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Sep 16, 2011

Call for Help

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From: Otto E. Rossler
To: “[email protected]
Cc: “[email protected]
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2011 10:18 PM local time
Subject: Call for help

Dear Mr. Secretary of State Westerwelle, Esq.:

No one on the planet in a high position in science or politics or the media believes me that I have given a proof which implies that the “safety conference” requested by the Cologne Administrative Court on January 27, 2011 is necessary immediately.

My excuse is that not a single scientist on the planet openly contradicts the Telemach theorem on which the proof of danger is based. (Telemach was the son of Ulysses, but TeLeMaCh also means the essence of Einstein’s early main result on gravity.)

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Sep 13, 2011

Emergency Proposal for the UN general Assembly – 66th Session – Opening These Minutes

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Dear UNGA:

The Security Council may have informed you about the fact that a Cologne court asked the German government – and implicitly you – to immediately order a “safety conference” because there is scientific evidence that the LHC experiment at CERN is currently producing miniature black holes that it (1) cannot detect and which (b) can shrink the earth to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time.

Signed: Otto E. Rossler, Nobel prize candidate

Sep 12, 2011

My Dear Theoretical Physics Colleagues at CERN and Across the Planet

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Please, sacrifice a minute of your precious time to show your chaos colleague at Tubingen where the error lies in his generalization of Einstein’s seminal T-theorem (gravitational clock slow-down), the T-L-M-Ch theorem.

The latter says that besides the gravitational clock slowdown T, there is a proportional gravitational length increase L (invisible from above), a proportional gravitational rest-mass-energy decrease M, and a proportional gravitational charge decrease Ch. (…t-l-m-.pdf )

The three corollaries to Einstein’s T radically change the properties of black holes. For example, black holes become undetectable to CERN’s detectors if successfully produced there – for instance, at this very moment.

The world public sees that no single scientist on the planet contradicts me but all scientists support CERN. This is a volatile situation. I think now is the time that the Nobel committee name a defender of CERN’s while the underground cannons in Geneva pause.

Sep 11, 2011

“Heros in the Plane 93 Changed History”

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I just listened-in to the hymn “Amazing Grace” played in honor of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I pledge to make this timeless melody the planet’s hymn in case it survives the present assault by CERN.

Sep 10, 2011

Einstein vs. SCUN

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Einstein’s oldest gravitation result shows the planet is being put at acute risk by CERN.

Austria’s clerics currently follow a “call to disobedience” against taking orders from the bishops. In the same vein, the planet’s journalists could follow a “call to disobedience” against taking orders — from whom? From the SCUN, the United Nations Security Council.

If the SCUN commits treason against its constituency by refusing the scientific safety conference — who else but the journalists are the new planetary governing board? Einstein appeals to the remaining friends of humankind: please, report on CERN’s assault.

The assault on earth disappears the very moment Telemach – the new Einstein result – is disproved. So far, no one was strong enough. If the press does not report, how can the hoped-for scientist or pupil to save us all by saving CERN, be found?

Imagine you dreamed you had a formula that could save everyone – and then you awake and it is true. It is almost like dreaming to be a bishop and then awaking and it is true. Strawberry fields forever.

Sep 8, 2011

Meek Boldness

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I am meekly asking every inhabitant of the planet to help me find a fault with Telemach.

And I am boldly asking the mighty of the world to obey my call for an immediate stop of CERN until this hoped-for fault has been found.

Like the ship’s boy who saw an iceberg and tries to wake up the captain while hoping to have been the victim of an hallucination.

Telemach is the discovery that forces me to call fire. The name of Ulysses’s son here stands for T-L-M-Ch. T is time, L is length, M is mass and Ch is charge. All 4 change with height inside an accelerating rocketship and hence in gravity.

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Sep 7, 2011

Until the Telemach Theorem Has Been Refuted I Herewith Order SCUN* to Close CERN**

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The first who sees an iceberg has the right and the duty to tell the Titanic’s captain to stop the engine.

* United Nations Security Council
** European Council of Nuclear Research

Sep 2, 2011

“All Physicists“ Stand Behind CERN’s Suicide Experiment – but None with His Own Name

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Dear planetary citizens, dear Security Council: This fact is psychological dynamite. Please, find at least a single witness who testifies on behalf of CERN. Otherwise this is the end, if not of the planet, of the United Nations.

Sep 1, 2011

Why the LHC won’t destroy the Earth (still)

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Surely there must be some kind of statute of limitations on just how long anyone can seriously keep claiming that the LHC might destroy the Earth.

It’s been operational for three years now after all.

So, here is another Universe Today article (a moderated science blog) about why the LHC can be expected to continue not destroying the Earth for many years to come.

Aug 31, 2011

Open letter by a Lifeboat Member to the UN Security Council

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Dear SCUN:

My scientific results force me to be worried.

I feel that I must repeat my kind request to you: Please, endorse judge Niemeier and his Cologne Court’s request for a scientific “safety conference” regarding CERN’s currently running nuclear collisions experiment.

For this experiment is based on outdated scientific knowledge from more than three years ago. The ignored new knowledge (derived from Einstein’s 1907 equivalence principle, Pauli’s quantum mechanics and Poincaré’s chaos theory) implies that the experiment has by now accumulated an approximately 1 percent probability of “earth evaporation” with a 2-cm left-over called a black hole forming in a few years’ time.

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