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Jun 21, 2022

419-Million-Year-Old Chinese Fossil Shows Human Middle Ear Evolved From Fish Gills

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The human middle ear—which houses three tiny, vibrating bones—is key to transporting sound vibrations into the inner ear, where they become nerve impulses that allow us to hear.

Embryonic and fossil evidence proves that the human middle ear evolved from the spiracle of fishes. However, the origin of the vertebrate spiracle has long been an unsolved mystery in vertebrate evolution.

“These fossils provided the first anatomical and fossil evidence for a vertebrate spiracle originating from fish gills.” —

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Jun 19, 2022

Nuke Drives for Space Wars

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DARPA’s DRACO Nuclear Powered spaceship is a potential game changer. Lean how and why the Space Force and NASA may use Nuclear Thermal Rockets (NTRs). Will it revolutionize space for better or for worse? Please Subscribe to my Channel for more space news.

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Jun 17, 2022

Building My Own Observatories

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Fri, Jun 17 at 7 PM CDT.

This Friday, June 17th at 8:00 pm, join us as we hear from AAI member Dr. Clif Ashcraft. Clif has his own observatories in his backyard. Learn how he built them and what beautiful images he has taken over the years!

Jun 16, 2022

Amazon Is Selling a DIY Backyard Guest House

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There are endless possibilities for the creative crafter. And for the more experienced DIY-ers, there’s an even bigger project that’s just waiting to be built for those daring enough to try: How about an entire guest house for your backyard? After an internet frenzy sold out this particular model, the DIY Allwood Solvalla Garden House is back in stock and better than ever.

If you’re not quite ready to move your entire life into a tiny space like this, never fear: You can convert it into a guest home, a studio, garden house, pool house, or truly anything your heart desires. Plus, you can purchase all the parts and instructions on Amazon.

At a mere 172 square feet, the tiny space is compact enough to actually fit but still has enough room to be useful, whether it’s used for storage or for pure fun. In the description, the plans say that this tiny structure can be built in way less than a day—in eight hours, to be exact—when two adults team up for the job.

Jun 13, 2022

The world’s largest 3D printed housing project just launched in Virginia

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3D printing can deliver massive savings in time taken to build the house exteriors, shaving off weeks from the process.

Jun 13, 2022

Israeli-Based Tech Startup Brings Your Old Family Photos To Life With Amazing Artificial Intelligence

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There has been a massive tidal wave of tech innovation over the last couple of years. Some apps and platforms offer basic services for the home or office. Others ignite your imagination.

Gil Perry, CEO and cofounder of D-ID, an Israeli-based tech company, has created something amazingly beautiful and touching. Leveraging artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology, the company has created a unique, animated, live portrait, which animates the photos of long-lost relatives or whoever you’d like to see, as if they are in the room with you. Its tech makes people come alive and look realistic and natural.

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Jun 5, 2022

The Best Hurricane Preparedness Supplies and Strategies

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Here are the safety precautions Wirecutter recommends taking ahead of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, from making sure you have the right gear to completing a few relatively simple home improvements.

How to plan and protect yourself in areas at risk of hurricanes.

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Jun 3, 2022

‘This might be a housing bubble,’ says Dallas Fed economist—here’s an exclusive look at the latest housing market analysis

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‘This might be a housing bubble,’ says Dallas Fed economist—here’s an exclusive look at the latest housing market analysis.

Jun 1, 2022

Oceanix Busan in South Korea Could Be The World’s First Floating City

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A Korean company hopes to build a floating city Oceanix Busan. Seasteading is seen as a means to address climate-change-induced sea-level rise, as well as a sociology experiment.

But libertarian ideas are not the sole reasoning behind seasteading and floating cities. A prototype floating community is planned on the water next to Busan, South Korea. For the company that is creating it, Oceanix, it is about addressing the coastal community climate challenge of rising sea levels. Rather than building dikes and sea walls to hold back the ocean, Oceanix is offering a city that floats. So instead of increased sunshine day flooding along the US eastern seaboard that inundates Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Charleston, Norfolk, Hampton Roads and other Chesapeake Bay communities quite regularly these days, there would be cities that ride the surface of the ocean rather than be flooded by it.

It’s not like people haven’t been living in floating accommodation for decades. Houseboat communities here in Toronto have been around for a number of years. I visited one of these homes a few years ago and was surprised to see the quality of accommodation and the lifestyle it supported. Today, there are people living permanently on cruise ships that travel the globe. And in The Netherlands, boats and retired ships moored along its many canals have been turned into permanent homes often featured in HGTV’s House Hunters International. But it is in low-lying coastal areas like Bangladesh, The Maldives, and many Pacific island nations where the floating city is seen as a climate change solution for encroaching seas.

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May 31, 2022

IDRA posts assembly video of its 9,000-ton Giga Press, which is rumored for the Tesla Cybertruck

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IDRA has posted a video showcasing the assembly process of its 9,000-ton Giga Press, arguably one of the largest casting machines in the market. The 9,000-ton Giga Press is expected to be used in the production of the Tesla Cybertruck’s single-piece rear underbody.

IDRA has been teasing the 9,000-ton Giga Press for some time now, with the company posting several teasers of the gigantic machine on its official LinkedIn page over the past weeks. The company will be previewing the 9,000-ton Giga Press at an open house event from June 6–14, 2022, where attendees will be able to see the assembled monster up close.

The recent assembly video from IDRA is likely part of the company’s subtle promotional efforts for the 9,000-ton Giga Press. The sheer size of the machine’s components was highlighted in the clip, as even the contraption’s parts dwarfed IDRA’s staff. One thing was evident in the recently-posted video — the 9,000-ton Giga Press is a daunting machine.

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