy workload of more than 200 experiments and technology demonstrations, ranging from studies of human cell growth in space to controlling combustible materials in microgravity.

Some of the research will help pave the way for future long-duration human expeditions to the Moon and beyond under NASA’s Artemis program, its successor to Apollo, the U.S. space agency said.

The ISS crew also is responsible for performing maintenance and repairs aboard the station, and to prepare for the arrival and departure of other astronauts and cargo payloads.

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Mar 3, 2023

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-6 Mission | Approach and Docking with ISS LIVE

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On Thursday, March 2 at 12:34 a.m. ET (12:34 UTC), Falcon 9 launched Dragon’s sixth operational human spaceflight mission (Crew-6) to the International Space Station from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Following stage separation, Falcon 9’s first stage landed on the Just Read the Instructions droneship.

Dragon will autonomously dock with the space station on Friday, March 3 at approximately 12:43 a.m. ET (5:43 UTC). Follow Dragon and the crew’s flight below.

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Mar 2, 2023

Hackers could try to take over a military aircraft; can a cyber shuffle stop them?

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A cybersecurity technique that shuffles network addresses like a blackjack dealer shuffles playing cards could effectively befuddle hackers gambling for control of a military jet, commercial airliner or spacecraft, according to new research. However, the research also shows these defenses must be designed to counter increasingly sophisticated algorithms used to break them.

Many aircraft, spacecraft and weapons systems have an onboard computer network known as military standard 1,553, commonly referred to as MIL-STD-1553, or even just 1553. The network is a tried-and-true protocol for letting systems like radar, flight controls and the heads-up display talk to each other.

Securing these networks against a is a national security imperative, said Chris Jenkins, a Sandia cybersecurity scientist. If a hacker were to take over 1,553 midflight, he said, the pilot could lose control of critical aircraft systems, and the impact could be devastating.

Feb 28, 2023

Largest Structures in the Universe Contain Magnetic Fields That Shed Light on Cosmic Web Formation

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Magnetic fields abound in the universe. Despite the fact that the Universe is electrically neutral, atoms may be ionized into positively and negatively charged nuclei and electrons.

According to Science Alert, magnetic fields are created when charges are accelerated. Collisions between and inside interstellar plasma are one of the most prevalent sources of large-scale magnetic fields. This is one of the primary generators of magnetic fields at the cosmic scale.

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Feb 28, 2023

These New Technologies Could Make Interstellar Travel Real

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Long considered science fiction, leaving the solar system and speeding amid the stars may soon be within reach.

Feb 28, 2023

Elon Musk says remaining Twitter employees will receive “very significant” stock awards on March 24th

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“This past week, we completed a difficult organizational overhaul focused on improving future execution, using as much feedback as we could gather from the entire company,” Musk wrote. “Those who remain are highly regarded by those around them.”

The short memo, titled “Performance Awards,” is Musk’s first communication to Twitter employees since he laid off hundreds more of them, including several senior loyalists and nearly all of the product team without warning over the weekend. (Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer first tweeted about the memo.)

After several rounds of cuts and demanding that employees be “extremely hardcore,” Musk hasn’t yet shared details about how he will make up for the stock awards that went away when he took Twitter private. In previous internal comments, he has alluded to the system he set up at SpaceX to let employees regularly sell the company’s stock to interested investors. Given Twitter’s distressed financial situation relative to SpaceX, it’s unclear what the appetite for its stock will be in the short term.

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Feb 27, 2023

Dark Dweller

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By Gareth Worthington is a slim book that crams in lots of classic science fiction ideas. Singularities, first contact, and sentient spacecraft to name but three. Of my recent SF reads, Dark Dweller reminds me both of James Smythe and Gareth Powell

What is Dark Dweller?

The novel opens in a future dystopia. In order to run on clean energy, Earth requires Helium. This is acquired, at no small risk, from Jupiter. The companies that run the operations are fabulously wealthy; the people that do the harvesting, not so much. The 12-year journey to and from Jupiter is hard going. You’re in suspended animation for much of it, but that gap messes up your life. But hey, it’s a job.

Feb 26, 2023

Nuclear Propulsion — How close are we to the Expanse?

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The future of space travel with my new YouTube video on nuclear propulsion! Learn how this technology can improve the propellant efficiency of chemical rockets, making it a viable option for crewed missions to Mars, and perhaps get us to the stars.

Plus, compare nuclear propulsion to conventional chemical rockets such as the Saturn V and to the Epstein Drive from the Expanse.

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