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Nov 22, 2016

Turning back the aging clock

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SENS makes official comment on the excellent news about Mitochondrial repair from UCLA and Caltech.

So the big news is progress has been made on Mitochondrial repair. Our resident expert at the SENS Research Foundation, Dr. Matthew O’Connor of the MitoSENS project had this to say about the exciting news:

“New work from UCLA and Caltech has shown that a genetic pathway can be harnessed to selectively remove mutant mitochondria from the muscles of fruit flies. This work from Kandul et al is exciting because it raises the possibility of someday finding a way to control this genetic pathway in such a way to selectively delete mutant mitochondria. Further they did it in live flies in a tissue (muscle) where we are especially concerned about the impact of mitochondrial DNA mutations. Our ability to selectively control genetic pathways in non-genetically engineered animals (such as humans) is, however, extremely limited so it may be a long time before any clinical benefits can be realized from this research.” — Dr. Matthew O’Connor SRF

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Nov 22, 2016 want to give you the choice!

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Nov 21, 2016

Aubrey De Grey provides a summary of his goal of combating ageing

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A quick dash of Aubrey to remind us of the goal and the importance of research.

Aubrey believes ageing is a serious issue, not only because people die of old age, but because it causes suffering. He discusses the fact that many diseases including chronic cancer, are the result of ageing and that by tackling ageing of cells, we can address many of the issues associated with poor health. To find out more about Aubrey and the SENS Research Foundation visit:

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Nov 20, 2016

In Opinion: ‘Dead is gone forever:’ The need for cryonics policy

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Check out my latest story for Newsweek: #transhumanism #cryonics

The case of a 14-year-old UK girl whose body was preserved after death highlights the need for governments to take cryonics seriously.

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Nov 19, 2016

Reviving optimism for regenerative medicine

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Progress in real science is steady, follows proper methodology and respects engineering safety. We live in an amazing world where medical progress is advancing rapidly, sadly we also have those willing to jump the gun hawking unproven experimental therapies without sufficient data.

Unproven therapies and people jumping the gun to make a quick buck are a plague in the aging research field. Real science is slow and methodical but ultimately gets results that ensure safe therapies can be deployed in the healthcare arena. At we are passionate about supporting the progress of science that is conducted properly.

“The life science community should embrace the discrediting of unproven therapies promoted without data for economic gain, and instead focus on the promise of research held to the highest standards.”

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Nov 18, 2016

Aubrey De Grey — Live forever young

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There’s a quick line in here about how in the 70’s they took a look at the complexity of metabolism and decided no one would ever figure out how to solve aging. Might have been nice to have an Aubrey or a Parrish or an Andrews at the time to get started then.

Aubrey De Grey, Chief Science Officer for the SENS Research Foundation talks living forever young at London’s GIANT 2016 event. For more on Aubrey De Grey and gerontology:

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Nov 17, 2016

Cryogenics: does it offer humanity a chance to return from the dead?

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While it used to be the stuff of science fiction, the technology behind the dream has advanced in recent years.

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Nov 17, 2016

Looking back at the past year and celebrating another SRF Victory this time for ALT Cancer fundraising

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As the year moves on and we look back at the achievements this year we would be remiss to not mention the fantastic result we got for the OncoSENS fundraiser hosted on We raised an amazing $72,002 for ALT cancer research thanks to the amazing supporters we have. Thank you to everyone who helped and donated to OncoSENS to make it another victory for SENS Research and for Science!

#aging #sens

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Nov 16, 2016

DNA-editing breakthrough could fix ‘broken genes’ in the brain, delay ageing and cure incurable diseases

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Scientists have discovered a new way to edit DNA that could fix “broken genes” in the brain, cure previously incurable diseases and potentially even extend the human lifespan.

The breakthrough – described as a “holy grail” of genetics – was used to partially restore the sight of rats blinded by a condition which also affects humans.

Previously researchers were not able to make changes to DNA in eye, brain, heart and liver tissues.

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Nov 16, 2016

In silico Pathway Activation Network Decomposition Analysis (iPANDA) as a method for biomarker development

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Great to see more quality aging biomarkers arriving for researchers. Well done to Alex Zhavoronkov and his team for this brilliant work.

Pathway analysis aids interpretation of large-scale gene expression data, but existing algorithms fall short of providing robust pathway identification.

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