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Jul 8, 2016

Doctors find link between statins and cancer survival rate

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Being treated for high cholesterol with statins is being linked with a reduced risk of death and better survival from four common cancers, a medical conference has heard.

Among the patients in the study, almost 8,000 had lung cancer, 5,500 had breast cancer, 4,600 had prostate cancer and 4,500 had colon cancer, the researchers found. So the researchers think the statin treatment might explain the protective effect, rather than high cholesterol itself.

Data for patients admitted to United Kingdom hospitals between January 1, 2000-March 31, 2013 with the listed cancers were obtained from the Algorithm for Comorbidities, Associations, Length of stay and Mortality (ACALM) clinical database, which also provided data on comorbidities such as high cholesterol; mortality data was obtained from the Office of National Statistics.

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Jul 8, 2016

New microfluidic device offers means for studying electric field cancer therapy

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Very interesting — MIT testing electric field cancer therapy.

Low-intensity fields keep malignant cells from spreading, while preserving healthy cells.

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Jul 8, 2016

New DNA ‘hard drive’ could keep files intact for millions of years

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Luv it.

Microsoft and genetics boffins predict genetics in the datacenter.


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Jul 8, 2016

Watch This Amazing 3D Bioprinter Make Artificial Bones From Scratch

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If 3D printing is already impacting manufacturing today, what breakthroughs could bioprinting — or printing any mix of organic and inorganic materials — achieve tomorrow? In a recent video, a basic prototype of the Aether 1 bioprinter is shown printing two bones connected by a tendon using six materials that include synthetic bone, conductive ink, stem cells and graphene oxide.

While bioprinted organs are still a long way off — this video offers a glimpse into that future.

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Jul 8, 2016

Stability of new-generation semiconductor lasers

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New Semiconductor lasers — excellent news for Internet and medical technology.

Global stability analysis shows that new-generation semiconductor lasers may be dynamically more stable than conventional lasers despite having more degrees of freedom.

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Jul 8, 2016

Scientists create a ‘HUMAN-on-a-chip‘

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Scientists have harvested seven miniature human organs and combined them to create a ‘human-on-a-chip’.

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Jul 8, 2016

Extra-Coding RNAs Regulate DNA Methylation in the Adult Brain

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A special form of RNA called extra-coding RNA controls the careful targeting to add or remove methyl groups to chromosomal DNA of the adult neuron. The ecRNAs are fundamental regulators of DNA methylation patterns in the adult brain through interaction with DNA methyltransferase enzymes and are involved in creation of memories.

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Jul 7, 2016

Fantastic voyage to the nanoverse one step closer

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Robots so small they can enter the bloodstream and perform surgeries are one step closer, a research team from Monash University has discovered.

Led by Dr Zhe Liu, the Monash Engineering team has focused on graphene oxide — which is a single atom thick — as an effective shape memory material.

Graphene has captured world scientific and industrial interest for its miracle properties, with potential applications across energy, medicine, and even biomedical nano-robots.

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Jul 6, 2016

Leading cancer centers in China to be equipped with C-RAD technology

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July 1, 2016 – C-RAD has received an order from its Chinese distributor for Catalyst™ and Sentinel™ systems, to be installed at leading cancer centers in China. The order has a total value of approximately 7.6 MSEK.

The Catalyst™ systems will be installed on Varian True Beam™ and Elekta Versa HD™ linear accelerators. The systems are delivered in different software configurations containing software modules for Patient Setup and Positioning and Respiratory Gating, including respective interfaces for communication with the treatment system. The interfaces allow a seamless integration for patient synchronization and an automated patient setup and beam control to treat tumors that may be moving due to respiratory motion.

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Jul 6, 2016

GM working on ‘robo-glove’ for factories

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General Motors is working with NASA and medical technologies company Bioservo to develop a battery-assisted robotic glove that can be used in assembly plants.

The technology was initially developed from a partnership between GM and NASA that resulted in RoboGlove, a force-multiplying tool that looks like a large electrified work glove.

The RoboGlove uses sensors and actuators comparable to the nerves, muscles and tendons in a human hand.

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