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Oct 12, 2012

The Kline Directive: Safety Awareness

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To achieve interstellar travel, the Kline Directive instructs us to be bold, to explore what others have not, to seek what others will not, to change what others dare not. To extend the boundaries of our knowledge, to advocate new methods, techniques and research, to sponsor change not status quo, on 5 fronts:

1. Legal Standing. 2. Safety Awareness. 3. Economic Viability. 4. Theoretical-Empirical Relationship. 5. Technological Feasibility.

In this post I will explore Safety Awareness.

In the heady rush to propose academically acceptable ideas about new propulsions systems or star drives it is very easy to overlook safety considerations. The eminent cosmologist Carl Sagan said it best “So the problem is not to shield the payload, the problem is to shield the earth” (Planet. Space Sci., pp. 485 – 498, 1963)

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Oct 12, 2012

The Telemach Theorem impacts on the Anticipated Black Hole Formation at CERN

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The Telemach theorem rests on Einstein’s 1907 work on the essence of gravity. It retains its grip on the most derived equations found in later years. The famous clock slowdown in gravity (of our own clocks down here compared to the clocks in the high-flying GPS-satellites) acquires three corollaries under the impact of quantum mechanics. Hence equally unnoticeable to us, all local lengths are expanded downstairs by the very same factor. And all local masses are decreased by the very same factor. And, owing to the constant ratios between mass and charge valid for the different particle classes, all charges are reduced by the very same factor down here. Thus, Time and Length and Mass and Charge are affected equally strongly. The result is easy to remember by recalling the name of Ulysses’ son: Telemach(us). Unfortunately, the theorem totally upsets the properties of black holes. The latter suddenly arise much more easily than hoped for in a famous ongoing experiment designed to produce them here on earth – and they simultaneously turn out to be invisible to CERN’s detectors. And once a specimen happens to be slow enough to stay inside earth, it eventually will settle down to grow due to a self-enhancing capturing effect exerted on quarks and leptons. While at first the pace of growth is ridiculously slow, problem is that this is an exponential process like compound interest. Every gain remains minute for quite a while but suddenly, there is this famous “knee” in the curve after but a few years’ time. Subsequently, earth is a 2-cm black hole that keeps the moon on its course by virtue of its unmitigated gravity. Up until now, no physicist was able to invalidate the theorem. The Cologne Administrative Court therefore gave the advice to hold a “safety conference” before continuing. This was on January 27, 2011. The greatest leap forward in the attempted production rate of black holes takes place these very days.


Oct 10, 2012

No one contradicts Me …

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… when I point to my published scientific finding that our own slower-ticking clocks down here on earth – compared to their twins installed in those high-flying G.P.S. satellites – are, apart from being slowed, also enlarged, mass-reduced and charge-reduced by the same factor.

This T-L-M-Ch theorem is a corollary to Einstein’s “happiest thought.” As long as it stays un-refuted, as it does for 5 years, no one on earth contradicts the conclusion that BLACK HOLES possess radically new properties. Hence the ongoing attempt at producing them on earth needs to be stopped immediately.

Greece could ingratiate the planet by her immediately convoking the “safety conference” suggested by a court on January 27, 2011. Humankind owes science to Greece as everyone knows. If today, Greece takes up the named suggestion (made by the Cologne Administrative Court), every mother on the planet will praise her for a whole new reason while the debts incurred by Greece will be considered a privilege to shoulder by the world community at large.

ZEYS SOTHP – Greece our savior

Oct 4, 2012

How do you debunk this?

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Previous post in this Debunking Series.


This video was broadcast on G4TV, September 19th 2012.…g-science/

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Oct 2, 2012

The Ontological Einstein – Minipaper

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The Ontological Einstein – One to Four

Otto E. Rossler and Dieter Fröhlich, Faculty of Science, University of Tübingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, 72076 Tubingen, Germany

One: Ontological clock slow-down downstairs in gravity

Two: Ontological rest-mass decrease downstairs in gravity

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Sep 27, 2012

T.O.E. – The Ontological Einstein

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The Ontological Einstein: “Vertical Twin-clocks Paradox Implies reversible Change of Size, Rest-mass and Charge”

by Professor Otto E. Rossler, Chaos Researcher, University of Tubingen, Germany


The ordinary (horizontal) twin-clocks paradox described by Einstein in 1905 objectively transports a younger twin into the future as is well known. This is a tangible miracle.

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Sep 25, 2012

Let me Put the Responsibility on the most Respected Person: Ban Ki-Moon

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The profile of the most powerful man on earth is rising. I cordially ask him to support the necessity of a black-hole conference. If the new constant-c interpretation of general relativity is correct as no one publicly denies, CERN is each day trying to produce black holes that its detectors are blind to and that with a sizable probability will shrink the planet to 2 cm within a short time (5 percent?, ten years?).

A decision not to check on an extant proof of danger is one of the few acts taken by an individual or a group that is never justified. I ask the General Secretary of the United Nations to tell the planet why he backs the stance of the Security Council of the United Nations not to request clarification.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear revered Secretary General,

Professor Otto E. Rossler, Chaos Researcher, University of Tubingen, Germany

Sep 9, 2012

Open Letter to CERN

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Dear CERN:

I love you as only a scientist can love the biggest scientific institution on earth. My proposal how to stabilize the ITER (a still larger big-science experiment than your LHC) so it can produce unlimited usable energy for the planet, just got published. I very much cherish high tech whenever it serves humankind.

This attitude of mine notwithstanding, I have been asking you in public for 4 ½ years to, please, falsify some other results which prove that your LHC experiment is jeopardizing the planet on a maximally short term basis. Specifically, I showed in mounting detail that the black holes that you are trying to produce in the LHC, (i) arise much more readily than hoped for, (ii) are invisible to your superb detectors, and (iii) are going to grow exponentially once gotten stuck inside matter (so as to shrink the earth to two centimeters in perhaps ten years’ time).

As you know, I dearly hope that the result can be shown to be false at a critical junction. Anyone who succeeds in doing so is your closest ally. However, as long as this aim is waiting to be achieved, I continue being your only ally. All other apparent allies who support your strategy of non-updating your 4 ½ years old safety report are your worst enemies. They have good reason never to show their face in public. Anyone who is opposed to the danger being disproved is obviously not your friend.

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Sep 2, 2012

Complexity decomplexified (Lifeboat Preprint)

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Complexity decomplexified: A List of 200 Results Encountered over 55 Years

Otto E. Rossler

Faculty of Science, University of Tubingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, 72076 Tubingen, Germany


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Aug 30, 2012

The 8 Reasons CERN Upholds for Continuing its Black-hole Onslaught

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1) Hawking radiation — that the produced mini black holes would immediately evaporate

2) Chargedness — that they would get stuck immediately and hence as everyone can see do no harm

3) Competence — that CERN’s detectors could register them

4) Unlikeliness — that an unproven theory (string theory) was a precondition for CERN’s being successful

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