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Oct 6, 2023

Generative AI exists because of the transformer

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Over the past few years, we have taken a gigantic leap forward in our decades-long quest to build intelligent machines: the advent of the large language model, or LLM.

This technology, based on research that tries to model the human brain, has led to a new field known as generative AI — software that can create plausible and sophisticated text, images and computer code at a level that mimics human ability.

Businesses around the world have begun to experiment with the new technology in the belief it could transform media, finance, law and professional services, as well as public services such as education. The LLM is underpinned by a scientific development known as the transformer model, made by Google researchers in 2017.

Oct 6, 2023

The emergent industrial metaverse

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Annika Hauptvogel, head of technology and innovation management at Siemens, describes the industrial metaverse as “immersive, making users feel as if they’re in a real environment; collaborative in real time; open enough for different applications to seamlessly interact; and trusted by the individuals and businesses that participate”—far more than simply a digital world.

The industrial metaverse will revolutionize the way work is done, but it will also unlock significant new value for business and societies. By allowing businesses to model, prototype, and test dozens, hundreds, or millions of design iterations in real time and in an immersive, physics-based environment before committing physical and human resources to a project, industrial metaverse tools will usher in a new era of solving real-world problems digitally.

“The real world is very messy, noisy, and sometimes hard to really understand,” says Danny Lange, senior vice president of artificial intelligence at Unity Technologies, a leading platform for creating and growing real-time 3D content. “The idea of the industrial metaverse is to create a cleaner connection between the real world and the virtual world, because the virtual world is so much easier and cheaper to work with.”

Oct 5, 2023

The Amazing Ways Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba Uses Generative Artificial Intelligence

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Not to be outdone in the generative artificial intelligence (AI) race, China-based tech giant Alibaba has recently unveiled a number of its own tools and models. Its flagship is its ChatGPT challenging large language model (LLM) called Tongyi Qianwen — cited as one of the largest and most powerful generative chatbots produced so far.

Alibaba is best known in the West as an e-commerce titan, in many ways analogous to Amazon. Like that US company, it’s also a global leader in cloud services provided through its subsidiary Alibaba Cloud.

Its dominance across retail and web services means it is well-positioned to create apps enabling its business customers to launch their own generative AI… More.

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Oct 4, 2023

It’s not just Tesla: Elon Musk’s other companies look to hire dozens in Central Texas

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By: kathryn hardison, austin business journal.

Posted: Oct 3, 2023 / 01:18 PM CDT

Oct 4, 2023

​‘Zuckerbergism’: Why the young founder myth is a trap for entrepreneurs

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There’s no shortage of stories about young, hyper-successful entrepreneurs. From the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists to films like “The Social Network”, these stories offer an alluring blueprint for early success: dream huge, work hard, and soon enough you too can get filthy, tech-titan rich.

You’re less likely to hear the more common story: a young entrepreneur starts a new business, accrues debt, runs out of luck, gets demoralized and then, reluctantly, takes on a regular job. What explains the frequency of these crash-and-burn stories? It seems the problem doesn’t lie in the pursuit of entrepreneurism, but rather in the age at which entrepreneurs start launching businesses.

That’s the takeaway of a recent study that found the mean age for the 1-in-1,000 fastest growing new ventures to be 45 years. This finding held true across “high-technology sectors, entrepreneurial hubs, and successful firm exits.” So, although conventional thinking tends to paint the young generation as uniquely creative innovators and (sorry in advance) Big Thinkers, it seems that older generations are more likely to possess traits that facilitate entrepreneurial success.

Oct 4, 2023

IonQ Announces 2 New Quantum Systems; Suggests Quantum Advantage is Nearing

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It’s been a busy week for IonQ, the quantum computing start-up focused on developing trapped-ion-based systems. At the Quantum World Congress today, the company announced two new systems (Forte Enterprise and Tempo) intended to be rack-mountable and deployable in a traditional data center. Yesterday, speaking at Tabor Communications (HPCwire parent organization) HPC and AI on Wall Street conference, the company made a strong pitch for reaching quantum advantage in 2–3 years, using the new systems.

If you’ve been following quantum computing, you probably know that deploying quantum computers in the datacenter is a rare occurrence. Access to the vast majority NISQ era computers has been through web portals. The latest announcement from IonQ, along with somewhat similar announcement from neutral atom specialist QuEra in August, and increased IBM efforts (Cleveland Clinic and PINQ2) to selectively place on-premise quantum systems suggest change is coming to the market.

IonQ’s two rack-mounted solutions are designed for businesses and governments wanting to integrate quantum capabilities within their existing infrastructure. “Businesses will be able to harness the power of quantum directly from their own data centers, making the technology significantly more accessible and easy to apply to key workflows and business processes,” reported the company. IonQ is calling the new systems enterprise-grade. (see the official announcement.)

Oct 3, 2023

AI is coming to the Arc browser — but probably not like you think

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Sure, you could just stick a ChatGPT sidebar in your browser. But what do we really want AI to do for us as we use the web? That’s the much harder question.

At some point, if you’re a company doing pretty much anything in the year 2023, you have to have an AI strategy. It’s just business. You can make a ChatGPT plug-in. You can do a sidebar. You can bet your entire trillion-dollar company on AI being the future of how everyone does everything. But you have to do something.

The last one of these was crypto and the blockchain a couple of years ago, and Josh Miller, the CEO of The Browser Company, which makes the popular new Arc browser, says he’s… More.

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Oct 2, 2023

Callboats leads the way with autonomous water taxi innovation

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Helsinki’s Callboats pioneers autonomous water taxis, aiming to cut costs, improve island access, and reduce captain shortages.

Autonomous electric water transport could be the answer to improving accessibility, achieving carbon neutrality, and addressing a shortage of skippers in the Helsinki archipelago. However, current legislation is a barrier to the operation of remotely controlled boats, according to a Helsinki Times.

Over the years, Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation agency of the City of Helsinki, has accelerated various business ideas through its rapid innovation experiments. Successful innovations in smart mobility include autonomous transportation solutions like robot buses, drones delivering first aid supplies, and sweeping robot machines.

Oct 2, 2023

🧠 The brain — the last fortress of humanity

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“New devices can read and manipulate our mental states to help us relax, learn and reduce pain. As they do this, they harvest data. Can businesses be trusted with this private information? How can we make use of this technology while protecting the last fortress of our humanity — our thoughts and emotions?”

As neurotechnology becomes widely accessible, do we need to legally protect our thoughts?

Oct 1, 2023

Is AI Threatening Our Jobs?

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You cannot read any newspaper, media report, or publication these days without a mention of AI and its impact to disrupting business in shaping new ways or working, augmenting human intelligence, or raising genuine fears of what have we unleashed in our societal structures.

IBM’s survey in 2022 predicted that the AI global adoption is already over 35 percent in using AI to modernize business practices and processes.

It’s already over a decade now since Oxford researchers, Carl Frey and Michael Osborne in their seminal research, declared that over 47 percent of jobs would disappear by 2030.

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