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Jan 23, 2024

Why I’m Not Afraid of Death

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Here we have a deathist vid. This fellow does run a good channel, cool bloke. But he seems to think longer life means you’ll just never be motivated and only the knowledge of death with get you moving in life. I did leave a comment.

Jan 22, 2024

The Tech Breakthrough That Is Bringing Us Closer to Immortality

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We can live forever, but it’s nothing like what we imagined.

Jan 22, 2024

Combating Alzheimer’s With Focused Ultrasound Drug Delivery

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This story is part of a series on the current progression in Regenerative Medicine. This piece discusses advances in Alzheimer’s therapy.

In 1999, I defined regenerative medicine as the collection of interventions that restore normal function to tissues and organs damaged by disease, injured by trauma, or worn by time. I include a full spectrum of chemical, gene, and protein-based medicines, cell-based therapies, and biomechanical interventions that achieve that goal.

An emerging combination of focused ultrasound therapy with a recently approved medication could be our best treatment for Alzheimer’s disease to date. In the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Ali Rezai and colleagues from West Virginia University describe an approach to reduce cerebral amyloid-beta load, a biomarker for neurodegeneration, in patients with Alzheimer’s. While in its preliminary stages, the combination treatment can potentially help thousands, if not millions, suffering from the disease in the near future.

Jan 21, 2024

A new plant cell discovery promises human anti-aging potential

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Research team stumble upon new discovery which potentially holds the key to aging in plants. Click here to find out what this means for the future.

Jan 21, 2024

Trigonelline Increases NAD, Improves Muscle Function, And Extends Lifespan: Vincenzo Sorrentino, PhD

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Jan 21, 2024

It’s not your life span you need to worry about. It’s your health span

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Unlocking the secrets for living more years disease-free is increasingly the target for longevity researchers.

Jan 20, 2024

TSMC tandem builds exotic new MRAM-based memory with radically lower latency and power consumption

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Data is written to the memory cell by changing the magnetization in the free layer (which acts as the ‘storage’ layer in the MRAM bit cell) by passing a current through the heavy metal layer, which generates a spin current and injects it into the adjacent magnetic layer, switching its orientation and thus changing its state. Reading data involves assessing the magnetoresistance of the MTJ by directing a current through the junction. The main difference between STT-and SOT-MRAM resides in the current injection geometry used for the write process, and apparently, the SOT method ensures lower power consumption and device longevity.

While SOT-MRAM offers lower standby power than SRAM, it needs high currents for write operations, so its dynamic power consumption is still quite high. Furthermore, SOT-SRAM cells are still larger than SRAM cells, and they are harder to make. As a result, while the SOT-SRAM technology looks promising, it is unlikely that it will replace SRAM any time soon. Yet, for in-memory computing applications, SOT-MRAM could make a lot of sense, if not now, but when TSMC learns how to make SOT-MRAM cost-efficiently.

Jan 19, 2024

Lifespan Increases in Mice when Specific Brain Cells are Activated, study finds

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In recent years, research has begun to reveal that the lines of communication between the body’s organs are key regulators of aging. When these lines are open, the body’s organs and systems work well together. But with age, communication lines deteriorate, and organs don’t get the molecular and electrical messages they need to function properly.

A new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis identifies, in mice, a critical communication pathway connecting the brain and the body’s fat tissue in a feedback loop that appears central to energy production throughout the body. The research suggests that the gradual deterioration of this feedback loop contributes to the increasing health problems that are typical of natural aging.

The study—published in the journal Cell Metabolism—has implications for developing future interventions that could maintain the feedback loop longer and slow the effects of advancing age.

Jan 18, 2024

Toxic RNAs: The Hidden Cause of Neuron Death in Alzheimer’s Uncovered

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A new Northwestern Medicine study shows that RNA interference may play a key role in Alzheimer’s. For the first time, scientists have identified short strands of toxic RNAs that contribute to brain cell death and DNA damage in Alzheimer’s and aged brains. Short strands of protective RNAs are decreased during aging, the scientists report, which may allow Alzheimer’s to develop.

The study also found that older individuals with a superior memory capacity (known as SuperAgers) have higher amounts of protective short RNA strands in their brain cells. SuperAgers are individuals aged 80 and older with a memory capacity of individuals 20 to 30 years younger.

“Nobody has ever connected the activities of RNAs to Alzheimer’s,” said corresponding study author Marcus Peter, the Tom D. Spies Professor of Cancer Metabolism at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “We found that in aging brain cells, the balance between toxic and protective sRNAs shifts toward toxic ones.”

Jan 18, 2024

Using A.I. & Blockchain to Target Aging: Kennedy Schaal at EARD 2023

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A.I. for longevity and long lived flies.

Kennedy Schaal presents “Using Advanced A.I. and Blockchain Technology to Targey Aging” at the Longevity+DeSci Summit NYC (EARD 2023) hosted by Summary ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Kennedy Schaal is the founder and CEO of Rejuve Biotech, an AI-driven therapeutics discovery company solving the problems for longevity and age-associated diseases. By using advanced Artificial Intelligence to combine data from the Methuselah Flies with data from people, Rejuve. Bio can shorten the drug discovery pipeline and rapidly develop novel therapeutics to help people live longer. They have two high-impact and novel data sources, as well as unique artificial intelligence technology. First and foremost, they are the sole owner of data from the Methuselah Flies (fruit flies) that have been bred for longevity. Second, because flies have a shorter life cycle, they can be tested for longevity much faster than other animal models. Rejuve Biotech has the unique ability to test multiple interventions and treatment combinations over the course of a fruit fly’s life and in various aspects of its life (e.g., mating, disease resistance). In addition, they also have quick access to Crowdsourced Human Data collected by a partner company, Rejuve Network. Kennedy Schaal is an accomplished biotechnology executive with a strong leadership track record in applied genomic research and Artificial Intelligence at the frontier of longevity science. She is also a multi-published author on the science of longevity and applied genomics trials. Kennedy is also a world-leading expert on genomic selection and breeding for innovative Drosophila Methuselah Flies, which together with applied Artificial Intelligence solve many of today’s pain points in longevity research, with the potential for massive impact on the health and lifespan of people across the planet. Experienced Laboratory Director and Chief Biologist with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. Strong research professional skilled in evolutionary biology, genetics, and the study of aging-related diseases.

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