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Mar 15, 2016

Looking forward to Horizon: The Immortalist

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The film, produced and directed by Tristan Quinn, will be shown on BBC Two at 20:00 on Wednesday 16 March 2016.

2045 Initiative's photo.

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Mar 14, 2016

The immortalist: Uploading the mind to a computer

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While many tech moguls dream of changing the way we live with new smart devices or social media apps, one Russian internet millionaire is trying to change nothing less than our destiny, by making it possible to upload a human brain to a computer, reports Tristan Quinn.

“Within the next 30 years,” promises Dmitry Itskov, “I am going to make sure that we can all live forever.”

It sounds preposterous, but there is no doubting the seriousness of this softly spoken 35-year-old, who says he left the business world to devote himself to something more useful to humanity. “I’m 100% confident it will happen. Otherwise I wouldn’t have started it,” he says.

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Mar 13, 2016

Welcome to Major Mouse Testing Project | Major Mouse Testing Project

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SENS has kindly commented about MMTP and the impact our research should have on aging. We launch a fundraiser in April to test senolytics (ApoptoSENS) with a planned follow up to combine this with stem cell therapy (RepleniSENS). It is time to put the engineering approach to aging to the test!

Some drugs tested have been found to increase mouse lifespan such as Metformin and Rapamycin for example and are considered for human testing. Many more substances have never been tested and we do not know if they might extend healthy lifespan.

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Mar 12, 2016

An Interview With The Major Mouse Testing Program: We Talk Longevity Advocacy And Fast Tracking Progress

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Innovative new project the MMTP aims to fast forward translation from lab to clinic with rapid, parallel mice testing. We caught up with Steve Hill and Elena Milova from the MMTP team to discuss the program and why being pro-actively involved with longevity advocacy is so important.

What’s the gap in the market you’re aiming to fill and the major motivation behind the MMTP?

Steve – The bridge between basic research and taking it to clinical trials. People like The SENS Foundation are spinning a lot of plates doing the high risk, nitty gritty research that isn’t profitable, but crowdfunding can get that done. We want to create a solid gold standard testing platform without the restrictions of government, where any team can come to us for parallel testing and halve development time. The problem with animal testing is there’s this disconnect; it’s not sexy science basically. A common response is let me know when it’s available in humans, but it’s not going to be! No animal data means no human testing, organizations like the FDA, NHS and EMA all insist on a battery of animal testing before human trials. Period. It’s not sexy, it’s not available in humans next week, but if MMTP or other projects don’t get things done on mice for example, it’s never going to get done. It doesn’t matter if one theory turns out to be wrong, let’s get stuck in and find out!

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Mar 11, 2016

Why Won’t Sanders, Clinton, Trump and Cruz Discuss Transhumanist Science Issues?

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My new Huff Post story asking why the major presidential candidates don’t discuss transhumanist science:

THE BLOG Why Won’t Sanders, Clinton, Trump and Cruz Discuss Transhumanist Science Issues? 03/11/2016 03:49 pm ET Zoltan Istvan US Presidential candidate of Transhumanist Party; Creator of Immortality Bus; Author of #1 bestselling Philosophy novel ‘The Transhumanist Wager’ Image by DonkeyHotey Have y…

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Mar 10, 2016

AstroPubls: Publications by Robert Freitas

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The preview image below thanks Robert Bradbury(no not Ray Bradbury) who is no longer with us but you can find his work concerning Matrioshka Brains and he has a great life extension lecture on youtube.

The author greatly appreciates and thanks Robert J. Bradbury for doing the painstaking and often tedious original html coding job for 25 of these papers, among the many linked papers cited on this page.

Last updated on 6 July 2013.

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Mar 9, 2016

Death Reversal — The Reanima Project — Research Whose Time Has Come

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I have spent the last 30 years in various aspects of the biopharmaceutical industry, which for the most part has been a very rewarding experience.

However, during this time period, having been immersed many different components of therapeutic development and commercialization, one thing has always bothered me: a wide array of promising research never makes it off the bench to see the translational light of day, and gets lost in the historical scientific archives.


I always believed that scientific progress happened in a very linear narrative, with each new discovery supporting the next, resulting ultimately in an eventual stairway of scientific enlightenment.

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Mar 8, 2016

Chronic senolytic treatment alleviates established vasomotor dysfunction in aged or atherosclerotic mice

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Further support for SENS strategy. Senolytics improve vascular biomarkers in mice. This is exactly the work my project MMTP is working on, we are looking at conducting robust lifespan studies for Senolytics including the two compounds used here.

The next step will be to test Senolytics with MSC stem cells to see if we can further improve on vascular aging and pathology such as atherosclerosis.

We are launching a fundraiser on in April to get this work done, please support us!

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Mar 7, 2016

Google Ventures‘ Bill Maris Investing in Idea of Living to 500

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This article is a year old, but it is the first I’ve seen it. This guy has access to hundreds of millions of dollars per year and has this wonderful quote to go with it: “If you ask me today, is it possible to live to be 500? The answer is yes,” Bill Maris says.

Bill Maris has $425 million to invest this year, and the freedom to invest it however he wants. He’s looking for companies that will slow aging, reverse disease, and extend life.

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Mar 7, 2016

Human-skin discovery suggests new anti-aging treatments

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Layers in hairless skin (credit: Madhero88 and M.Komorniczak/Creative Commons)

For the first time, researchers have reported decreases in levels of a key molecule in aging human skin, which could lead to developing new anti-aging treatments and screening new compounds.

Components of a typical mitochondrion (credit: Kelvinsong/Creative Commons)

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