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Mar 17, 2023

Revolutionary 3D-printed devices utilize advanced sensing technology

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Up until now, it was still infamously difficult to include sensors in 3D designs.

Engineers might be able to create smart hinges that can detect when a door has been opened or gears inside motors that can communicate their rotational speed to a mechanic by integrating sensors into rotational systems.

Even while improvements in 3D printing allow for the quick manufacture of rotational devices, it is still infamously difficult to include sensors in the designs.

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Mar 16, 2023

Samsung to spend $228 billion on the world’s largest chip facility as part of South Korea tech plan

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Samsung Electronics said Wednesday it plans to invest 300 trillion Korean won ($228 billion) in a new semiconductor complex in South Korea.

Mar 9, 2023

‘Red matter’ superconductor could transform electronics — if it works

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Researchers have long attempted to produce a superconductor that works at room temperature and at a relatively low pressure. A team now claims that its material, dubbed “red matter”, has these properties.

By Leah Crane

Mar 3, 2023

A Surprising New Method for Converting Light Into Electricity

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A team led by Boston College has devised a new quantum sensor method to image and comprehend the source of photocurrent flow in Weyl semimetals.

In a recent paper published in the journal Nature Physics.

As the name implies, Nature Physics is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal covering physics and is published by Nature Research. It was first published in October 2005 and its monthly coverage includes articles, letters, reviews, research highlights, news and views, commentaries, book reviews, and correspondence.

Mar 2, 2023

Laser printed microelectronics Communications

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Printed organic and inorganic electronics continue to be of large interest for several applications. Here, the authors propose laser printing as a facile process for fabricating printed electronics with minimum feature sizes below 1 µm and demonstrate functional diodes, memristors, and physically unclonable functions.

Feb 25, 2023

OmniVision OV6948, the world’s smallest commercially available image sensor

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The OVM6948 is the only ultra small “chip on tip” camera with backside illumination, which provides excellent image quality.

Feb 25, 2023

This Chinese kissing device lets you smooch over the internet

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Want to send your faraway lover a kiss? A Chinese contraption with warm, moving silicon “lips” appears to have just the answer.

The device, advertised as a way to let long-distance couples share “real” physical intimacy, is causing a buzz among Chinese social media users, who have reacted with both intrigue and shock.

Equipped with pressure sensors and actuators, the device is said to be able to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement and temperature of a user’s lips.

Feb 25, 2023

Electrodes build themselves inside the bodies of live fish

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Substance that transforms into a conductive polymer using the body’s own chemistry could improve implantable electronics.

Feb 22, 2023

Some Wearable Gadgets Could Interfere With Cardiac Electronic Devices, Study Suggests

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Previous studies recommended keeping electronics at a six-inch distance from implantable cardiac devices.

Feb 21, 2023

These underwater cables can improve tsunami detection

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Telecom companies have long resisted letting scientific sensors piggyback on their subsea cables—until now.

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