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Mar 31, 2012

I am the only person in History officially Declared “Infinitely Stupid”

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

For only under this condition could CERN afford to ignore the INFINITE DANGER which I had proved (in papers published in refereed scientific journals) to be attached to their igniting the upgraded LHC experiment.

This un-disproved danger a court advised to check with the following words: “The court expresses that it should be possible to let the various safety aspects, which also were the subject of the two safety reports from the years 2003 and 2008, be discussed within the scope of a safety conference”

[= translation of the ending of the Cologne Administrative Court’s German-language ruling of January 27, 2011: “Das Gericht gibt seiner Meinung Ausdruck, dass es möglich sein sollte, die unterschiedlichen Sicherheitsaspekte, die auch Gegenstand der beiden Sicherheitsberichte aus den Jahren 2003 und 2008 waren, im Rahmen einer ‘Sicherheitskonferenz‘ diskutieren zu lassen“,….A110100233 ; published July 30, 2011 on…ty-council ].

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Mar 26, 2012

Let me also Say a Good Word about CERN’s Homegrown Old “Safety Report”:

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White dwarfs were justly highlighted there…

These collapsed old stars in the galaxy have (with a finite fraction of their population at least) proved immune to the onslaught of nature’s own ultra-fast analogs to CERN’s anticipated artificial ultra-slow mini black holes. This fact imposes constraints on the level of danger imparted by the artificial ones on our earth if successfully produced there.

A white dwarf contains about 100.000 times the mass of earth at the latter’s volume. The fact that it remains unscathed has consequences for an artificial black hole that is slow enough not to fly away but stay inside earth to circulate there. It must circle 30.000 times at its near-Keplerian speed of 10 km/sec, in order to have equally many passages through nucleons, before it starts to grow. Since one full circling takes about 1 hour, 30.000 circlings make up 30.000 hours or about 1.000 days or 3 years. The increased residence time inside the passed-through nucleons (with their inherently ultrafast quark motions) reduces the equivalence time by a factor of perhaps 1.000 to the order of 1 day.

On the other hand, we need safety margins of perhaps 100 in view of the vast number of safe passages of ultrafast mini black holes during the lifetime of a white dwarf. Therefore, the exponential growth phase inside earth (miniminiquasar formation) can only begin after a delay of several months.

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Mar 24, 2012

CERN Cannot Continue the LHC Experiment

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

My danger-proving results concerning the safety of the LHC experiment were presented to CERN 4 years ago in the standard scientific format: First as preprints, then a few months later in July of 2008 as reprints of conference proceedings – the fastest possible method of scientific communication.

Today almost 4 years later, following publication in refereed journals, too, CERN continues to openly ignore the presented proof of danger. Witness the official countdown having reached 12 days until CERN’s upgraded LHC experiment officially continues its attempt to produce black holes.

In doing so, CERN officially ignores three scientific proofs regarding the hoped-for black holes:
(1) Black holes arise much more readily than expected, do not evaporate and are invisible to CERN’s detectors for their being uncharged.
(2) As soon as a sufficiently slow specimen is generated, it grows exponentially inside earth so as to shrink the planet to 2 cm after a few years’ time delay.
(3) The hoped-for black holes are not (as CERN claims against better knowledge) “proven innocuous” by the fact that nature’s own fast analogs must get stuck inside neutron stars in much the same way as an artificial one will get stuck inside earth. The reason the neutron stars are protected is solely the superfluidity of their cores.

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Mar 21, 2012

CERN Owes it to the Citizens from whom it Asks Support to be Frank, Honest and Informative

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Verbatim quote from Richard Feynman ( ) at minute 45:00:

NASA owes it to the citizens from whom it asks support to be frank, honest and informative so that those citizens can make the wisest decisions for the use of these limited resources. For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

Mar 17, 2012

How come All World Media are United in Covering-up the CERN?

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Lifeboat has had enough coverage across the globe and in different languages to alert all governments and media word-wide. There are major conflicts unresolved on the planet. The more surprising is the fact that all governments stand united against their own people in one respect:

The populace is not allowed to know that CERN, or the Europeans, are preparing to re-ignite a nuclear experiment to run it at five times last year’s output – even though the total risk to induce Armageddon by the successful production of miniature black holes is thereby raised by a factor of six, up to possibly 8 percent.

Ironically, CERN neither disputes that it can in principle generate black holes, nor that it cannot detect its own success at producing them, nor that the published proofs of danger are not being disputed by a single scientist on the planet claiming to do so.

Mar 13, 2012

The Neutron Star Paradox: Immunity to Micro Black Hole Capture

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I have on occasion used the term ‘the neutron star paradox’ amongst LHC safety critics to denote the existence of neutron stars, as micro black hole capture should invalidate their existence if micro black holes were stable, according to official safety reports. The oft used counter-argument being that of superfluidity, which I personally dismiss as bunkum (zero viscosity cannot slip and slide your way out from the dark side of an event horizon).

It would be more appropriate to consider the magnetic field of the neutron star such that cosmic rays are always deflected by the Lorentz force from such stars, or perhaps some solar wind type effect may do similar (though this has at least partly been argued against in safety assurance already). The alternative (and infinitely more plausible) explanation of course is that micro black holes (TeV scale, at least) do not exist, though dozens of papers on arXiv and other journals argue otherwise (and CERN scientists willfully anticipate the creation of approx. 10,000 of these over the course of LHC experiemnts). The slightly less plausible explanation is that Hawking Radiation Theory is actually effective, with the only other explanation being that MBH accretion models are flawed. Otherwise we would not have stable neutron stars in the Universe… they would all be black holes by now.

