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Apr 4, 2012

CERN is so Important also because there Is no “E.T.” in the Galaxy

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This note considers the possibility of earth being replaceable in the galaxy in the foreseeable future. The suggested answer is: no.

Let me explain why. For once, fundamental physics is not enough to understand the story since implied physical disciplines, chemistry and biology, come into play. The modern synthesis (Ernst Mayr) is presupposed. Stu Kauffmann and Joel Cohen stand in the background.

But are humans (the extinction of which the CERN debate is all about) not at the tip of the animal kingdom and hence similar tips should exist elsewhere? Our blue planet would then be not THAT important from a more sub specie aeternitatis viewpoint.

Even this consolation – if it qualifies for one – cannot be offered: Everything speaks in favor of the conclusion that humans are unique over vast stretches of the galaxy’s life-bearing quarters.

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Apr 3, 2012

Dear World Press –You Could Help

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Either I am a liar or not. You treat me like being one by your observing a world-wide curfew. I must have made grave mistakes in the past that explain this attitude.

I admit that my latest post on Oppenheimer is a bit technical since I mentioned the duration of a trip down to the horizon of the black hole remnant of a collapsed star and back. But my conclusion was easy to understand: If Oppie was right then both trips take an infinite outside time. Every high-school student can confirm this.

Therefore my public request to CERN, to please before starting 8 TeV proton collisions on a large scale tomorrow give a reason as to why they stick to a theory of black holes that denies Oppenheimer’s finding, is perhaps sufficiently grounded on facts to be worth reporting.

Forgive me for my turning to you directly.

Apr 2, 2012

Drawing a line on offensive/obscene posts against CERN

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In light of continued frustration by many users, and due to a recent request by Prof Peter Howell on the lack of web administration on obscene/offensive posts and the effect this can have on the overall impression of Lifeboat, I have taken measures on cleaning up posts by a contributor who regularly depreciates the standards of what can otherwise be a fine blog of academic opinion. Apologies to Prof Otto Rossler — but referring to CERN as ‘urinating soldiers’ etc is far below the standards Lifeboat aspires to — Please clean up your act.

Tom — Web Admin.

Apr 2, 2012

A Letter of Support for Antonio Ereditato

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Professor Ereditato’s basic insight – that particles sent across differing longitudes can be technically speaking superluminal – was correct. This I showed in my paper on Lifeboat submitted to Science (…ting-earth ).

I regret the unscientific demand for clairvoyance-in-retrospect – not to have seen that the effect is technically smaller than claimed – which led to his resignation from “Opera” about which fact I learned today from a newspaper.

His enthusiasm and openness to the new is sorely needed by the scientific community. I would like to ask CERN to re-hire him. You cannot let your best man go.

Apr 2, 2012

Oppie’s Black Holes versus CERN

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Six years before Oppenheimer declared physics to be sinful after his success at building the bomb, he had discovered the existence of black holes as solutions to the Einstein equation. It took the physics community 30 years to fully believe him.

He found two things. (1) An astronaut jumping in takes infinitely long to disappear from sight (provided one could see him that long since the frequency of the light emitted by him goes to zero). (2) On his own wristwatch, only 2 days passed until he reached the surface of the star-mass black hole. Both results are still accepted.

Oppenheimer knew that if a trampoline were installed on the surface, enabling the astronaut to jump back up uninjured, both results are valid again: Up to his return to from where he came, 2 days would pass on his own wristwatch again. But for the outside world, once more an infinite amount of time would have passed.

This simple result is universally accepted but for some reason virtually unknown. It goes under the name “gravitational twins paradox.” No specialist denies it but virtually each will admit that it is new to him or her.

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Mar 31, 2012

I am the only person in History officially Declared “Infinitely Stupid”

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

For only under this condition could CERN afford to ignore the INFINITE DANGER which I had proved (in papers published in refereed scientific journals) to be attached to their igniting the upgraded LHC experiment.

