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Oct 19, 2022

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Oct 18, 2022

The Social Brain Ep.4: Brain Decoding: The Science of ‘Mind Reading’

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Can scientists read your mind and figure out what you’re thinking just by looking at your brain? Well, sort of.

In this episode of The Social Brain with Taylor Guthrie (@The Cellular Republic) and I (@Sense of Mind) talk about a fascinating new area of cognitive neuroscience, called “brain decoding” as well as its counterpart, “brain encoding,” and related topics. It all centers on the question posed above and the future applications, some of which are scary while others are inspiring.

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Oct 15, 2022

How SpaceX CRS-25 Dragon provided ride for 13,000 pounds of science experiments to ISS

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SpaceX’s 25th cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) launched from Pad 39A on July 15, 2022. The Cargo Dragon carried up to 13,000 lbs of scientific payload and tech, including 8 Cubesats. The capsule docked with the ISS on July 16, 2022.

The Dragon Capsule carried out a variety of experiments that are designed to help scientists understand more about the world around us. The scientific research performed in the microgravity aboard the ISS can’t be replicated anywhere else. Consider the ISS like an orbital laboratory, performing science for the Earth — off the Earth.

These experiments include studies of the immune system, including how it responds to stress and medications.

Oct 14, 2022

The National Science Foundation plans to build an educational center at the Arecibo Observatory

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Unfortunately, the organization will not be rebuilding the damaged observatory.

The U.S. National Science Foundation issued a solicitation on Thursday for a new multidisciplinary, world-class educational center at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, according to a statement by the organization. The center will serve as a hub for STEM education and outreach.


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Oct 11, 2022

2021’s Biggest Breakthroughs in Math and Computer Science

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It was a big year. Researchers found a way to idealize deep neural networks using kernel machines—an important step toward opening these black boxes. There were major developments toward an answer about the nature of infinity. And a mathematician finally managed to model quantum gravity. Read the articles in full at Quanta Magazine:

Quanta Magazine is an editorially independent publication supported by the Simons Foundation.

Oct 8, 2022

Science, AI help unlock green energy in northwest New Mexico

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Oct 7, 2022

Stressed: A new exploration into emotional stress and exciting science surrounding Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). The film delves into our history with stress

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How we got to where we are today, and where we go from here. Featuring Dr. Daniel Monti (Director — Marcus Institute of Integrative Health) and leading neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Newberg (DMT: The Spirit Molecule), we get a fresh perspective on the effects of stress. Thanks to a new study from the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA, there is now compelling evidence that this breakthrough intervention can help people to alleviate their emotional stress, as well as deeper insight into this exciting topic.

Oct 5, 2022

DeepMind’s game-playing AI has beaten a 50-year-old record in computer science

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The new version of AlphaZero discovered a faster way to do matrix multiplication, a core problem in computing that affects thousands of everyday computer tasks.

Oct 5, 2022

Data Science Jobs

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The average annual pay hike for data science professionals is between 20–30 per cent compared to 15–20 per cent for professionals from other backgrounds, the report says.

Oct 5, 2022

3 physicists share Nobel Prize for work on quantum science

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STOCKHOLM — Three scientists jointly won this year’s Nobel Prize in physics Tuesday for proving that tiny particles could retain a connection with each other even when separated, a phenomenon once doubted but now being explored for potential real-world applications such as encrypting information.

Frenchman Alain Aspect, American John F. Clauser and Austrian Anton Zeilinger were cited by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for experiments proving the “totally crazy” field of quantum entanglements to be all too real. They demonstrated that unseen particles, such as photons, can be linked, or “entangled,” with each other even when they are separated by large distances.

It all goes back to a feature of the universe that even baffled Albert Einstein and connects matter and light in a tangled, chaotic way.

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