Feb 3, 2024

Regina steps up, adding 53 electric buses to its public transit fleet

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Saskatchewan’s capital city is moving forward with plans to electrify its Regina Transit fleet, signing a five-year contract with Nova Bus to acquire 53 battery electric city buses.

A subsidiary of the Volvo Group based in Quebec, Nova Bus manufactures long-range electric bus options with absolutely massive battery packs — up to 564 kWh on its biggest models, with the option of DC fast-charging or charging through overhead wires.

The first installment of its larger order will see seven of its LFSe+ 40-foot, long-range buses delivered to the City of Regina early in 2025 at a cost of $10.8 million (Canadian). The city will follow that with 13 more buses later in 2025 at a cost of $22.4 million, with an additional $21.2 million set to be spent on facility upgrades and infrastructure to support the electric buses.

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