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Jul 11, 2023

3 Human Super Talents AI Will Not Replace

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Stay curious, practice humility, and focus on others.

Jul 11, 2023

Claude 2.0, Anthropic’s Latest ChatGPT Rival, Is Here — And This Time, You Can Try It

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AI startup Anthropic has released its next major model – and this time, you can see for yourself how it compares to other AI standouts such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Inflection’s Pi. Anthropic announced on Tuesday that it’s released Claude 2, a large-language model that the company said showed improvement across several key benchmarks that include coding, math and reasoning skills, while producing fewer harmful answers.

Claude 2 is more widely available in its second major iteration. Anthropic launched a new beta-test website for general users to register in the U.S. and U.K. – – while opening up the new model to businesses by API at the same price they paid for Anthropic’s previous,… More.

New model Claude 2.0 is better at coding, math and reasoning, CEO Dario Amodei said. Unlike its predecessor, it’s available for general consumer use.

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Jul 10, 2023

AI, quantum and nuclear technologies are key to Lockheed Martin’s vision for Space 2050

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LOS ANGELES – Artificial intelligence, quantum computing and nuclear power are among the key technologies Lockheed Martin sees as important for future space missions.

Through a project called Destination: Space 2050, Lockheed Martin executives are exploring, for example, how AI could assist scientific exploration of locations where communications with remote sensors would be disrupted by high latency.

In that type of environment, “you really can’t interact with the robotic sensors,” David Lackner, Lockheed Martin senior manager strategy and business development, said during a June 28 webinar. “You have to have something that is super autonomous that can deal with unknown unknowns. We’ve got some really interesting causal autonomy tools that … allow the AI to be super smart about running into something that it hasn’t encountered before.”

Jul 10, 2023

Mark “Superhero Copycat” Zuckerberg

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A better world without Facebook and all its negative impacts would be a significant step forward. Facebook’s dominance and influence have often been associated with issues such as privacy breaches, the spread of misinformation, and the erosion of real social connections. By breaking free from Facebook’s grip, we can foster a healthier online environment that prioritizes privacy, genuine interactions, and reliable information. It is time to envision a world where social media platforms serve as catalysts for positive change, promoting authentic communication and meaningful connections among individuals.

(Image credit: Adobe Stock)

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook (now Meta), recently celebrated reaching 100 million users in just five days with his new Twitter-like platform called Threads. However, this achievement doesn’t impress me much. Instead, it highlights Zuckerberg’s tendency to imitate rather than innovate.

While I used to admire him, I now realize that he doesn’t belong in the same league as my true idols. Comparing the 100 million sign-ups for ChatGPT to the 100 million Threads users is simply absurd.

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Jul 9, 2023

AI Outperforms Humans in Creativity Test

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Summary: Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically GPT-4, was found to match the top 1% of human thinkers on a standard creativity test. The AI application ChatGPT, developed using GPT-4, excelled in fluency and originality in the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, a widely recognized tool for assessing creativity.

This breakthrough finding indicates that AI may be developing creative ability on par with or even surpassing human capabilities. Dr. Erik Guzik, the lead researcher, anticipates that AI, with its rapidly evolving advancements, will become a key tool for business innovation and entrepreneurship.

Jul 9, 2023

Gartner: 79% of strategists see AI as critical to businesses

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The technological research firm’s recent survey that found corporate strategists view AI and analytics as paramount to future business success.

Jul 8, 2023

The “Hidden” Opportunity in Low-loss Materials for 5G

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When thinking of the applications of low-loss materials in 5G devices, the first that comes to mind for most is 5G smartphones. After all, low-loss materials are integral in enabling advanced 5G antennas-in-packages (AiP) for smartphones, and high-profile smartphone manufacturers like Apple have gone back and forth about which low-loss material they chose for their 5G antennas in their flagship phones like the iPhone. However, another 5G application for low-loss materials hiding in plain sight will act as an important driver for this US$1.8 billion market as forecast by IDTechEx: 5G customer premises equipment (CPEs).

5G fixed wireless access (5G FWA) and cpes.

This application area is based on the increasing deployment of 5G fixed wireless access (FWA). FWA offers wireless internet access to homes and businesses without requiring the laying of fiber or cables to facilitate connectivity. FWA enables customers to get high-speed internet access with speeds comparable to wired broadband connections in places where fiber or cable installation is too expensive or difficult. While fixed wireless technologies based on 4G/LTE do exist, they cannot match the speeds of wired broadband and are also not economically viable to deploy.

Jul 8, 2023

13 Principles for Using AI Responsibly

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The competitive nature of AI development poses a dilemma for organizations, as prioritizing speed may lead to neglecting ethical guidelines, bias detection, and safety measures. Known and emerging concerns associated with AI in the workplace include the spread of misinformation, copyright and intellectual property concerns, cybersecurity, data privacy, as well as navigating rapid and ambiguous regulations. To mitigate these risks, we propose thirteen principles for responsible AI at work.

Page-utils class= article-utils—vertical hide-for-print data-js-target= page-utils data-id= tag:, 2007/03/31:999.359663 data-title=13 Principles for Using AI Responsibly data-url=/2023/06/13-principles-for-using-ai-responsibly data-topic= Technology and analytics data-authors= Brian Spisak; Louis B. Rosenberg; Max Beilby data-content-type= Digital Article data-content-image=/resources/images/article_assets/2023/06/Jun23_30_200245321-001-383x215.jpg data-summary=

Companies need to consider a set of risks as they explore how to adopt new tools.

Jul 8, 2023

How new AI tools can transform customer engagement and retention

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Join top executives in San Francisco on July 11–12 and learn how business leaders are getting ahead of the generative AI revolution. Learn More

As the cookieless future continues to gain momentum, the global digital advertising sector is experiencing a tectonic shift. Companies are being forced to reimagine the way they reach out to customers.

Online marketing has been dominated by third-party cookies — tracking codes posted on websites to extract users’ information — and data brokers who sell the information in bulk.

Jul 8, 2023

This AI-based gig will be ‘the biggest new side hustle,’ says expert—and it can pay $100 per hour

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If you are looking for a side hustle and have a knack for tech and language, picking up a gig to help employers create content like LinkedIn posts, blog posts, podcast show notes and even social media posts for Twitter and Instagram using ChatGPT could prove effective. Here’s how to do it.

ChatGPT is all the rage, and it turns out businesses are hiring experts in the tool to help them create content. Here’s how to start the side hustle.

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