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Feb 7, 2021

Elon Musk Tells Air Force General That Fighter Jets Are Over

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Is this the end of manned fighter planes? 🙂

“The F-35” would have no chance” against a “drone fighter plane that’s remote controlled by a human.”

Feb 6, 2021

Drone swarms: coming (sometime) to a war near you. Just not today

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At a time of fast-paced drone proliferation, militaries around the world are actively pursuing research and development in swarms.

Feb 5, 2021

Autonomous Ravn X Drone to Launch Satellites From Airport Runways

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OEC promoting Tech in Africa.

Space startup, Aevum, just unveiled the product of years of work—a sleek, autonomous, rocket-launching aircraft called Ravn X.

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Feb 5, 2021

‘Drone swarms’ are coming, and they are the future of wars in the air

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The question really is not if, but when and where drone swarms, which is the next evolution of robotic warfare, will be utilised in real-time operations.

Jan 28, 2021

The Marines Are Loading This Mean-Looking Boat With Kamikaze Drones

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If the U.S. and China ever come to blows, this vessel will play a big part in the battle.

The U.S. Marine Corps is taking a completely new tack to providing fire support during amphibious landings: unmanned boats stocked full of suicide drones.

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Jan 28, 2021

World’s first flying car mobile airport to open in UK later this year

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The incredible world first, designed by Urban Air Port, will be located next to the city’s Ricoh Arena and will allow air taxis and electric drones to land and recharge dailystar.

Jan 26, 2021

To Defeat Enemy Drone Swarms, Troops May Have to Take a Back Seat to Machines, General Says

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The Army’s top modernization official said Monday that the Pentagon may have to relax its rules on human control over artificial intelligent combat systems to defeat swarms of enemy drones that often move too fast for soldiers to track.

All branches of the U.S. military have expressed interest in using artificial intelligence, or AI, for faster target recognition; however, the Defense Department until now has stressed that humans, not machines, will always make the decision to fire deadly weapons.

But as small unmanned aerial systems, or UAS, proliferate around the world, Army modernization officials are recognizing that swarms of fast-moving drones will be difficult to defeat without highly advanced technology.

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Jan 26, 2021

Wingcopter raises $22 million to expand to the US and launch a next-generation drone

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German drone technology startup Wingcopter has raised a $22 million Series A – its first significant venture capital raise after mostly bootstrapping. The company, which focuses on drone delivery, has come a long way since its founding in 2017, having developed, built and flown its Wingcopter 178 heavy-lift cargo delivery drone using its proprietary and patented tilt-rotor propellant mechanism, which combines all the benefits of vertical take-off and landing with the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft for longer-distance horizontal flight.

This new Series A round was led by Silicon Valley VC Xplorer Capital, as well as German growth fund Futury Regio Growth. Wingcopter CEO and founder Tom Plümmer explained in an interview that the addition of an SV-based investor is particularly important to the startup, since it’s in the process of preparing its entry into the U.S., with plans for an American facility, both for flight testing to satisfy FAA requirements for operational certification, as well as eventually for U.S.-based drone production.

Wingcopter has already been operating commercially in a few different markets globally, including in Vanuatu in partnership with Unicef for vaccine delivery to remote areas, in Tanzania for two-way medical supply delivery and in Ireland where it completed the world’s first delivery of insulin by drone beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), the industry’s technical term for when a drone flies beyond the visual range of a human operator who has the ability to take control in case of emergencies.

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Jan 20, 2021

Pizza Hut tests drone delivery to drop zones in Israel

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Since the dawn of time, humankind has looked to the skies and sought to conquer them. For thousands of years we tried and failed until, at last, we could soar amongst the birds. We built biplanes that danced upon gusts of wind, strapped sails to our back and leapt off fog-drenched mountaintops, launched warplanes into the wild blue yonder to rain terror from above. The heavens were soon streaked with the vapor trails of jumbo jets; the oligarchy used its deep pockets for casual jaunts to the threshold of outer space. And then, with the skies at last firmly in our dominion, we once again turned our eyes upward and declared, “Know what would look great up there? Pizza.”

The technology to flood our skies with millions of pizza boxes does not exist just yet, but it’s taken a huge leap forward in Israel, where, The Wall Street Journal reports, Pizza Hut is launching the world’s first ever full-time drone delivery service. The pilot program is being heavily regulated by the government, and Pizza Hut’s human delivery drivers don’t need to worry about being replaced (yet), as the drones will not be making direct-to-customer drop-offs. Instead, the flying robots will bring multiple orders to designated landing zones outside of Pizza Hut’s normal delivery radius, where they’ll be picked up by a driver who will take the pizzas to their final destinations.

The drones’ home base will be a Pizza Hut located in Bnei Dror in Northern Israel, and will allow the restaurant to provide delivery service to an additional 7000 households. The Ministry of Transportation has limited the drones’ flight area to about 50 square miles, and each drone’s limited battery life means there’s little chance of one going rogue.

Jan 19, 2021

Drones Made From Trashed Pineapple Leaves

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These cute drones are partially made from the trashed leaves of harvested pineapples which make them lighter, faster and most importantly greener! 🍍.

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