Oct 21, 2023

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses actually make the future look cool

Posted by in categories: education, futurism

While Meta hasn’t reinvented the category, it’s nailed the execution. But culturally, is the timing right for smart glasses?

I’m a smart glasses skeptic. Not because the technology is impossible but because I’ve tested several pairs and even dove deep into the category for a two-part mini-documentary a while back. So when I say I was impressed by the $299 Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, it’s not just that mine came with rose-colored lenses.

To be clear, nothing about the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses is revolutionary. The Google Glass Explorer Edition first introduced us to modern-day smart glasses in 2013. Several other companies, big and small, have since jumped on the bandwagon, including Snap, … More.

Still a novelty, but one that people might actually use.

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