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Apr 24, 2023

Internet Training Data Of ChatGPT Can Be Used For Non-Allied Purposes Including Privacy Intrusions, Frets AI Ethics And AI Law

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Keep your eye on the prize, but meanwhile don’t lose sight of other nifty opportunities too. What am I talking about? During the famous Gold Rush era, eager prospectors sought the dreamy riches of unearthed gold. Turns out that very few actually struck it rich by discovering those prized gold nuggets. You might be surprised to know that while panning for gold, there was a possibility of finding other precious metals. The erstwhile feverish desire to get gold would sometimes overpower the willingness to mine silver, mercury, and other ores that were readily seen while searching for gold.

It all has to do with data, particularly data mined or scanned from the Internet that is then used principally to data train generative AI apps.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its successor GPT-4 would not exist if it were not for all the data training undertaken to get the AI apps into shape for doing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and performing interactive conversations with humans. The data training entailed scanning various portions of the Internet, see my explanation at the link here. In the case of text-to-text or text-to-essay generative AI, the mainstay of ChatGPT, all kinds of text were scanned to ferret out patterns of how humans use words.

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Apr 24, 2023

Grimes Tells Fans To Deepfake Her Music, Will Split 50% Royalties With AI

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In the wake of the AI-generated hit Heart on My Sleeve going viral with deepfakes of multi-platinum artists Drake and The Weeknd, pop star Grimes has invited her fans to create music with her voice.

On Sunday night she tweeted, “I’ll split 50% royalties on any successful AI generated song that uses my voice. Same deal as I would with any artist i collab with. Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal bindings.”

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Apr 22, 2023

We all contribute — should we get paid for that?

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In Silicon Valley, some of the brightest minds believe a universal basic income (UBI) that guarantees people unrestricted cash payments will help them to survive and thrive as advanced technologies eliminate more careers as we know them, from white collar and creative jobs — lawyers, journalists, artists, software engineers — to labor roles. The idea has gained enough traction that dozens of guaranteed income programs have been started in U.S. cities since 2020.

Yet even Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and one of the highest-profile proponents of UBI, doesn’t believe that it’s a complete solution. As he said during a sit-down earlier this year, “I think it is a little part of the solution. I think it’s great. I think as [advanced artificial intelligence] participates more and more in the economy, we should distribute wealth and resources much more than we have and that will be important over time. But I don’t think that’s going to solve the problem. I don’t think that’s going to give people meaning, I don’t think it means people are going to entirely stop trying to create and do new things and whatever else. So I would consider it an enabling technology, but not a plan for society.”

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Apr 22, 2023

AI is Evolving Faster Than You Think Pt. 2 (Art and Beyond)

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When photos created by AI can win photography contests.

A continued look at what’s going on in AI. This time we take a look at everything from AutoGPT and a fake AI Drake to AI art and copyright law.

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Apr 18, 2023

Ethics and Rights for AI Artwork

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By Cheryl Gallagher Cultural and Creative Content Specialist

In the news recently, the US Copyright Office partially rescinded copyright protections for an article containing exclusively AI generated art. It was a landmark decision that is likely just the beginning of a long legal and ethical debate around the role, ethics, and rights of Artificial Intelligence in today’s global society — and tomorrow’s interplanetary one.

AI artworks are currently being denied copyright protection because copyrights only protect human generated work, and in the Copyright Office’s current opinion, the “artist” does not exert enough creative control over the output of the program (i.e., just using a written prompt to generate an image does not constitute a copyrightable work, as the program generated it, not the human involved). At least some AI generated images are considered to have enough human “involvement” to be copyrightable, but more direct working with the imagery is required.

Apr 11, 2023

Florida fight over ‘baby boxes’ part of bigger culture war

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How does this work for the parent when they have a birth certificate but no baby to show for it, and no record of “disposing” of it?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Safe Haven Baby Boxes and A Safe Haven for Newborns are two charities with similar names and the same goal: providing distressed mothers with a safe place to surrender their unwanted newborns instead of dumping them in trash cans or along roadsides.

But a fight between the two is brewing in the Florida Senate. An existing state law, supported and promoted by the Miami-based A Safe Haven, allows parents to surrender newborns to firefighters and hospital workers without giving their names. A new bill, supported by the Indiana-based Safe Haven Baby Boxes, would give fire stations and hospitals the option to install the group’s ventilated and climate-controlled boxes, where parents could drop off their babies without interacting with fire or hospital employees.

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Apr 10, 2023

When Your Boss Is Tracking Your Brain

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Bioethicist Nita Farahany says privacy law hasn’t kept up with science as employers increasingly use neurotechnology in the workplace.

Apr 10, 2023

How can we make the space sector more sustainable?

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Remark: This article is from The Conversation “En Anglais” written by Victor DOS SANTOS PAULINO & Nonthapat PULSIRI (V&N) — Experts from Toulouse Business School and The SIRIUS Chair (France)

When talking about space, one might think about the stars one sees at night or a good sci-fi film. But space is also crowded with satellites, spacecrafts and astronauts, whose missions can last anywhere from several days to months. Meanwhile, 8,216 unmanned satellites revolve around Earth’s orbits to improve our daily lives. Communication satellites contribute to enhancing Internet access in regions deprived of infrastructure (so-called “white areas”); meteorology satellites have become essential for weather forecasts, while navigation satellites (including GPS) are crucial for current and future transportation needs such as automatic driving vehicles.

Technological advances in the sector have unlocked many new business opportunities. The industry can now launch constellations of thousand satellites to reach corners of the earth as it had never before (e.g., Starlink), while new markets such as space mining and space tourism are steadily growing. National champions (including the United States and France) have also framed the space sector as a top economic priority. It is thought the technological benefits accrued by companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin or OneWeb, launched by billionaires such as Elon Musk, will also be able to trickle down to non-space sectors such as the energy or freight industries.

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Apr 9, 2023

That Nonsense Of ChatGPT Being Called An Alien Intelligence Is Wacky And Out Of This World, Says AI Ethics And AI Law

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There is a new catchphrase that some are using when it comes to talking about today’s generative AI. I am loath to repeat the phrase, but the angst in doing so is worth the chances of trying to curtail the usage going forward.

Are you ready?

Some have been saying that generative AI such as ChatGPT is so-called alien intelligence. Hogwash. This kind of phrasing has to be stopped. Here’s the reasons to do so.

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Apr 8, 2023

GPT-5 Rumors and Predictions — It’s about to get real silly

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Cognitive AI Lab Discord:

Artificial Sentience Reddit:
Heuristic Imperatives Reddit:

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