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Oct 11, 2023

Toxicologists reveal popular weed killer may harm teenage brains

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Of course, this study was performed on a relatively small group of individuals in an agricultural community, which is not the environment that most American teenagers grow up in. These links may also be due to some other confounding factors, like spending more time on the farm than in formal education. However, these results are still striking and important to consider for young people in farming communities (and non-farming communities) around the world.

“Many chronic diseases and mental-health disorders in adolescents and young adults have increased over the last two decades worldwide, and exposure to neurotoxic contaminants in the environment could explain a part of this increase,” senior author Jose Ricardo Suarez, an associate professor in the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health, said in a statement.

“Hundreds of new chemicals are released into the market each year, and more than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use today,” Suarez added. “Sadly, very little is known about the safety and long-term effects on humans for most of these chemicals. Additional research is needed to truly understand the impact.”

Oct 9, 2023

AI and the quest for immortality — are we defeating death?

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Can artificial intelligence, or AI, make it possible for us to live forever? Or at least, be preserved for posterity? What are the current developments in the fields of artificial intelligence and biotechnology?

Will humanity exist without biological bodies, in the near future? Could humans and AI merge into one being? This documentary explores these questions, and more.

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Oct 9, 2023

Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future of Medicine

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Oct 8, 2023

Flying cars, drones, robotic dogs: North Texas kids get a peek at future of aviation

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Ross Perot Jr. described the STEM education event as a “first-of-its-kind” across the country. The event comes days before Pres. Bush, Gov. Abbott, several Republican presidential candidates and executives from Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart and more gather at mobility summit.

Oct 8, 2023

A deaf football team will debut a 5G-connected augmented reality helmet to call plays

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A first-of-its-kind football helmet will allow coaches at Gallaudet University, the school for deaf and hard of hearing students in Washington, D.C., to transmit plays to their quarterback via an augmented reality screen.

Players on Gallaudet’s football team, which competes in NCAA’s Division III, have long faced challenges against teams with hearing athletes, such as an inability to hear referees’ whistles that signal the end of a play.

The helmet, developed by AT&T and Gallaudet University, will debut at the school’s Saturday game. When a coach chooses a play on a tablet, it will then display on a small lens on the player’s helmet.

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Oct 7, 2023

ChatGPT AI in HEALTHCARE? Innovation and disruption

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This video is about How ChatGPT/ AI can disrupt healthcare.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chat platform developed by OpenAI. It allows users to ask questions in a conversational format and build on previous conversations, which allows for improved learning over time. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in ChatGPT, integrating it into their search engine Bing and web browser Edge. Although the rise of AI has caused concern over job security, ChatGPT currently requires human input to generate questions and diagnose patients, making it a tool to augment human abilities in healthcare. The technology can be used for diagnosis, research, medical education, and radiographs. It can assist healthcare professionals in diagnosing and researching diseases, visualizing anatomy and procedures, and analyzing medical images.

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Oct 7, 2023

Pig plasma to live longer?

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A quickie about E5.

Hello, i am back! Blood, sweat and tears have been shed these past months of absence. But enough sweating was done during the summer, tears have already been shed, so that just leaves me with blood. And whether taking a part of blood (plasma) and injecting it into old animals is enough for rejuvenation. That’s right, many of you may remember, earlier this year i made a video on the oldest living rat.- and now we have some updates: in particular, (i) what actually were the rats given, and (ii) what changes were seen, showing both some DNAm and glycan age data.

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Oct 7, 2023

Doctors, apps and artificial intelligence — The future of medicine

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Artificial intelligence is changing health care. It promises better diagnoses and fewer mistakes and all in less time. While some associate AI with a frightening dystopian future, many doctors see it as a source of support.

To help them care for patients, doctors are programming apps and supplying AI with data. At Berlin’s Charité hospital, Professor Surjo Soekadar is researching how neurotechnology might support paralysis patients in their everyday lives — for example, via assistance systems that are controlled via their thoughts.

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Oct 7, 2023

The 100 Year Journey to Proxima Centauri B (Sci-Fi Documentary)

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This is a sci-fi documentary, looking at the 100 years it will take a nuclear fusion spacecraft to travel to Proxima Centauri b. The closest habitable planet to Earth, with a distance of 4.24 light years.

A journey venturing far beyond Earth’s solar system, showing the future science of space travel, exploration, and future space technology.

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Oct 6, 2023

Generative AI exists because of the transformer

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Over the past few years, we have taken a gigantic leap forward in our decades-long quest to build intelligent machines: the advent of the large language model, or LLM.

This technology, based on research that tries to model the human brain, has led to a new field known as generative AI — software that can create plausible and sophisticated text, images and computer code at a level that mimics human ability.

Businesses around the world have begun to experiment with the new technology in the belief it could transform media, finance, law and professional services, as well as public services such as education. The LLM is underpinned by a scientific development known as the transformer model, made by Google researchers in 2017.

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