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Sep 25, 2021


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THEOGENESIS: Transdimensional Propagation & Universal Expansion ― my new book on quantum cosmology, computational physics and posthumanism ― is about to be released by Ecstadelic Media Group on October 1 2021!

Here’s the Table of Contents:
1. Our Post-Singularity Future: Are We Destined to Become Cybergods?
2. Transcension: Exponential Miniaturization.
3. Computational Physics: Reinterpreting Relativity.
4. Transcendental Cybernetics: The Ultimate Code of Reality.
5. Universality of Computation.
6. Quantum Gravity: Quest for the Final Theory of Everything.
7. The Shadow Multiverse: Parallel Space-Times, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.
8. Ontological Holism: All is One, One is All.
9. Why Materialism is a Flatlander Philosophy.
10. Seeking the Ultimate Truth: The Battle of Ideologies.
11. Quantum Cosmology: From the Holographic Principle to the Fractal Multiverse.
12. The Omega Singularity: Your Cosmic Self.
13. The Axioms of Divinity: Cybertheistic Foundation.
14. Experiential Matrix: A Playground of Subjectivity.
15. Transcendent Realm: Redefining God.
16. God of Spinoza: The Conscious Universe.
17. A New Kind of Pantheism: The Cybertheism Argument.
18. Are We Alone in the Universe?
19. The Chrysalis Conjecture: Our Second Womb.
Appendix A. Tenets of The Cybernetic Theory of Mind: The Five Foundational Axioms.
Glossary of Terms.
About the Author.

Sep 23, 2021

Will a Biological Singularity Arrive First?

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I believe if superintelligence can be digitized into computer code then essentially a microchip could send electrical impulses to one’s brain noninvasive like the microchip that heals from Ohio state and then superintelligence could be attained and the biological wetware could be easily acquire the biological singularity. Much like the moto that Apple has all things digital a new superintelligence attribute could uploaded and the human could evolve or gene edit from a smartphone also the impulse could be non invasive like low level electrical impulse sending data to the brain using existing hardware. We could be as advanced as any exterrestial civilization in a couple keystrokes using existing hardware.

Popular expectations for the future are helplessly colored by present trends. The assumption is always that whatever’s going on now can be safely extrapolated into the future along a linear (or, per Kurzweil, logarithmic) curve. So it was that during the space race, baby boomers took for granted that we’d have fully colonized the solar system by the year 2000.

Sep 22, 2021

I Tried Warning Them — Elon Musk on Superhuman AI

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I tried to warn them.-Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has warned humanity many times about the dangers of superhuman AI. He thinks the advent of digital superintelligence will bring about profound changes to human civilization. Elon Musk thinks the technological singularity could either be super beneficial or it could be terrible for our society. Elon said that no one knows for sure the impact superhuman AI will have on our world but that one thing is for certain: We will not be able to control it. He thinks artificial intelligence will be used as a weapon and warns that the lack of AI regulation could mean it’s already too late for humanity.

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Sep 17, 2021

New AI Writes Its Own Computer Code

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The Singularity is now in private beta. But you still have to care about syntax errors.

Sep 11, 2021

#TransVision Future Summit 2021 • Welcome to Madrid 8 — 12 October • Dinners & UNESCO site tours

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Check out our second promo for #transvision #future Summit 2021 (#madrid Oct. 8 — 12), featuring the optional dinner/cocktails we are scheduling, and 2 full-day #tours of several #unescoworldheritage sites and historical places near Madrid: Segovia, Ávila, Monsaterio de El Escorial & Valley of the Fallen on Oct. 11 and Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez & Toledo on Oct. 12. It’s going to be espectacular! You don’t wanna miss those, so get your tickets now! 😊 Get your tickets here ->

The event itself will be a lot of fun, so make sure to register to come to Madrid in person, or to watch it via streaming (at a reduced price). There will be talks about #longevity #artificialintelligence #cryonics and much much more.

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Sep 10, 2021

Will Evolution Lead Us to Self-Divinization? New Book on Posthumanism Offers Straightforward Answers

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What might happen after the Cybernetic Singularity? Can we refine our theological philosophies in light of new evidence? Are we alone in the Universe? Can you achieve Cybernetic Immortality? When and how can we transcend the human condition? These are some of the questions addressed in my new book THEOGENESIS: Transdimensional Propagation & Universal Expansion. This awe-inspiring volume is to be released on October 1 2021 as part of The Cybernetic Theory of Mind series and is available now to pre-order on Amazon. #THEOGENESIS #TransdimensionalPropagation #UniversalExpansion #CyberneticTheoryofMind #cybernetics #theology #futurism #posthumanism

Ecstadelic Media Group announces the release of the next book in The Cybernetic Theory of Mind series by Alex M. Vikoulov ― THEOGENESIS: Transdimensional Propagation & Universal Expansion ― available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

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Sep 9, 2021

US20060073976A1 — Method of gravity distortion and time displacement

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A method for employing sinusoidal oscillations of electrical bombardment on the surface of one Kerr type singularity in close proximity to a second Kerr type singularity in such a method to take advantage of the Lense-Thirring effect, to simulate the effect of two point masses on nearly radial orbits in a 2+1 dimensional anti-de Sitter space resulting in creation of circular timelike geodesics conforming to the van Stockum under the Van Den Broeck modification of the Alcubierre geometry (Van Den Broeck 1999) permitting topology change from one spacelike boundary to the other in accordance with Geroch’s theorem (Geroch 1967) which results in a method for the formation of G{umlaut over ()}odel-type geodesically complete spacetime envelopes complete with closed timelike curves.

Sep 8, 2021

1st Sign of Elusive ‘Triangle Singularity’ Shows Particles Swapping Identities in Mid-Flight

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Physicists sifting through old particle accelerator data have found evidence of a highly-elusive, never-before-seen process: a so-called triangle singularity.

First envisioned by Russian physicist Lev Landau in the 1950s, a triangle singularity refers to a rare subatomic process where particles exchange identities before flying away from each other. In this scenario, two particles — called kaons — form two corners of the triangle, while the particles they swap form the third point on the triangle.

Sep 6, 2021

Reaching the Singularity May be Humanity’s Greatest and Last Accomplishment

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Should we be searching for post-biological aliens?

Aug 31, 2021

Conversations with Maya: Ray Kurzweil

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Maya Ajmera, President & CEO of Society for Science & the Public and Publisher of Science News, chatted with Ray Kurzweil, an alumnus of the Science Talent Search and a renowned inventor and futurist. Kurzweil also has written five best-selling books, is Cofounder and Chancellor of Singularity University and is a Director of Engineering at Google. We are thrilled to share an edited summary of their conversation.

You are an alum of the1965Science Talent Search. How did the competition impact your life, and are there any particular moments that still stand out for you?

The Westinghouse Science Talent Search was the first time I was recognized nationally. President Johnson had just been elected and we met him at the White House. He told us his goal was that our generation would never see the horrors of war.

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