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Oct 7, 2011

I Repeat My Call for Help to the Three Young Nobelists

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My rehabilitation of Fritz Zwicky’s “dynamical friction” as an explanation of the Hubble redshift law (…amp;ref=no ) only increases the importance of the new Perlmutter-Schmidt-Riess redshift law.

What is changed is only the interpretation: from “lower expansion rate at that early time” towards “lower mass density at that high distance.”

In case you accept this alternative interpretation of your own revolutionary finding as a possibility worth giving the benefit of the doubt, you thereby greatly help CERN accept the scientific safety conference made necessary by another result from our group. The latter states that the famous gravitational clock slowdown is accompanied by a matching change in size, mass and charge. Professor Richard J. Cook of the Air Force Academy independently found the first two points and supports the third.

I apologize for the publicity and urgency. It is because CERN is during the remaining weeks of this month doubling the total luminosity of its experiment so that the implied risk to the planet’s getting evaporated in a few years’ time is going to reach a sizable value within a few weeks.

The public at large has forgotten that revolutionary results have inconspicuous origins. Your endorsement of the possibility-in-principle that this uncontested result deserve the benefit of the doubt will make all the difference of the world. Forgive me that I turn to you while asking Sweden’s king to kindly help in the communication since only days remain.

Oct 6, 2011

Tübingen Held Two Nazi Dissidents — Tübingen Holds One of Two CERN Dissidents

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The whole world complied with the Nazi murder. The whole world complies with CERN’s assault on everyone. It is the same world that lets the people in humanity’s cradle starve.

I re-read René Fülöp-Miller’s book Saint Francis. The Now, Color and the Smile are infinite miracles. I thank the Lord in your place.

And today we say Thank You to Steve.

Oct 4, 2011

Modern Physics Is Pure Dogmatism

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Three years ago, the head of the most prestigious relativistic institution when I asked him to give me an appointment said simply “no” – explaining me in 20 long minutes why he could not do so (because the consensus in his institute about my paper would then possibly no longer be uniform).

I thought this was a personal flaw. No it is obvious that physics as a whole has ceased to be a science and been transformed into an ideology – the deadliest of all time.

It is no wonder that journalists are not being treated any better than me: as non-persons. My comparison with another dark age appears to be much more fitting than I had feared.

Not a single physicist on the planet dares think on his own or show courage – what would he or she have to lose by talking with a dissident who publicly offers evidence he desperately wants to have disproved owing to its potentially lifesaving character?

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Oct 4, 2011

Are There No Women in the Media?

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By now the world knows that the media do not report on the unrefuted proof that the European LHC experiment is going to shrink the planet to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a sizable probability.

But the media do also contain some women in the lower echelons. And women do not always show a hierarchy-determined allegiance to their leader but do sometimes give priority to their child.

Is there not a single mother on the planet who gives priority to her child’s survival being safeguarded over her job security?


Oct 2, 2011

Laughingstock CERN: With Cold-dark Matter and Dark Energy Evaporated, the LHC Is Obsolete

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The Large Hadron Collider experiment at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), the most expensive peaceful experiment of history, has lost its scientific justification after two of its 3 raisons d’etre are gone. Specifically, the two reasons for its design mentioned in the title can no longer be searched for now that the new statistical-mechanical discipline of cryodynamics has demonstrated their nonexistence [1].

The third major reason for the operation of the LHC experiment — the attempt to create artificial miniature black holes and to study their Hawking evaporation — ceased to make scientific sense 3 years ago when two papers implying the non-existence of Hawking radiation were published [2,3].

However, at the same time the probability of a success of the experiment regarding the production of miniature black holes got a large boost. This is a bit embarrassing in view of the fact that this success cannot possibly be detected by the outdated sensors CERN installed [3]. Thus the experiment ceases to be a scientific experiment when started defiantly (as this later happened).

However, would its success (to be made about twice as likely during the present month’s experiments [4]) not represent a major advance even if this success can become manifest only in about 5 years’ time [3]? The answer is a sounding yes: a few scientists will then rejoice. But so not in public and so not for long because shortly thereafter, the planet will be absorbed into a 2-cm black hole. “Panbiocide” is the technical term (C.A. Hilgartner).

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Sep 30, 2011

All Scientists Asked by the Media Say:

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“I do not understand the Telemach theorem but I feel it is too simple to be possibly correct; yet please, do not mention my name.” ‘t Hooft and Hawking join-in in the loud silence.

Hereby the existence of a highly sophisticated version of Telemach, found independently by a high-ranking academic, is kept from the media. It is known to CERN and would take years to discuss. I therefore support his continuing on outside the limelight.

Dear, venerable CERN: Please, make a 4-week pause immediately to give Telemach a chance to be put to rest. Nothing would make his father and the planet more happy. I publicly offer a bet to Stephen Hawking that he will not succeed in this task. If I lose I shall write a preface to his next book.

Sep 29, 2011

Dear CERN: Either Reply or Stop

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A big institution that does not object that what it is doing can evaporate the earth in a few years’ time cannot refuse answering much longer.

Sep 27, 2011

My Journalist Friend Thinks I Have No Chance Against Two Well-Funded Hate Blogs

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“Why, then, would the Bundestag be disallowed to discuss CERN for the reason that the issue is already before the UN Security Council?”, I replied.

Nonetheless he has a point: I apparently have got to respond to Karl Hiltpolt’s and John Baez’s public assaults since at least one of them is endowed with a good name in science.

It is true that my often having an urgent undertone in my voice is at odds with all known journalistic rules. Such no-no behavior immediately costs you all public attention — it is obvious that I never took a media course. And even worse, 3 years ago I called on the International Court of Crimes Against Humanity (who would not reply). My excuse was the extinction of humankind risked by CERN’s not admitting the scientific safety conference logically required in the face of new evidence. Such an act is automatically perceived by the media as un-reportable.

So it is probably my fault that the incriminated LHC experiment could be switched on twice, the first time with a local disaster, the second time without fanfares two years after.

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Sep 24, 2011

ReliefWeb Briefing Kit for UN General Assembly + Gender

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Compiled on 24 Sep 2011

Human Rights Council
Eighteenth session
Agenda item 1
Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention
Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation of human rights in all countries

High Assembly:

Every child’s life is being consciously attacked by a hilarious group of scientists at a Swiss town well known to many members of the United Nations – Geneva.

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Sep 24, 2011

Dear Sweet CERN – The World Knows About Your Good Intentions

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but now you question Einstein’s whole theory while continuing to refuse a scientific safety conference that could save the planet if he was right.

Were it not for the latter dark cloud, everyone would find this childish behavior cute — an ingenious plot.

Time is ripe to admit the long requested Einstein conference before the LHC can go on.

Everyone feels so now.