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Feb 1, 2023

The World Is Amazed by the First Organic Modular Body

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The world has witnessed many bizarre things, but seeing a biological body devoid of life become functional with the help of technology is a totally new tale. OSCAR, a living being formed from human cells, was born. Cornelis Vlasman is the protagonist, a talented biologist who believes that the path less trodden is, by definition, the least interesting. He creates his own laboratory with a few like-minded people, where he experiments with organic materials on his own initiative, with his own resources, and with his own crew.

After many years of hard labor, Vlasman’s team is successful in creating new life from cells collected from his own body. Under his guidance, OSCAR, the world’s first living organism, is being built. OSCAR is a human-sized prototype built with interactive organ modules created from human cells.

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Jan 29, 2023

Macroscopic laser pulling based on the Knudsen force in rarefied gas

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Optical pulling is an attractive concept due to the counterintuitive feature, the profound mechanism underneath and promising applications. In recent ten years, optical pulling of micro-nano objects have been fully demonstrated. However, optical pulling of a macroscopic object is challenging. Herein, laser pulling of a macroscopic object is presented in rarefied gas. The pulling force is originated from the Kundsen force when a gauss laser beam irradiates a macroscopic structure composed of the absorptive bulk cross-linked graphene material and a SiO2 layer. A torsional pendulum device qualitatively presents the laser pulling phenomenon. A gravity pendulum device was used to further measure the pulling force that is more than three orders of magnitudes larger than the radiation pressure. This work expands the scope of optical pulling from microscale to macroscale and provides an effective technique approach for macroscopic optical manipulations.

Jan 26, 2023

Asteroid mining: SpaceX will help a startup launch operations in 2023

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The space tech startup, AstroForge, hopes to complete two proof-of-concept missions this year using SpaceX rockets.

In what might be a groundbreaking moment in space industry history, a new startup plans to launch not one but two space missions this year. This might not sound like a big deal, but the company wants to go into space to find and use minerals from asteroids and other deep-space objects.

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Jan 26, 2023

Watch a sea cucumber-inspired shapeshifting robot escape jail

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It can even liquefy and move through small spaces, just like T-1000 in Terminator 2.

An international team of scientists created sea cucumber-inspired miniature robots that can quickly shift between liquid and solid states.

They built the new robots with a material they dubbed a “magnetoactive solid-liquid phase transitional machine.” The robots are also magnetic and can conduct electricity, as per a press release.

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Jan 26, 2023

Scientists develop new material that can jump 200 times its thickness

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Jan 22, 2023

Two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

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Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) represent a large family of layered semiconductor materials of the type MX2, with M a transition metal atom (Mo, W, etc.) and X a chalcogen atom (S, Se, or Te). One layer of M atoms is sandwiched between two layers of X atoms.

Jan 21, 2023

A superconducting quantum simulator based on a photonic-bandgap metamaterial

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A superconducting qubit-metamaterial system creates a scalable lattice quantum simulator.

Jan 19, 2023

A breakthrough system can see through walls

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The method detects all the objects in the room and cancels out the static objects.

Researchers have been working on ways to “see” people without using cameras or expensive LiDAR hardware for years. In 2013, a team of researchers at MIT found a way to use cell phone signals to see through walls. In 2018, another MIT team used WiFi to detect people in another room and translate their movements into walking stick figures. Now, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Waterloo are advancing our ability to see through walls using WiFi.


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Jan 18, 2023

Why does Roman concrete last so much longer than ours?

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Roman concrete has mostly stood the test of time. The Pantheon for example was dedicated in 128 CE and has the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome. Today, it’s still intact.

Even some ancient Roman aqueducts still deliver water to Rome.

On the other hand – In your town or city you probably have at least one piece of brutalist architecture. Big in the 50s and 60s, these now controversial concrete structures were considered utilitarian and long lasting. Yet today, without restoration, some of these reinforced concrete buildings have begun to crumble.

Jan 17, 2023

A black hole devoured a star and created a Solar System-sized donut

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New Hubble Space Telescope readings show the last moments of a star before it’s devoured by a black hole.

Astronomers used NASA’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope to record detailed observations of a star’s final moments before it was torn apart by a black hole.

As per a NASA blog post, the astronomers used Hubble to focus on the immense gravitational impact on the dying star.

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