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Sep 6, 2022

Can a Seattle Start-Up Launch a Fusion Reactor Into Space?

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Practical nuclear fusion is, famously, always 10 years in the future. Except that the Pentagon recently gave an award to a tiny startup to launch a fusion power system into space in just five.

There is no shortage of organizations, from VC-backedstartups to nation states, trying to realize the dream of cheap, clean, and reliable power from nuclear fusion. But Avalanche Energy Designs, based near a Boeing facility in Seattle, is even more ambitious. It is working on modular “micro fusion packs,” small enough to hold in your hand yet capable of powering everything from electric cars to spaceships.

Last month, the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) announced it had awarded Avalanche an unspecified sum to develop its Orbitron fusion device to generate either heat or electricity, with the aim of powering a high-efficiency propulsion system aboard a prototype satellite in 2027. The contract to Avalanche was one of two awarded by the DIU—the second going to Seattle-based Ultra Safe Nuclear for development of its radioisotope battery.

Sep 5, 2022

Center for Radiation Chemistry Research takes a forgotten science into the future

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Now, as a new generation of nuclear reactor designers develop advanced molten salt reactor concepts as an alternative for providing reliable, sustainable, carbon-free power, the need for radiation chemistry has never been greater.

To meet that need, Idaho National Laboratory’s Center for Radiation Chemistry Research has developed a capability that supports the nuclear energy industry by researching radiation-induced effects in advanced reactors, fuels, coolants, materials and fuel recycling technologies while also training the next generation of radiation chemists.

Sep 3, 2022

EDF to restart all its nuclear reactors this winter

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PARIS, Sept 2 (Reuters) — French state-owned utility EDF will restart all its nuclear reactors, more than half of which are now closed for maintenance or technical issues, this winter, France’s Energy Minister said on Friday.

Pannier-Runacher spoke after President Emmanuel Macron held a special cabinet meeting to address the country’s energy supply situation, coordinate efforts to reduce consumption, and prepare contingency plans in case the country faces a shortage.

“EDF has committed to restart all its reactors for this winter,” Agnes Pannier-Runacher told a news conference.

Sep 2, 2022

China’s mysterious space nuclear reactor allegedly can power 10 International Space Stations

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Little is known about the specifications of the project, but it is edging closer.

Last november, south china morning post.

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Sep 1, 2022

1.7 billion years ago, Earth had a natural nuclear reactor

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Planets can create nuclear power on their own, naturally, without any intelligence or technology. Earth already did: 1.7 billion years ago.

Sep 1, 2022

Elon Musk’s New Nuclear Rocket SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

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Power is life, whether in the void or on another planet far from Earth.
Therefore, the use of nuclear energy and a constant, powerful supply of.
electricity has the potential to speed up, improve, and lower the cost of.
interplanetary travel.
The NASA-supported SpaceX nuclear rocket technology may be the way of.
the future for space travel. It might significantly shorten journey times to far
off locations, improve launch flexibility, and make astronaut safety.
throughout spaceflight. Additionally, it might reduce the likelihood of hostile.
attacks against satellites.
What is this space technology, and how does it work?
Join us as we explore how SpaceX’s insane new nuclear Starship shocked the.
entire space industry.

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Aug 31, 2022

Kazakhstan’s first NPP to be an international project

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“In June, our delegation was in South Korea, in July we went to France. Negotiations are ongoing with Chinese suppliers. Based on the results of an in-depth study of international experience, nuclear technology suppliers will be involved. I repeat, this will be an international project,” he reaffirmed, adding that the results of this experience is under study.

“In principle, the construction of a nuclear power plant is a long process, it takes about eight years. Without nuclear power, we will not be able to ensure energy security for ourselves… We will need such generation — the whole world is moving towards decarbonisation. We must move to clean technologies, and nuclear generation is the answer to the challenge of the times,” he stressed.

He stressed that the safety of NPP operation is of paramount importance. “We will choose the technology that is the safest, and those suppliers who can complete all the work in a timely manner. Related areas of our economy will also develop around this industry. There will be a big positive effect on the development of our country as a whole.”

Aug 30, 2022

Nuclear Fusion Is No Longer Science Fiction

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This could modernize the entire power grid with near-limitless energy.

Since scientists first demonstrated nuclear power 70 years ago, the second stage of nuclear power has remained just beyond our fingertips: nuclear fusion power. While promising, the ETA on the technology required to develop and build viable nuclear fusion has remained decades away.

Until now. Probably.

Aug 30, 2022

New Magnet is Powerful Enough to Lift an Aircraft Carrier

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Less than a week after a Bill Gates-backed MIT startup announced it had successfully tested a massive magnet that could allow them to achieve “net energy” with their nuclear fusion reactor, scientists at France’s International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) received the first part of another huge magnet, an AP report explains.

That magnet is so strong that its American manufacturer claims it can lift an aircraft carrier. When it is fully assembled it will be almost 60 feet (20 meters) tall and 14 feet (over four meters) in diameter, and it could be the key to providing practically limitless energy via nuclear fusion.

Aug 28, 2022

Want a Good Reason to Capture Carbon Dioxide? — Use It to Power the Electrical Grid

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Steam turbines could be replaced by pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) closed-loop systems to spin turbines.

Steam turbines in thermal power generation are today’s standard. But pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) in a closed-loop system could do the job. Supercritical CO2 acting as both a liquid and a gas under extreme pressure would provide the impetus to spin a turbine. Using supercritical CO2 may prove to be far more efficient than steam to provide emissions-free power to the electrical grid. Energy input coming from renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, as well as nuclear power, or even gas or coal-fired thermal energy power plants with accompanying carbon capture technology could be combined with this technology to be an effective addition to energy utilities.

Recently researchers at the Sandia National Laboratory Kirtland Air Force Base in the United States demonstrated a closed-loop Brayton Cycle engine technology as it delivered power to the electrical grid continuously. Sandia has been working with the Brayton Cycle technology for power generation for some time now because it is seen as having significant energy conversion advantages over conventional steam turbines by as much as 50%.

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