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Jun 17, 2023

An AI Is Inventing Fake Quotes

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The unholy union of SEO spam and AI-generated muck is here. And at the same time, reality, unfortunately, might be going right out the door.

Jun 16, 2023

After Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing Could Be The Next Big Thing

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Much like artificial intelligence, quantum computing has the potential to transform many industries. But a cybersecurity threat looms large.

Jun 14, 2023

How to hack Facebook with just a phone number

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Updated: A flaw in the SS7 protocol made hacking Facebook accounts easier than you’d think. #woops

Jun 13, 2023

Hacking group targets file transfer tool, leading to major data breaches, government warns

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A hacking group believed to be behind a cybercrime spree in 2021 is once again involved in an active hacking campaign targeting a file transfer tool that could lead to a wave of data breaches, according to US cybersecurity officials.

The hacking group, named “CL0P,” is targeting a file transfer tool called MOVEit that belongs to Progress Software Corp., according to a joint advisory by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and FBI on June 7.

Officials say CL0P has been attempting to steal data belonging to MOVEit clients since at least May 27. A confirmed victim includes Zellis, a UK-based payroll services provider whose clients include British Airways and the BBC, reports Law360.

Jun 13, 2023

Leveraging cyber security for Artificial Intelligence

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In the digital age, SaaS businesses have started embracing transformative technologies, such as Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. According to a research firm, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is nearly 100 billion USD, which is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to almost 2 trillion USD.

Although AI promises revolutionary advancements and cloud computing enables efficient storage and processing of massive amounts of data, their rapid adoption also raises concerns about cybersecurity. In 2021, the global cost of cybercrime was estimated to be $6 trillion.

Jun 12, 2023

Implementing IoT Tech? 15 Challenges To Be Ready For

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Internet of Things technology is expanding quickly across industries. The growth is unsurprising—after all, the data derived can drive improvements in productivity and customer service, speed up innovation, lead to cost savings by powering predictive maintenance, and more. Businesses can implement IoT technology to monitor their internal systems, manage their equipment or enhance the consumer products they sell.

However, whether a business develops and manages its own products and systems or purchases equipment and service from a vendor, it must be aware of the challenges that can come with IoT tech, which include addressing the increased cybersecurity risk, managing a potentially massive influx of data and more. Below, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share some of the challenges they foresee for businesses implementing IoT technologies in the next few years and how those issues can be overcome.

Jun 11, 2023

24 Cyberattacks In 24 Hours

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A notorious ransom gang has gone on a cyberattacking spree.

A notorious LockBit Russia-linked ransomware gang has been enjoying a spree of cybercrime attacks, claiming 24 victims in a span of 24 hours. They are the most bountiful ransomware gang on the cybercrime scene, with the DarkFeed monitoring website tracking its total haul of victims at close to 1,800 at the time of writing.

Jun 10, 2023

Quantum Computing in AI (a NEW Era of Technology)

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Keep Your Digital Life Private: Stay Safe & Secure Online with NordVPN:
Welcome to a thrilling exploration of Quantum Computing in AI! This video breaks new ground in explaining the exciting world of Quantum Computing, its intersection with Artificial Intelligence, and how it ushers us into a revolutionary new era of technology.

In the first segment, we demystify the concept of Quantum Computing. We delve into its complex yet fascinating principles, making it understandable even if you’re a novice in this field. If you’ve ever wondered how quantum bits (qubits) and superposition defy the norms of classical computing, this is your ultimate guide.

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Jun 8, 2023

ChatGPT creates mutating malware that evades detection

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A polymorphic defense and a hyperintelligence that could always adapt to rapid malware changes would be need much like sending The Vision from Ironman seemed to counter the ultron threat. Another scenario is that we could have chat gpt defensive anti-virus that could be local like we have today. The dark side to this AI still is a chaos chat gpt where it always changing not just polymorphic but changing in all ways but still an AI cyberdefense would make this threat lower.

Mutating, or polymorphic, malware can be built using the ChatGPT API at runtime to effect advanced attacks that can evade endpoint detections and response (EDR) applications.

Jun 8, 2023

Meet Chaos-GPT: An AI Tool That Seeks to Destroy Humanity

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Basically I have talked about how chaos gpt poses a great threat to current cyberdefenses and it still does but there is great promise of a god like AI that can a powerful force of good. This could also become a greater AI arms race that would need even more security measures like an AI god that can counter state level or country level threats. I do think this threat would come regardless when we try to reach agi but chat gpt also shows much more promising results as it could be used a god like AI with coders using it aswell as AI coders.

Chaos-GPT, an autonomous implementation of ChatGPT, has been unveiled, and its objectives are as terrifying as they are well-structured.

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