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Dec 24, 2023

The first minds to be controlled by generative AI will live inside video games

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Microsoft has big plans for generative AI in gaming, and its recent Xbox partnership with Inworld AI is a key example.

Non-playable characters in video games play key roles but stick to stiff scripts. Gen AI should open up their minds and your gaming world experience.

Dec 24, 2023

Peter Gabriel — I have the touch

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Scenes of a movie based on a story written by George Lucas.

Peter Gabriel song “I Have The Touch” and the video is from the movie THX-1138. This was edited back in 1990.

Dec 20, 2023

AI breaks physical boundaries: CyberRunner, the superhuman AI robot

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Claim: reinforcement learning AI beats humans in physical domain, playing the “labyrinth” game.

In six hours of training, it solves faster than any human.

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Dec 20, 2023

Google will pay $700 million to US states, users in Play Store settlement

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The deal comes a week after a jury found Google guilty of violating antitrust laws in a similar case brought by Epic Games, the maker of the popular Fortnite game.

As part of the settlement, Google will pay $630 million to refund US consumers overcharged for in-app purchases made through the Play Store between August 2016 and September 2023. The estimated 102 million eligible consumers will receive at least $2 each and may get more depending on their spending. They will be automatically notified about how to claim their money.

Google will also pay $70 million in penalties and other costs to the states involved in the lawsuit.

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Dec 17, 2023

Strategies to Overcome Screen Addiction & Improve Mental Health

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Dr. Alok Kanojia (Dr. K) is a psychiatrist, Harvard Medical School instructor, co-founder of HealthyGamerGG, Twitch streamer and a YouTuber. Humans face a predicament that has never been seen in our history, a massive overload in daily stimulation and information. The effect of constant exposure to social media, video games, and porn is not good, but thankfully there are a number of powerful ways to take back control of your attention. Expect to learn the correlation between video game usage and mental health, why our brains are uniquely addicted to looking at screens, whether dopamine fasting is actually legit, the problem with watching porn at a young age, how to combat screen addiction, why some people always feel like they have brain fog, how to find meaning in your life and much more…

Dec 14, 2023

The Future of Gaming: StarEngine

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Cloud Imperium Games, the developer of sci-fi epic Star Citizen, has released a breathtaking video showcasing the game engine’s capabilities.

Having entered pre-production in 2010, and first been made public in 2012, Star Citizen’s development is one of the longest-running of any game. It has generated both controversy and scepticism, due to this prolonged creation time, frequent delays, and the constant expansion of its scope, which has led some to question the feasibility of the project.

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Dec 14, 2023

Mathematicians Prove the “Omniperiodicity” of Conway’s Game of Life

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A problem that has long been a focal point of research for the famous Game of Life, has finally been solved.

Dec 12, 2023

Combining brain-computer interfaces and multiplayer video games: an application based on c-VEPs

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Introduction and objective: Video games are crucial to the entertainment industry, nonetheless they can be challenging to access for those with severe motor disabilities. Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) systems have the potential to help these individuals by allowing them to control video games using their brain signals. Furthermore, multiplayer BCI-based video games may provide valuable insights into how competitiveness or motivation affects the control of these interfaces. Despite the recent advancement in the development of code-modulated visual evoked potentials (c-VEPs) as control signals for high-performance BCIs, to the best of our knowledge, no studies have been conducted to develop a BCI-driven video game utilizing c-VEPs. However, c-VEPs could enhance user experience as an alternative method. Thus, the main goal of this work was to design, develop, and evaluate a version of the well-known ‘Connect 4’ video game using a c-VEP-based BCI, allowing 2 users to compete by aligning 4 same-colored coins vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Methods: The proposed application consists of a multiplayer video game controlled by a real-time BCI system processing 2 electroencephalograms (EEGs) sequentially. To detect user intention, columns in which the coin can be placed was encoded with shifted versions of a pseudorandom binary code, following a traditional circular shifting c-VEP paradigm. To analyze the usability of our application, the experimental protocol comprised an evaluation session by 22 healthy users. Firstly, each user had to perform individual tasks. Afterward, users were matched and the application was used in competitive mode. This was done to assess the accuracy and speed of selection. On the other hand, qualitative data on satisfaction and usability were collected through questionnaires.

Results: The average accuracy achieved was 93.74% ± 1.71%, using 5.25 seconds per selection. The questionnaires showed that users felt a minimal workload. Likewise, high satisfaction values were obtained, highlighting that the application was intuitive and responds quickly and smoothly.

Dec 12, 2023

How to measure complexity of an organism | Lee Cronin and Lex Fridman

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Dec 7, 2023

What if Humans Are NOT Earth’s First Civilization? | Silurian Hypothesis

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