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Feb 7, 2024

Meta’s Plans to Label AI-Generated Content Are a Sad Fart

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Meta is promising to roll out auto-labeling for AI-generated images — as soon as it figures out how, that is.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, said in a policy update that the company is currently working with “industry partners” to formulate criteria that will help identify AI content. Once those criteria are determined, Meta will begin automatically labeling posts featuring any AI-generated images, video, or audio “in the coming months.”

“This approach represents the cutting edge of what’s technically possible right now. But it’s not yet possible to identify all AI-generated content, and there are ways that people can strip out invisible markers,” Clegg wrote. “So we’re pursuing a range of options. We’re working hard to develop classifiers that can help us to automatically detect AI-generated content, even if the content lacks invisible markers.”

Feb 7, 2024

Building a DNA nanoparticle to be both carrier and medicine

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Scientists have been making nanoparticles out of DNA strands for two decades, manipulating the bonds that maintain DNA’s double-helical shape to sculpt self-assembling structures that could someday have jaw-dropping medical applications.

The study of DNA , however, has focused mostly on their architecture, turning the genetic code of life into components for fabricating minuscule robots. A pair of Iowa State University researchers in the genetics, development, and cell biology department—professor Eric Henderson and recent doctoral graduate Chang-Yong Oh—hope to change that by showing nanoscale materials made of DNA can convey their built-in genetic instructions.

“So far, most people have been exploring DNA nanoparticles from an engineering perspective. Little attention has been paid to the information held in those DNA strands,” Oh said.

Feb 7, 2024

Deep learning-aided decision support for diagnosis of skin disease across skin tones

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Deep learning #AI for skin lesions assessed for assistance to 800 dermatologists and primary care physicians from 39 countries Marked improvement in accuracy but widened bias gap.

In a large-scale study involving 389 board-certified dermatologists and 459 primary-care physicians from 39 countries, the impact of a deep learning-aided decision support system on physicians’ diagnostic accuracy was tested across 46 skin diseases and for both light and dark skin tones.

Feb 6, 2024

Singularity Vs. Daoist Robots

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Is there another path than accelerated Western modernization?

Feb 6, 2024

The next wave of fraud should frighten banks and crypto firms alike

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It’s possible the OnlyFake owner is exaggerating, and it’s also worth noting that counterfeiting documents is nothing new. The difference here, though, is that the firm’s software is capable of cranking out hundreds of fake, but very real looking, IDs. It feels like it’s a matter of time before both banks and crypto firms alike are swamped by a wave of bots seeking to open accounts that possess convincing fake IDs.

You can add to this an impending wave of AI-based tools that will be used to overcome the anti-fraud measures, such as voice-based authentication, used by banks and others. We are also seeing AI being used to carry out audacious new forms of robbery—including the jaw-dropping story this week of a criminal gang that persuaded some poor employee in Hong Kong to transfer $25 million of company funds during a Zoom meeting. It turned out that all the members on the Zoom call were AI-generated replicas of the employee’s boss and coworkers.

Feb 6, 2024

Dexa aims to get more out of podcasts with AI-powered search

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If you listen to a lot of podcasts, there is a chance you might remember funny tidbits and are wondering… “Wait, who talked about eating fries with sriracha again?” or more serious questions. To look for the answers, you have to first find the podcast and then search through their transcripts. Dexa is trying to make podcast search easier by leveraging AI.

The tool lets you ask questions about a single podcast, like Andrew Humberman’s Huberman Lab podcast in the screenshot below, or query all the podcasts in Dexa’s database — there are currently more than 120 with more being added. The search results will give you an AI-generated summary of the answer along with pointers to podcasts where the participant discussed the topic.

For instance, you can ask questions like “What’s the best way to get more sleep?” and find answers to that from Dexa’s podcast library with timestamped links to those conversations. You can also @mention a specific podcast to narrow down your search results.

Feb 6, 2024

How OLMo From AI2 Redefines LLM Innovation

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The Allen Institute for AI created the Open Language Model, or OLMo, which is an open-source large language model with the aim of advancing the science of language models through open research.

AI2 has partnered with organizations such as Surge AI and MosaicML for data and training code. These partnerships are crucial for providing the diverse datasets and sophisticated training methodologies that underpin OLMo’s capabilities. The collaboration with the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington and Databricks Inc. has also been pivotal in realizing the OLMo project.

It is important to note that the current architecture of OLMo is not the same as the models that power chatbots or AI assistants, which use instruction-based models. However, that’s on the roadmap. According to AI2, there will be multiple enhancements made to the model in the future. In the coming months, there are plans to iterate on OLMo by introducing different model sizes, modalities, datasets, and capabilities into the OLMo family. This iterative process is aimed at continuously improving the model’s performance and utility for the research community.

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Feb 6, 2024

What Is The Best Way To Control Today’s AI?

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In a famous line over 60 years ago, early AI pioneer Norbert Wiener summed up one of the core challenges that humanity faces in building artificial intelligence: If we use, to achieve our purposes, a mechanical agency with whose operation we cannot interfere effectively…we had better be quite sure…

The answer is a technology known as reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

RLHF has become the dominant method by which human developers control and steer the behavior of AI models, especially language models. It impacts how millions of people around the world experience artificial intelligence today. It is impossible to understand how today’s most advanced AI systems work without understanding RLHF.

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Feb 6, 2024

French hospital trials ‘socially assistive’ robots to help the elderly

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The Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris in France recently hosted a set of “socially assistive” robots to help lighten the workload for its human staff.

A Scottish advanced artificial intelligence team has helped trial a team of ‘socially assistive’ robots in a Parisian hospital.

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Feb 6, 2024

China allegedly dispatches ‘world first’ in-orbit AI commercial hypersatellite

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The hypersatellite is allegedly an integrated sensing network satellite that contains a sixth-generation ‘brain system.’

Chinese media claims that Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center has launched the ‘world’s first in-orbit artificial intelligence (AI)’ commercial hypersatellite.

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