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Aug 16, 2021

Article Accepted in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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Congratulations to Dr. Emmanuel Ríos López and her co-advisor Dr. X’opher Añorve and to our collaborators, Dr. Hector Javier Ibarra Medel, the Dr. Mabel Valerdi, the Dr. Gabriela Ileana Tudorica Iacobuta and the lng. Physics. Joaquin Alvira Enriquez. Three generations of summer students (VICI): Alvira-Enriquez, Valerdi and Iacobuta. Three generations of PhD students: Añorve, Ibarra-Medel and Rios-Lopez.

In this work we analyzed a sample of 101 brilliant galaxies using a two-dimensional decomposition of the shallow shine. This work serves to explore the formation of galaxies and their relationship with the supermassive holes black houses in their cores. We fixed some errors that the original sample came dragging.

We are grateful to Prof. Thomas Jarrett and Dr. Chien Peng for helping us along the generation of the work. We are standing on their shoulders, Prof. generated the Large Galaxy Atlas and Dr. Peng gave us GALFIT the best software for galaxy 2D surface brightness analysis.

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Aug 15, 2021

NASA’s latest space station cargo includes a 3D printing system for lunar soil

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NASA has edged one step closer to building Moon and Mars colonies using the celestial bodies’ soil. Universe Today notes that NASA’s latest International Space Station resupply mission included a machine meant to demonstrate 3D printing regolith (that is, loose soil or rock) on the Moon and similar extraterrestrial surfaces.

The Redwire Regolith Print (RRP) project will work in tandem with an existing printer system (ManD) to try 3D printing simulated regolith. If that succeeds, the ISS crew will gauge the strength of the resulting material to see if it can handle the harsh conditions beyond Earth.

If all goes well, RRP could lead to colonists printing at least some of their habitats on-demand. That, in turn, could reduce the volume of construction supplies NASA brings to the Moon and Mars. Scientists have envisioned soil-based habitats for years, but this test is relatively realistic — it’s an attempt at 3D printing soil in lower gravity. While there will still be much work to do, the long-term goals for Artemis and future Mars missions may be that much more achievable.

Aug 13, 2021

Universal Habitat The Best Home for Anyplace on Earth or in Space

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Imagine a home that pay you to live in it because you can make a living out of it and grow almost all of your food in it as even sell food from it. Imagine a home that provides its own water and energy. Imagine a home concept that will work almost anywhere on Earth or in space that is cheap to build! Imagine living a high standard of living with virtually no environmental or carbon footprint whilst you retain freedoms. Imagine much less need for utilities. Imagine a home that is resilient, sustainable, can stand up better to environmental or manmade disasters. You own personal bug-in fortress. Imagine a home so green it will start an ice age! See the Greenest concept ever! Image a home you could put almost anywhere! This IS a world changing concept. Make it go viral!

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Aug 12, 2021

A Walk Through Dementia — walking home

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Is a unique app designed to put you in the shoes of someone living with dementia. See one of the 360 clips from the experience.…a&hl=en_GB

Aug 7, 2021

Want to pretend to live on Mars? For a whole year? Apply now

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Want to find your inner Matt Damon and spend a year pretending you are isolated on Mars? NASA has a job for you.

To prepare for eventually sending astronauts to Mars, NASA began taking applications Friday for four people to live for a year in Mars Dune Alpha. That’s a 1,700-square-foot Martian habitat, created by a 3D-printer, and inside a building at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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Aug 6, 2021

Home Sauna Vs Commercial Sauna. Which Is Best For YOU? What You Need To Know!!

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Commercial Sauna Vs Home Sauna.

The last year has turned all our worlds upside down.
Even if we had our diet, exercise and sauna routine locked down before, suddenly all the venues were closed, or we did not feel comfortable visiting them as they were too crowded and too enclosed.

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Aug 3, 2021

This 40sqm sustainable tiny home built using repurposed materials features a 30-degree solar-paneled roof!

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Built with an angled roof, the galvanized clad tiny home accommodates travelers near and far who want to get closer to rural Australia.

Aug 2, 2021

Former NASA official joins Nanoracks to lead commercial space station work

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Nanoracks has hired a former NASA official most recently involved with planning for Artemis to lead its efforts to develop commercial space stations.

WASHINGTON — Commercial space services company Nanoracks has hired a former NASA official most recently involved with planning for the Artemis program to lead its efforts to develop commercial space stations.

Nanoracks announced Aug. 2 it hired Marshall Smith to be its senior vice president of commercial space stations. Smith retired from NASA at the end of July after more than 35 years at the agency, most recently as deputy associate administrator for systems engineering and integration in the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

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Jul 22, 2021

Home and office routers come under attack

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Stealth recon and intrusion

On Wednesday, France’s National Agency for Information Systems Security—abbreviated as ANSSI—warned national businesses and organizations that the group was behind a massive attack campaign that was using hacked routers prior to carrying out reconnaissance and attacks as a means to cover up the intrusions.

“ANSSI is currently handling a large intrusion campaign impacting numerous French entities,” an ANSSI advisory warned. “Attacks are still ongoing and are led by an intrusion set publicly referred to as APT31. It appears from our investigations that the threat actor uses a network of compromised home routers as operational relay boxes in order to perform stealth reconnaissance as well as attacks.”

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Jul 22, 2021

Major outage hits major websites as 911 goes down in multiple cities

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A major internet outage has affected the websites of major retail, financial, logistics and travel websites, while 911 service in several Virginia cities appears to be affected by a cut fiber optic cable.

Down Detector, a service that detects whether websites are working properly or not, began reporting a series of at least 50 major website outages shortly before 12pm EST on Thursday.

The websites of UPS, Delta Air Lines, Costco, American Express and Home Depot were down, displaying domain name system (DNS) service errors.

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