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Jul 31, 2023

Healing Power of Light: Biomimetic Materials Pulsed With Low-Energy Blue Light Can Reshape Damaged Corneas

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A new study reveals that biomimetic materials, when pulsed with low-energy blue light, can reshape damaged corneas, including increasing their thickness. The findings have the potential to affect millions of people.

A team of University of Ottawa researchers and their collaborators have uncovered the immense potential of an injectable biomaterial that is triggered by low-energy blue light pulses for immediate repair of the eye’s domed outer layer.

Following a design approach guided by biomimicry—innovation that takes inspiration from nature—the multidisciplinary researchers’ compelling results show that a novel light-activated material can be used to effectively reshape and thicken damaged corneal tissue, promoting healing and recovery.

Jul 31, 2023

James Cameron says deep-sea mining is safer than getting in an elevator

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His comments come a month after a submersible imploded killing all five passengers on board.

Titanic Director James Cameron, who has completed over 75 deep-sea dives, has strongly supported deep-sea mining. This controversial activity involves extracting valuable materials beyond 200 meters of seawater.

It’s a significant concern among a growing number of nations. Even the global regulatory body on deep-sea extraction, International Seabed Authority (ISA), met in Jamaica to negotiate and formulate rules for the activity. But in what came as a relief to the environmentalists, ISA’s discussions ended with a big no to industrial-scale mining.

Jul 31, 2023

Meet the Autonomous Lab of the Future

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To accelerate development of useful new materials, researchers are building a new kind of automated lab that uses robots guided by artificial intelligence.

“Our vision is using AI to discover the materials of the future,” said Yan Zeng, a staff scientist leading the A-Lab at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). The “A” in A-Lab is deliberately ambiguous, standing for artificial intelligence (AI), automated, accelerated, and abstracted, among others.

Scientists have computationally predicted hundreds of thousands of novel materials that could be promising for new technologies – but testing to see whether any of those materials can be made in reality is a slow process. Enter A-Lab, which can process 50 to 100 times as many samples as a human every day and use AI to quickly pursue promising finds.

Jul 30, 2023

Infineon Is Using Circuit Boards That Can Be Recycled Using Hot Water

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Germany’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon Technologies, is using printed circuit boards (PCB) that can easily be recycled by immersing them in hot water.

Infineon is experimenting with a biodegradeable PCB developed by UK start-up Jiva Materials. It’s called Soluboard and is manufactured from natural fibers, a number of other biodegradeable ingredients, and a halogen-free polymer. The finished board is as flame retardant as other PCB substrates on the market today.

When Soluboard is immersed in warm water the polymer dissolves and the layers of the composite material delaminate, which allows the fibers to be composted and the “remaining solution” can be safely disposed of just like waste water. The additional benefit of these PCBs is the way in which they breakdown (see the image below), allowing 90% of the components attached to a board to be reclaimed and then either reused or recycled.

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Jul 29, 2023

Wood-munching fungi can break down common type of plastic

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Fungi isolated from rotting hardwood trees can break down sheets of low-density polyethylene, one of the most abundant plastics on Earth.

By Chen Ly

Jul 28, 2023

TSMC inaugurates Global R&D Center to explore new materials and transistor architecture research

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TSMC inaugurates its Global Research and Development Center, a building it proclaimed as the ‘Bell Labs in Taiwan’ in Hsinchu on July 28. The building will house more than 7,000 R&D talents of the company to develop cutting-edge 2 nm, 1.4 nm, and even more advanced semiconductor technologies in new materials and transister architectures.

Jul 28, 2023

Scientists might have made the ‘biggest physics discovery of a lifetime’ — or not

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Scientists have claimed to make a breakthrough that would be “one of the holy grails of modern physics” – but experts have urged caution about the results.

In recent days, many commentators have become excited by two papers that claim to document the production of a new superconductor that works at room temperature and ambient pressure. Scientists in Korea said they had synthesised a new material called LK-99 that would represent one of the biggest physics breakthroughs of recent decades.

Superconductors are a special kind of material where electrical resistance vanishes, and which throw out magnetic fields. They are widely useful, including in the production of powerful magnets and in reducing the amount of energy lost as it moves through circuits.

Jul 28, 2023

Glass-coated DNA is 4x stronger but 5x less dense than steel

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This is according to a report by the institution published on Tuesday.

The strongest material ever known

“For the given density, our material is the strongest known,” said Seok-Woo Lee, a materials scientist at UConn.

Jul 28, 2023

Scientists look with suspicion as another study claims room-temperature superconductor

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But in a development that is creating a lot of buzz, and at the same time a bit of suspicion from the scientific community, a team of Korean researchers have claimed that they have created a superconductor capable of conducting electricity perfectly at room temperature and ambient pressure.

Jul 27, 2023

Look inside the world’s largest 3D-printed neighborhood in Texas

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The world’s largest community of 3D-printed homes is being built in Texas — and the neighborhood just unveiled its first completed house.

With walls “printed” using a concrete-based material, the single-story structure is the first of 100 such homes set to welcome residents starting September.

The community is part of a wider development in Georgetown, Texas called Wolf Ranch. It’s located about 30 miles north of Austin, the state capital, and is a collaboration between Texas construction firm ICON, homebuilding company Lennar and Danish architecture practice Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

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