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Nov 25, 2022

Fusion energy is one step closer thanks to developments in China, according to Chinese state media

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According to state media, Chinese scientists are now in a position to supply critical parts for the planned International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project.

According to the south china morning post.

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Nov 21, 2022

Russia, U.S. to hold first talks under nuclear treaty since Ukraine war —State Dept

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WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) — The United States and Russia are expected to meet soon and discuss resuming inspections under the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty that have been paused since before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a daily press briefing, Price said the bilateral consultative commission (BCC), the mechanism for implementation of the last remaining arms control agreement between the world’s two largest nuclear powers, will meet “in the near future.”

Russia in August suspended cooperation with inspections under the treaty, blaming travel restrictions imposed by Washington and its allies over Moscow’s February invasion of Ukraine, but said it was still committed to complying with the provisions of the treaty.

Nov 19, 2022

Why This Breakthrough AI Now Runs A Nuclear Fusion Reactor | New AI Supercomputer

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Deep Learning AI Specialization:
Nuclear fusion researchers have created a machine learning AI algorithm to detect and track the existence of plasma blobs that build up inside the tokamak for prediction of plasma disruption, the diagnosis of plasma using spectroscopy and tomography, and the tracking of turbulence inside of the fusion reactor. New AI supercomputer with over 13.5 million processor cores and over 1 exaflop of compute power made be Cerebras. A new study reveals an innovative neuro-computational model of the human brain which could lead to the creation of conscious AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI).

AI News Timestamps:
0:00 Breakthrough AI Runs A Nuclear Fusion Reactor.
3:07 New AI Supercomputer.
6:19 New Brain Model For Conscious AI

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Nov 18, 2022

Latest Webb image shows what our Sun looked like as a baby protostar

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Webb’s NIRCam instrument recently captured this detailed image of the cloudy region around a very young protostar called L1527. Only about 100,000 years old, L1527 isn’t a star yet: it hasn’t fully pulled itself into a proper, stable sphere, and it hasn’t piled on enough mass to kickstart nuclear fusion and start pumping out its own energy. It’s more like “a small, hot, and puffy clump of gas, somewhere between 20 percent and 40 percent the mass of our Sun,” according to the European Space Agency.

But as the latest Webb photos reveal, the young protostar is making an ambitious start.

Nov 15, 2022

Why Nuclear Fusion is Closer Than You Think

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Why nuclear fusion may be the future of energy. Visit to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. Fusion energy is considered by many as the holy grail for supplying all of our clean electricity needs. However, the old joke is that nuclear fusion is always 30 years away, no matter what advances or promises are made. But now there are several privately funded startups that are accelerating nuclear fusion development with the ultimate goal of commercializing electricity production much sooner than you might think possible. There’s a lot of interesting developments and news around these companies to sift through. What makes each of these companies’ fusion promises unique compared to what’s come before? And will they finally break that 30 year curse?

Watch The Future of Solid State Wind Energy — No More Blades

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Nov 15, 2022

Could micro nuclear reactors be the future of nuclear energy?

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Things can always get smaller.

That might also be true for one of our much-debated energy sources. Even though experts claim that nuclear energy is a reliable and sustainable energy source, the nuclear energy debate continues, with small-scale nuclear reactors being developed around the world. They are said to be a safer and less expensive form of nuclear power. On the other hand, full-scale nuclear reactors are large, expensive, and take a long time to build, and making them smaller, portable, cheaper, and safer could ensure that solar, wind, and hydro are not getting all the attention.

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Nov 15, 2022

Limitless nuclear fusion energy is one step closer thanks to burning plasma experiment

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We could be a step closer to the commercially viable production of limitless nuclear fusion energy.

A group of nuclear fusion researchers at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) achieved self-heating “burning plasma” for the first time ever in January, bringing commercially viable nuclear fusion one step closer.

Now, a new analysis of the plasma, published in a paper in the journal Nature Physics, reveals surprising new details that could help the scientific community finally achieve the holy grail of nuclear fusion — net energy production.

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Nov 14, 2022

Nuclear fusion reactions create unexpectedly high-energy particles

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Burning plasma fusion reactions, thought to be crucial for building working fusion reactors, are producing more high-energy particles than researchers expected. Solving the mystery of why could be key to making fusion viable.

Nov 14, 2022

New Technologies that May be in the Cards

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Every day brings us new technological advances, today we’ll explore many of those of such as robotics, automation, rapid delivery, education, medical science, nanotechnology, and more.

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Nov 11, 2022

US observed Russian navy preparing for possible test of nuclear-powered torpedo

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The US observed Russian naval vessels preparing for a possible test of a new nuclear-powered torpedo in recent weeks, a senior US official with direct knowledge told CNN.

Among the vessels which took part in the preparations was the Belgorod, a cruise missile submarine modified for special operations that is able to launch unmanned underwater vehicles including the Poseidon torpedo.

In the last week, the vessels were observed leaving the testing area in the Arctic Sea and heading back to port without carrying out a test. The US believes the Russians may have encountered technical difficulties.

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