Oct 17, 2023

Solar-powered off-road car finishes 620-mile test drive across north Africa

Posted by in categories: sustainability, transportation

A solar-powered car said to be the first in the world capable of driving off-road over long distances without recharging has completed a 620-mile (1,000km) test drive across Morocco and the Sahara.

The two-seat Stella Terra, designed by students at the Eindhoven University of Technology, completed the journey across a variety of challenging landscapes as part of a final test of its lightweight frame and aerodynamic profile.


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  1. Isac Skiles says:

    Such solar-powered off-road vehicles have the potential to provide environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. Especially in regions where solar energy is abundant, such vehicles can meet their daily energy needs through solar panels. Regions such as North Africa are one of the regions where solar-powered vehicles can potentially be used effectively. Such technological developments support efforts to reduce both energy consumption and environmental impacts. Solar Jul powered vehicles may gain more importance in the future as a clean and sustainable transportation option.

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