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Mar 15, 2023

Depressive Symptoms And Memory Loss in Older Adults Linked to Telomere Shortening

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There’s a tiny, slow-burning ‘fuse’ attached to the ends of all our chromosomes, and as we naturally age, each of our cells loses more and more of that life-giving line.

Researchers in South Korea have now shown this fuse, known as the telomere, is unusually short in the cells of elderly people who are relatively healthy but have noticed early signs of depressive symptoms and cognitive decline, such as memory loss.

The randomized controlled trial presents more evidence for the telomere hypothesis of aging, which posits that all cells hit a point where they can no longer divide and replicate.

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Mar 15, 2023

A longevity expert shares the exercise she does to live longer and prevent her body from ‘aging fast’

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Stress isn’t always bad for you, studies show. In fact, it can slow the aging process, in the right circumstances. Psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Elissa Epel shares how short-term stress exercises can help you live longer.

Mar 15, 2023

A 53-year-old longevity researcher says his ‘biological age’ is a decade younger thanks to 4 daily habits — but the science behind them is mixed

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“That’s got molecules in it that will prevent cancer, among other things” like anti-inflammatory properties, he said. Some older research has shown, for example, that green tea consumption might be linked to a lower risk of stomach cancer.

Sinclair also said he takes supplements (like those sold on the Tally Health website) that contain resveratrol, which his team’s research has shown can extend the lifespan of organisms like yeast and worms.

While the compound, famously found in red wine, is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, heart health, and brain health benefits, the research is mixed on if or how well such benefits can be achieved in humans through a pill.

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Mar 13, 2023

Humans Are on Track to Achieve Immortality in 7 Years, Futurist Says

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Futurist Ray Kurzweil is still making waves years after his initial singularity claims as artificial intelligence continues to progress. With singularity milestones coming, Kurzweil believes immortality is achievable by 2030. Kurzweil’s predictions are met with a healthy dose of skepticism. A new video from the YouTube channel Adagio revisits futurist Ray Kurzweil’s ideas about how for humans, both singularity and immortality are shockingly imminent—as in, potentially just seven years away.

Mar 13, 2023

First longevity clinical study design fetches FDA approval

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Loyal, a clinical-stage veterinary medicine company developing drugs intended to extend the healthspan and lifespan of dogs, has announced it has received protocol concurrence from the FDA for its companion dog longevity study.

Longevity. Technology: Loyal is on a mission is to help dogs everywhere live longer, healthier lives – and that means taking on the development of the first FDA-approved drugs explicitly intended to extend lifespan and healthspan. On the path to FDA approval, Loyal must run a clinical trial that objectively and robustly demonstrates that its drug extends dogs’ healthy lifespan – and does so safely. However, no-one has developed a dog – or human – longevity drug before, so Loyal is building the path to FDA approval largely from scratch.

Today, Loyal has announced that last week it learned from the FDA that the company has received protocol concurrence for its companion dog longevity study. This is good news for the longevity biotech sector, especially welcome as it comes on the same day that tech lender Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and was put under the control of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – news that left biotechs and VCs reeling.

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Mar 13, 2023

Uneven Circuit Aging Becoming A Bigger Problem

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The industry is gaining ground in understanding how aging affects reliability, but more variables make it harder to fix.

Circuit aging is emerging as a first-order design challenge as engineering teams look for new ways to improve reliability and ensure the functionality of chips throughout their expected lifetimes.

The need for reliability is obvious in data centers and automobiles, where a chip failure could result in downtime or injury. It also is increasingly important in mobile and consumer electronics, which are being used for applications such as in-home health monitoring or for navigation, and where the cost of the devices has been steadily rising. But aging also needs to be assessed in the context of variation models from the foundries, different use cases that may stress various components in different ways, and different power and thermal profiles, all of which makes it harder to accurately predict how a chip will behave over time.

Mar 13, 2023

Ray Kurzweil says We’ll Reach IMMORTALITY by 2030 | The Singularity IS NEAR

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Ray Kurzweil — The Singularity IS NEAR — part 2! We’ll Reach IMMORTALITY by 2030
Get ready for an exciting journey into the future with Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity IS NEAR — Part 2! Join us as we explore the awe-inspiring possibilities of what could be achieved before 2030, including the potential for humans to reach immortality. We’ll dive into the incredible technology that could help us reach this singularity and uncover what the implications of achieving immortality could be. Don’t miss out on this fascinating insight into the future of mankind!
In his book “The Singularity Is Near”, futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil argues that we are rapidly approaching a point in time known as the singularity. This refers to the moment when artificial intelligence and other technologies will become so advanced that they surpass human intelligence and change the course of human evolution forever.

Kurzweil predicts that by 2030, we will reach a crucial milestone in our technological progress: immortality. He bases this prediction on his observation of exponential growth in various fields such as genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics, which he believes will culminate in the creation of what he calls “nanobots”.

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Mar 12, 2023

Muscle is the Cornerstone of Longevity

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Pumping iron, weight-lifting, strength training—call it what you want, but it is key to living longer, according to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon.

Mar 12, 2023

Retro Bio’s $180m backer finally revealed

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Retro Biosciences’ mysterious backer has finally been revealed!

In 2021 the longevity industry received one of its largest investments to date, with a $180m investment being made into the pharmaceutical start known as Retro Biosciences, or Retro Bio for short. Not only was this investment cause for celebration within the field of regenerative medicine, but it also came with a tantalising mystery, as the backer, or indeed backer, did not make themselves publicly known. It was assumed that due to the secrecy involved, it was likely that this investment had come from a small number of individuals, potentially just a single backer. This mystery backer, combined with the notable capital investment, led to much media attention at the time, and has since garnered a significant amount of interest in Retro Bio from both the general public and future potential financial backers. That was until last week, when the mystery backer finally decided that now was the right time to reveal their identity to the general public.

In an interview with MIT Technology review, American entrepreneur Sam Altman revealed that he was the sole backer for the pharmaceutical start-up, who single handily provided the entire $180m investment. Sam Altman, who primarily made his fortune in the tech industry (specifically through social media companies such as Loopt) has become somewhat of an angel investor for a slew of world changing, innovative companies which are involved in everything from artificial intelligence to nuclear energy. It is hoped that this significant single investment marks the beginning of a longevity tech boom, similar to what was seen during the dot-com boom (but hopefully without the disastrous ending).

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Mar 12, 2023

Harvard Professor Reveals 4 EASY Ways to Slow and Reverse Aging | Dr. David Sinclair

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Opening comment which is repeated later: He is 50, but was biologically 60, until he changed his lifestyle and diet, and now he is 31. OMG does that mean we can already rejuvenate to a youthful state? Well no. These clocks measure how healthy you are, and yes if you copied David’s lifestyle you’ll get more years…or more accurately, healthy years. Perhaps David would have made it to 80, but now he’ll make it to 100 and be active for most of it. But that is not true rejuvenation. For that he mentions reprogramming near the end of the vid and the fact they are working on whole body rejuvenation with the success they had in the eyes of mice.

Are you tired of feeling old and worn out? Do you want to look and feel younger without resorting to expensive treatments or surgeries? In this video, Dr. David Sinclair shares his expert tips on how to slow and reverse aging using simple, everyday practices like intermittent fasting, supplements, a healthy lifestyle, and proper diet. With over 20 years of experience studying longevity, Dr. Sinclair is a leading authority on the science of aging.#intermittentfasting #supplements #longevity.

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