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Sep 19, 2022

A WiFi Deauthentication Project in a Sleek Package

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Wearable tech has seen an explosion of creativity and applications in the last decade; especially with circuit components getting smaller and cheaper, and batteries getting better and better. Whereas taking phone calls on your wrist was impressive just a few years ago, now, you can experiment with deauthentication attacks on WiFi networks just from this watch: the DSTIKE Deauther Watch SE.

Based on the ESP8266 WiFi microcontroller, this watch is the latest generation of a project to give you a wearable interface for pen testing local WiFi networks. The watch only works on 2.4GHz networks, due to the restrictions of the ESP8266. It comes pre-flashed with the latest ESP8266 Deauther firmware, which is an open-source project! The watch supports four main functions: a deauther attack, which disconnects all local 2.4GHz networks; deauther beacon, used for creating fake networks; deauther probe, to confuse any nearby WiFi trackers; and packet monitoring, which lets you display local WiFi traffic. As you can see, there’s a lot to appreciate in this slick and discreet package.

This watch (and its prior iterations) are made and sold by Travis Lin. Much like the seller emphasizes on the product page, this device is meant for educational purposes, and should be only tested on devices and networks you own. But if this has your curiosity piqued, put on your red hat and check out the wearable devices and other security goodies they have for sale!

Sep 18, 2022

The 2022 Tesla Bot Update Is Here!

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Sep 17, 2022

SpaceX rolls out “high-performance” satellite internet for residential users

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Back in February, SpaceX introduced a high-performance satellite internet solution that was specifically designed for businesses. The higher-tier kit is a step above the standard Starlink system, with its larger dish that features double the antenna capability to its faster internet speeds.

Inasmuch as the service was attractive, however, there was one issue: it costs a whopping $2,500 for the high-performance satellite internet system and a very premium $500 per month for the service itself. As per recent updates to the official Starlink website, a high-performance satellite internet kit is now available for residential customers as well, and it doesn’t even require a $500 monthly fee.

While residential customers who wish to acquire Starlink’s high-performance satellite internet kit would still be paying $2,500 for the hardware, they only need to pay the standard $110 per month for the service itself. Residential customers who opt in for a high-performance dish could then get more out of Starlink’s capabilities for the same monthly fee.

Sep 15, 2022

World Wide Brain: Self-Organizing Internet Intelligence as the Actualization of the Collective Unconscious

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Circa 2007 face_with_colon_three

The World Wide Brain—a hybrid human–digital intelligent network, spanning the globe and carrying out information processing different in extent and nature from anything that has come before—is as yet little more than a dream and a little less than a reality. It is coming into being, bit by bit, each year. This process of emergence is, as all Net-aholics know, a wonder to behold, and growing more wondrous all the time. This is an exploration in which human psychology and sociology interact in a fascinating way, with the psychology of an emerging, nonhuman organism. It is an exploration in which mundane technical issues such as groupware and server–server communication software rub up against concepts from transpersonal psychology, such as the Collective Unconscious and the Hierarchy of Being. It is, therefore, an exploration that not only transcends disciplinary boundaries but pushes the boundaries of human thought itself. The increasing integration of human activity with World Wide Brain operations may ultimately occur via body-modifying or body-obsolescing technologies a la Moravec, or it may occur without them, through the advent of more sophisticated noninvasive interfaces. One way or another, it will fuse the global Web.

Sep 15, 2022

SpaceX hits a milestone as Starlink arrives in Antarctica, high-speed internet now available on all seven continents

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The Starlink dish can withstand extreme temperatures as low as-22 degrees Fahrenheit.

SpaceX’s Starlink internet service is now available in one of the most remote regions of the world: Antarctica, making the service available on all seven continents.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the National Science Foundation announced the milestone, stating that scientists with the U.S. Antarctic Program were “over the moon” and have been testing out a Starlink dish at the McMurdo Station, a U.S. research facility based on an island right off the coast of Antarctica to supply increased internet bandwidth.

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Sep 14, 2022

Information, Evolution, and intelligent Design — With Daniel Dennett

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Daniel Dennett explores the first steps towards a unified theory of information, through common threads in the convergence of evolution, learning, and engineering.
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Sep 13, 2022

We have quantum computers—now Amazon and Harvard want a quantum internet

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Two big players in computing and research are trying to lay the groundwork for a future quantum internet.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is teaming up with Harvard University to test and develop strategies for networking together quantum technologies. Their partnership was announced today, and is a continuation of AWS’ goals to create a communications channel between the quantum computers that it is also working on in parallel.

During the three-year research alliance, funding from Amazon will support research projects at Harvard that focus on quantum memory, integrated photonics, and quantum materials, and help upgrade infrastructure in Harvard’s Center for Nanoscale Systems.

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Sep 13, 2022

Creepy AI asked to predict the end of mankind and the result is very bleak

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AN ARTIFICIAL intelligence text-to-image model has forecasted a disturbing end to mankind’s existence.

The popular Craiyon AI, formerly DALL-E mini AI image generator, designed some barren landscapes and scorched plains when prompted to predict the end of humans.

The AI has been trained to create its masterpieces using unfiltered data from the internet.

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Sep 13, 2022

Nation’s first security-focused, 5G wireless test range opens in Idaho

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NEWS MEDIA CONTACTS: Ethan Huffman, (208) 716‑4594, [email protected] Sarah Neumann, (208) 526‑0490, [email protected]

Sep 12, 2022

Amazon and Harvard launch alliance to advance research in quantum networking

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Collaboration will seek to advance the development of a quantum internet.

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