I thought I’d kick off a thread of discussion here — if anyone has the appetite to participate — on discussion of ‘The Neutron Star Paradox’, as you will see from my previous post on the flux of (hypothetical) stable micro black holes, this is quite central to LHC safety assurance.

Mar 12, 2012

Sub-Keplerian MBH: Planetary Heating or Eventual Accretion

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Hi All, I have now uploaded Rev 1.7 of my new short paper “Micro black holes — Exploring Terra Flux of Hypothetical Stable MBH Produced in Colliders Relative to Natural Cosmic Ray Exposure”:

Prompted by Prof O.E. Rossler’s recent publication of his Telemach theorem — but not dependant on it, this paper looks at the relative flux (km per km) of micro black holes through the Earth — if created by the LHC — when compared to the flux caused by cosmic ray collisions in nature. It endorses Otto’s viewpoint that if Telemach were correct, then safety assurance is solely based on the disputed neutron star & white dwarf safety arguments.

The focus of the paper however is that of relative flux — and a derived micro black hole flux ratio of almost a one million fold increase relative to that generated by natural cosmic ray collisions with the Earth. Furthermore, the alternative prospect to accretion in the case of such an elevated flux is planetary heating through Hawking Radiation — as explored by other research — a scenario in which the neutron star safety argument is irrelevant - as their survival does not prove/disprove anything in this outcome. Feedback as always welcome.

This derivation of flux is distinct from previous CERN statements which made direct comparisons to rates of collisions (a 10,000 fold increase during operations) - as I consider the flux of products as a function of kilometres of matter traversed — a more relevant metric.

Mar 11, 2012

Telemach + Shilnikov + Superfluidity: Three undismantled Findings Render CERN a Planet-eating Time Bomb

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[Disclaimer: This contribution does not reflect the views of the Lifeboat Foundation as with the scientific community in general, but individual sentiment — Web Admin]

It is an almost infinitely unlikely coincidence that three “colluding” results have emerged simultaneously which in their combination signal an infinite danger to the planet.

With so improbable a situation, it is not surprising that a giant group of scientists who invested their hearts’ blood into the experiment have resolved rather to (as an observer recently put it) take their own children hostage than let a safety conference evaluate the risk.

Every bus driver is ready to take his own children aboard – taking them hostage as it were. The good conscience displayed by CERN is disarming. CERN has the best of relations to Israel and to its sister organization UNO. The planetary press curfew akin to SCUN’s is hard-won. CERN’s legal immunity as a mini state equals UNO’s. No head of state can give orders to it and no member country can legally leave it (as Austria tried).

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Mar 8, 2012

A Friend Tells Me to Specify My Scientific Credentials

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I started to publish on general relativity in 1992 with about 20 papers to my credit since. I hereby brought in a differential-topological viewpoint, a sister field in which I have about 10 times more publications.

Chaos theory gives you a “feel” for nontrivial dynamical behavior. Poincaré had founded both disciplines and Birkhoff continued in both. My friend Edward Lorenz of chaos fame was a pupil of Birkhoff’s. The differential-topological perspective is in some respects broader than the differential-geometric one of traditional general relativity. Chaos theory in addition is a “barefoot science“ which allows important results to be gathered with simple geometrico-topological means and low-priced computers.

My most recent paper in the field, titled “Telemach,” is maximally simple but arrives at powerful consequences (including several new unit actions in physics). Two of its 3 new elements had already been seen by other authors. It moreover simplifies a sophisticated result obtained 5 years ago in the context of the Schwarzschild metric of general relativity; It toppled the venerable law of charge conservation in physics. I owe the simpler derivation in part to a fruitful conversation with my colleague Hermann Nicolai three years ago. It was he who opened up my eyes to the power of the new charge non-conservation in physics.

The main Tübingen insight in general relativity arose in a course held jointly with Dieter Fröhlich in 1997: If clocks are slower-ticking on a lower floor in gravity as known, what about the topology of the “1-D map” formed by light rays shuttling back and forth between two different height levels: is it chaotic (non-unique) or is it just a bijection? The latter answer – no chaos – took us by surprise. In its wake we slowly accumulated “neighboring” results. The latter proved to hold true even in the context of Einstein’s earliest seminal insight – the equivalence principle – which now is Telemach’s home.

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Mar 7, 2012

Telemach Implies:

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1) No Hawking radiation
2) No point charges
3) No Ur-meter, Ur-kilogram, Ur-unit-charge
4) No gravitational-waves equation
5) No Reissner-Nordström metric
6) No Kerr metric
7) No wormholes
8) No singularities
9) No big bang, cosmic background, inflation, cold dark matter, cosmological constant
10) An eternally recycling cosmos

Three consequences follow in order of increasing importance:
i) The raw data of the Planck mission must be rescued from adaptation to outdated dogma
ii) The LHC experiment must be stopped imediately since its sensors are blind to earth-eating black holes generated there
iii) This is the planet of the apes (orangutans are the highest hominid intelligence according to the brain equation of 1974) – so please, be careful. Only humans can be kind so far