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Feb 22, 2016

Terence Mckenna’s ‘cyberdelic’ predictions for Virtual Reality 25 years on

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Cannot wait to hear Mckenna’s perspective on BMIs for brain connection to all things digital, and microbots used to extend life as well as bionic body parts.

Famed psychonaut Terence Mckenna envisioned a very radical approach of bridging psychedelics with virtual reality to create a supercharged version of consciousness in which language, or rather the meaning behind what we speak, could be made visual in front of our very eyes.

In Mckenna’s “cyberdelic” future of virtual reality, artists and the revival of art, would be at the forefront of innovation, according to a talk he gave to a German audience in 1991.

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Feb 22, 2016

Water bear don’t care: watch these tardigrades wake up after being frozen for 30 years

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And act like nothing happened.

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Feb 22, 2016

TAME | Tell Congress to Fund Critical Healthspan Research

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Help start a revolution in heathcare!

Sign onto our new letter of support and let your Senator know — the time is NOW to fund the first ever FDA approved research to target ALL the diseases of aging at once.

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Feb 21, 2016

Global Healthspan Policy Institute Photo

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Global Healthspan Policy Institute added a new photo.

35 mins ·.

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Feb 21, 2016

Fountain of Youth? Russian Scientists Discover a Possible Cure for Aging

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“Many doctors believe that #aging is a disease and can therefore be cured,” and Russian scientists may prove it right! #medicine

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Feb 20, 2016

How genetics regulate ageing

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“Finding that GDF11 levels are under genetic control is of significant interest. Since it is under genetic control, we can find the genes responsible for GDF11 levels and its changes with age,” said the study’s senior author Rob Pazdro, assistant professor at University of Georgia in the US.

Scientists have shown that a hormone instrumental in the ageing process is under genetic control, introducing a new mechanism by which genetics regulate ageing and disease.

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Feb 20, 2016

Now this is an “outsider candidate”: Zoltan Istvan, a Transhumanist running for president, wants to make you immortal

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A story from Salon on transhumanism:

While we have a rare combination of candidates with a real chance of taking the White House — a woman, a Jewish socialist and a real estate magnate — there’s another you probably haven’t heard about: a Transhumanist.

Zoltan Istvan, 43, the leader and founder of the Transhumanist party, has entered the race as a third-party candidate promising the “facilitation of immortality.” Istvan, who lives in California, first made headlines when he set out on a cross-country campaign tour in a bus shaped like a hearse last September. His main philosophy: enliven America’s technological advancement by combining humans with machines, to improve and prolong life.

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Feb 20, 2016

Ray Kurzweil: Why We Should Live Forever

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“I believe our civilization is going to be vastly more intelligent in the decades ahead,” Kurzweil told Time. “You can argue how we got here, but we are the species that goes beyond our limitations. We didn’t stay on the ground. We didn’t stay on the planet. Our species always transcends.”

The famous inventor and tech pundit shares a few words on why he thinks humans will soon live forever.

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Feb 19, 2016

The Major Mouse Testing Program

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What is the MMTP? The MMTP is an ambitious project, designed to radically speed up the rate of progress in the field of regenerative medicine and aging research.

The project is the brainchild of our parent organisation, The International Longevity Alliance, a nonprofit foundation for science advocacy and research. The testing and discovery of compounds and treatments to delay or stop the processes of aging is a slow affair, with very few high quality, high impact studies conducted each year.

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Feb 18, 2016

Welcome to Major Mouse Testing Project

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The MMTP needs your support!

Have you ever considered your destiny may depend upon, you personally? And beyond that, have you considered the destiny of many others may depend upon your actions? People who have changed the world, didn’t have any doubts that the future depended on their actions. Scientists, businessmen and famous public figures didn’t wait until someone did something important for the world. They took responsibility for what was happening around and acted, despite all the difficulties. Are you ready to become such a person? Maybe you too have always wanted to make a significant difference, but didn’t know where to begin? So spend a moment to read the information below.

Today there is a unique project being prepared by a group of scientists, activists and other like minded people from many countries. A project which will give us the opportunity to rescue millions of people from future suffering. The project brings the fight against aging to a global level. Each day people suffer and die from the many diseases associated with aging. Researchers worldwide are engaged in a valiant effort to save countless lives in the near future.

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