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Dec 14, 2023

China’s Military Linked to Cyber Infiltration of US Essential Services: Report

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• The Chinese military is reportedly increasing its attempts to infiltrate essential infrastructure, utilities, communication, and transportation services in the U.S., according to anonymous U.S. officials and cybersecurity experts.

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Dec 13, 2023

Wild new NASA plasma tech reduces drag during hypersonic flight

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According to a notice the agency posted on the government contracting portal on Thursday (Dec. 7), the technology was developed by researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia and has been studied for use in a simulated entry into Neptune’s atmosphere. A separate 2021 study of the same technology studied it for use in the atmosphere of Mars.

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The agency claims its MHD system is “simpler than conventional methods for control of hypersonic craft (e.g., chemical propulsion, shifting flight center of gravity, or trim tabs) and enables new entry, descent, and landing mission architectures.”

Dec 12, 2023

SpaceX Military Starship: Progress, Collaboration, Revenue, Competition, and Design Errors

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SpaceX is making progress at Starbase, collaborating with the US Transportation Command and Air Force, potentially becoming a major source of revenue, while also facing potential competition from Relativity Space, and experiencing design errors but still managing to save samples.

Questions to inspire discussion.

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Dec 11, 2023

Creating an Audio “Hallucination”

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Producing fake sound reflections that simulate the presence or absence of an object could allow the military to hide assets underwater.

A hologram plate simulates the presence of a three-dimensional object by reflecting the appropriate light waves. Now researchers have demonstrated an equivalent behavior with sound by precisely mimicking the acoustic pattern scattered from an object [1]. The technique could be useful in military efforts to hide or disguise underwater objects, or it may be useful in modifying the reflected sounds of objects so that they are easier to identify by people with impaired vision.

The sound waves reflected from an object can be used to reconstruct its position and shape, an idea routinely exploited in sonar and ultrasound imaging. In principle, using similar concepts, a cleverly produced pattern of scattered waves streaming out of a small region could signify that an object is present when it is not. Several recent attempts to realize such “acoustic cloning” have been unsuccessful because of limitations in recording the precise pattern of waves an object reflects, a necessary preliminary step.

Dec 11, 2023

IHMC’s Nadia: A task-ready humanoid robot with a boxing edge

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In the exercise, an engineer equipped with a set of virtual reality (VR) goggles is orchestrating the robot’s actions.

Advanced proposition.

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Dec 8, 2023

The Pentagon is moving toward letting AI weapons autonomously decide to kill humans

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The use of drones capable of deciding whether to kill humans is alarming critics.

Dec 8, 2023

Why is the US ramping up production of plutonium ‘pits’ for nuclear weapons?

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The Pentagon is concerned about the US nuclear arsenal’s viability, but critics worry about a renewed arms race.

Dec 8, 2023

Space Development Agency aims high for 2024 after strong 2023 start

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WASHINGTON — The Space Development Agency has set its sights on an ambitious launch schedule for 2024 following two successful launches this year that marked steady progress for the fledgling U.S. Space Force agency.

“Starting next September, it’s an 11-launch campaign over 11 months, one launch a month,” SDA Director Derek Tournear said Dec. 7 at a National Security Space Association online forum.

SDA is developing a network of satellites known as the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture — a large constellation of lower-cost, mass-produced satellites in low Earth orbit. This is different from the traditional DoD approach of using small numbers of expensive, highly-customized satellites.

Dec 7, 2023

Stealing fire from the gods: Artificial Intelligence and the evolution of thought

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The feeling that we belong to something much larger and deeper than ourselves has long been a common human experience. Palaeontologist and Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin wrote about “a noosphere” of cognitive realisation evolving towards an “Omega point” of divine planetary spiritualisation. But it is hard to envisage that ever occurring. It is easier to envisage that we belong in an evolving intelligent power that has entered a momentous posthuman dimension though artificial intelligence.

Some futurists believe we are on the way to realising a posthuman world in which we will live on as cyborgs, or in some new embodiment of intelligent power that will absorb and supersede human intelligence. It is no longer fanciful to foresee a future in which we will have everyday interactions with androids that are powered by artificial general intelligence. They will look, move, and seem to think and respond like a human person, be skilled in simulating emotional responses realistically, and greatly out-perform us in mental activities and manual tasks. It may be we will regard them only as tools or mechanical assistants. But from their expression of human-like behaviours we may become attached to them, even to the extent of according them rights. Their design will have to ensure they don’t carry any threat, but will we be able to trust fully that this will remain the case given their technical superiority? And how far can we trust that the military, malicious groups, and rogue states won’t develop androids trained to kill people and destroy property? We know only too well about our human propensity for violent conflict.

It would be ironic if, to gain more power and control over the world, we used our human intelligence to create AI systems and devices which, for all the benefits they bring, end up managing our lives to our detriment, or even controlling us. And irony, as Greek dramatists were well aware, is often a component of fate.

Dec 5, 2023

AUKAS allies plan AI-power to pinpoint China’s stealth submarines

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Under a new announcement, AUKUS members have unveiled their plans to make use of advanced AI to hunt for Chinese submarines.

Took-ranch/Wikimedia Commons.

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