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Mar 2, 2024

General Atomics’ ‘robot wingman’ makes first flight

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General Atomics’ new air combat drone has flown, another step toward what the Air Force is calling the “first of a second generation” of autonomous aircraft.

The drone, called the XQ-67A, is derived from GA-ASI’s Gambit series of aircraft, which the company is proposing for the Air Force’s program to build robot wingmen, called collaborative combat aircraft, or CCAs.

The new platform is part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s highly classified Off-Board Sensing Station program, or OBSS. The service awarded GA-ASI and Kratos design contracts in 2021, then picked GA-ASI to actually build the design in 2023.

Mar 1, 2024

US Deploys “Project Maven” In Middle East As AI Warfare Underway

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She continued: “We’ve certainly had more opportunities to target in the last 60 to 90 days,” adding the US is currently looking for “an awful lot” of rocket launchers in the region.

Moore’s comments provide some of the strongest evidence to date that the US military is using AI targeting systems to identify potential strike areas. She noted that even after Google walked away from the project, experimenting has continued with drone or satellite imagery.

Based at Central Command, or Centcom headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Moore revealed that US forces in the Middle East have been testing AI targeting systems using a combination of satellites and other data sources and conducted exercises over the past year with the technology.

Feb 25, 2024

India plans to include a helicopter on its next Mars mission

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India’s next Mars mission could include a helicopter that follows in the footsteps of NASA’s pioneering Ingenuity drone.

India’s first-ever Mars surface mission could lift off in the early 2030s.

Feb 19, 2024

A multi-camera differential binocular vision sensor for robots and autonomous systems

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Recent technological advances have enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated sensors, which can help to advance the sensing capabilities of robots, drones, autonomous vehicles, and other smart systems. Many of these sensors, however, rely on individual cameras, thus the accuracy of the measurements they collect is limited by the cameras’ field of view (FOV).

Researchers at Beihang University in China recently developed a new multi-camera differential binocular vision sensor with a wider FOV that could collect more . This sensor, introduced in a paper published in Optics & Laser Technology, could be integrated into a wide range of devices and smart robotic systems.

“Aiming at the high-precision requirements of environment perception for unmanned aerial vehicle detection, robot navigation, and autonomous driving, inspired by the multi-camera module of mobile phones, we introduced a visual perception mode based on the principle of high-precision binocular vision measurement,” Fuqiang Zhou, co-author of the paper, told Tech Xplore. “This principle involves a central and peripheral auxiliary cameras that work together.”

Feb 19, 2024

UK’s “DragonFire” laser weapon downs its first drones

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The UK’s high-powered DragonFire laser weapon just shot down its first drones — bringing it one step closer to the battlefield.

Feb 14, 2024

Cabot Institute for the Environment

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The short lifespan of conventional batteries means they either cannot be used or have significant drawbacks in situations where it is not feasible to charge or replace them. For example, pacemakers, satellites, high-altitude drones or even spacecraft are low-power electrical devices where long life of the energy source is needed.

What we’re doing

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Feb 9, 2024

Hydrogen-powered drones get a major boost with new fuel cell membrane

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Researchers used a rubbery polymer to make a new electrolyte membrane that is less likely to crack and lasts 1.7 times longer than before.

Feb 7, 2024

SpaceX Tests Using Drone Ships to Support Starlink Coverage at Sea

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SpaceX confirms to the FCC that it’s exploring using its sea-based drone ships to also act as ‘gateways’ for Starlink.

Feb 6, 2024

China’s PLA plots robot drones, ‘James Bonds’ for covert military operations

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China’s People’s Liberation Army is on the market for robotic special operations robots or UAVs that can operate independently for a long period.

China’s PLA unit 78,092 has publically announced its intention to develop robotic autonomous special operations drones.

Feb 4, 2024

A fully autonomous drone system for cinematography and wildlife monitoring

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Recent technological advances, such as increasingly sophisticated drones and cameras, have opened exciting new possibilities for cinematography. Most notably, film directors can now shoot scenes from a wide range of angles that were previously inaccessible and in far higher resolution.

Researchers at University of Zaragoza and Stanford University recently developed CineMPC, a new cinematographic system that relies on a fully autonomous drone that carries a cinematographic to film multiple targets autonomously, while following a director’s instructions. The platform modulates various drone and camera parameters to satisfy these instructions. The team’s innovative system, outlined in IEEE Transactions on Robotics, could bring a wave of innovation to the and other sectors that can benefit from high-quality video footage.

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