This un-disproved danger a court advised to check with the following words: “The court expresses that it should be possible to let the various safety aspects, which also were the subject of the two safety reports from the years 2003 and 2008, be discussed within the scope of a safety conference”

[= translation of the ending of the Cologne Administrative Court’s German-language ruling of January 27, 2011: “Das Gericht gibt seiner Meinung Ausdruck, dass es möglich sein sollte, die unterschiedlichen Sicherheitsaspekte, die auch Gegenstand der beiden Sicherheitsberichte aus den Jahren 2003 und 2008 waren, im Rahmen einer ‘Sicherheitskonferenz‘ diskutieren zu lassen“,….A110100233 ; published July 30, 2011 on…ty-council ].

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Mar 26, 2012

Let me also Say a Good Word about CERN’s Homegrown Old “Safety Report”:

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White dwarfs were justly highlighted there…

These collapsed old stars in the galaxy have (with a finite fraction of their population at least) proved immune to the onslaught of nature’s own ultra-fast analogs to CERN’s anticipated artificial ultra-slow mini black holes. This fact imposes constraints on the level of danger imparted by the artificial ones on our earth if successfully produced there.

A white dwarf contains about 100.000 times the mass of earth at the latter’s volume. The fact that it remains unscathed has consequences for an artificial black hole that is slow enough not to fly away but stay inside earth to circulate there. It must circle 30.000 times at its near-Keplerian speed of 10 km/sec, in order to have equally many passages through nucleons, before it starts to grow. Since one full circling takes about 1 hour, 30.000 circlings make up 30.000 hours or about 1.000 days or 3 years. The increased residence time inside the passed-through nucleons (with their inherently ultrafast quark motions) reduces the equivalence time by a factor of perhaps 1.000 to the order of 1 day.

On the other hand, we need safety margins of perhaps 100 in view of the vast number of safe passages of ultrafast mini black holes during the lifetime of a white dwarf. Therefore, the exponential growth phase inside earth (miniminiquasar formation) can only begin after a delay of several months.

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Mar 24, 2012

CERN Cannot Continue the LHC Experiment

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

My danger-proving results concerning the safety of the LHC experiment were presented to CERN 4 years ago in the standard scientific format: First as preprints, then a few months later in July of 2008 as reprints of conference proceedings – the fastest possible method of scientific communication.

Today almost 4 years later, following publication in refereed journals, too, CERN continues to openly ignore the presented proof of danger. Witness the official countdown having reached 12 days until CERN’s upgraded LHC experiment officially continues its attempt to produce black holes.

In doing so, CERN officially ignores three scientific proofs regarding the hoped-for black holes:
(1) Black holes arise much more readily than expected, do not evaporate and are invisible to CERN’s detectors for their being uncharged.
(2) As soon as a sufficiently slow specimen is generated, it grows exponentially inside earth so as to shrink the planet to 2 cm after a few years’ time delay.
(3) The hoped-for black holes are not (as CERN claims against better knowledge) “proven innocuous” by the fact that nature’s own fast analogs must get stuck inside neutron stars in much the same way as an artificial one will get stuck inside earth. The reason the neutron stars are protected is solely the superfluidity of their cores.

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Mar 21, 2012

CERN Owes it to the Citizens from whom it Asks Support to be Frank, Honest and Informative

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Verbatim quote from Richard Feynman ( ) at minute 45:00:

NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest and informative so that those citizens can make the wisest decisions for the use of these limited resources. For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

Mar 17, 2012

How come All World Media are United in Covering-up the CERN?

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Lifeboat has had enough coverage across the globe and in different languages to alert all governments and media word-wide. There are major conflicts unresolved on the planet. The more surprising is the fact that all governments stand united against their own people in one respect:

The populace is not allowed to know that CERN, or the Europeans, are preparing to re-ignite a nuclear experiment to run it at five times last year’s output – even though the total risk to induce Armageddon by the successful production of miniature black holes is thereby raised by a factor of six, up to possibly 8 percent.

Ironically, CERN neither disputes that it can in principle generate black holes, nor that it cannot detect its own success at producing them, nor that the published proofs of danger are not being disputed by a single scientist on the planet claiming to do so.