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Aug 16, 2022

The Man behind Stable Diffusion

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An interview with Emad Mostaque, founder of Stability AI.

0:00 — Intro.
1:30 — What is Stability AI?
3:45 — Where does the money come from?
5:20 — Is this the CERN of AI?
6:15 — Who gets access to the resources?
8:00 — What is Stable Diffusion?
11:40 — What if your model produces bad outputs?
14:20 — Do you employ people?
16:35 — Can you prevent the corruption of profit?
19:50 — How can people find you?
22:45 — Final thoughts, let’s destroy PowerPoint.

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Aug 7, 2022

Bill Gates’ Strange Plan to Dim the Sun

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Bill Gates is funding more research into dimming the sun! Check out how solar geoengineering works.

Bill Gates is a man who recently suggested the world should eat 100% synthetic beef, has argued that bitcoin is bad for the planet, co-founded Microsoft, and remains one of the richest people in the world.

He is also very interested in dimming the light from the sun to reduce or delay the effects of climate change, according to a forthcoming study from the Bill Gates-backed Harvard University Solar Geoengineering Research Program — which aims to evaluate the efficacy of blocking sunlight from reaching our planet’s surface.

Aug 6, 2022

How GPT-3 Wrote a Movie About a Cockroach-AI Love Story

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In artist Miao Ying’s animated film Surplus Intelligence, a cockroach falls in love with the artificial intelligence responsible for monitoring her behavior. There’s only one problem: The AI, personified as a man with movie-star looks, committed a crime in Walden XII, the quasi-medieval fantasyland where the story is set. He stole the village’s power stone, and so the roach sets off to mine bitcoin to save him.

Viewers might see in the plot a metaphor for the conflicted relationship some Chinese people have with social credit scoring, which is meant to nudge citizens toward better behavior. Or it could be a nod to the insidious ways social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook condition our behavior and mine us for data. If the tale itself seems a little ridiculous at times, that’s because Miao had a stealth collaborator: the AI text-generating system GPT-3, which wrote the script for the film. That power stone in the village? GPT-3 determined that it looks like “a burrito from Mexico,” perhaps a side effect of all the advertising copy GPT-3 has been tasked with writing.

The half-hour film is on view through the end of the year at the Asia Society in New York as part of the exhibition Mirror Image: A Transformation of Chinese Identity. “All of Miao Ying’s work is a satirical look at what digital means in China,” says Barbara Pollack, who curated Mirror Image and wrote the book Brand New Art from China. But, she notes, the works also celebrate the creativity the policies inspire in its citizens. Miao’s Hardcore Digital Detox (2018) challenges viewers to experience the internet behind the Great Firewall—and without the filter bubbles that platforms in the East and West impose. Chinternet Plus (2016) describes how to brand a “counterfeit ideology.” And for 2007’s Blind Spot, Miao manually annotated a Chinese dictionary to indicate all of the words that were censored on at the time.

Jul 21, 2022

Tesla sold nearly $1B in bitcoin last quarter, filings reveal

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Jul 11, 2022

World’s First Quantum Integrated Circuit Made in Australia

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Good telescope that I’ve used to learn the basics:
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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about an interesting achievement by the Australian researchers that may have managed to create a world’s first quantum integrated circuit.
Other quantum videos:

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Jul 2, 2022

As Silicon Valley dreams about Web3, India’s UPI leaps ahead

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UPI, an cheap(currently free), proven, alternative payments system designed to be secure, reliable, and interoperable among different payment companies, encouraging a innovative ecosystem.

India’s UPI payment platform is delivering on financial inclusion in ways that Bitcoin and blockchain have yet to do.

Jul 2, 2022

Nanomachines, Post-Scarcity, and the Universal Constructor (Replicator)

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Jun 30, 2022

Bioforming and Gene Tailoring

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A deep look at some of the truly advanced and surprising options that might become available to us as we improve our skill with genetic engineering, ranging from altering humans to adapting life to live on alien planets or to serve as machines. We will also look at methods for doing genetic engineering, such as DNA printing and CRISPR, as well as consider some of the ethical concerns associated to using this technology.

Watch Cody Drink Cyanide:

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Jun 30, 2022

Blockchain not just for bitcoin. It can secure and store genomes too

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Blockchain is a digital technology that allows a secure and decentralized record of transactions that is increasingly used for everything from cryptocurrencies to artwork. But Yale researchers have found a new use for blockchain: they’ve leveraged the technology to give individuals control of their own genomes.

Their findings are published June 29 in the journal Genome Biology.

“Our primary goal is to give ownership of genomic data back to the individual,” said senior author Mark Gerstein, the Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical Informatics and professor of molecular biophysics and biochemistry, of computer science, and of statistics and .

Jun 16, 2022

Bill Gates says cryptocurrency based on ‘greater fool theory’

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