Oct 5, 2023

The Amazing Ways Chinese Tech Giant Alibaba Uses Generative Artificial Intelligence

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Not to be outdone in the generative artificial intelligence (AI) race, China-based tech giant Alibaba has recently unveiled a number of its own tools and models. Its flagship is its ChatGPT challenging large language model (LLM) called Tongyi Qianwen — cited as one of the largest and most powerful generative chatbots produced so far.

Alibaba is best known in the West as an e-commerce titan, in many ways analogous to Amazon. Like that US company, it’s also a global leader in cloud services provided through its subsidiary Alibaba Cloud.

Its dominance across retail and web services means it is well-positioned to create apps enabling its business customers to launch their own generative AI… More.

Discover how Alibaba is revolutionizing the generative AI landscape with its powerful chatbot, Tongyi Qianwen, exploring unique applications.

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